Frequently asked questions Get coupons and offers at A&W Canada

Questions ? Problems using the web site ? Have a attend below for answers so we can get you to the good stuff quick .

What do these new coupon icons mean?

Redeem in-restaurant – these coupons can only be used by scanning at the front counter or drive-thru window .
Redeem in-app – these coupons can merely be used by entering the promo code at checkout on the A & W mobile ordering app.

If you see both icons on a unmarried coupon, you can redeem in-restaurant or in-app .

I’ve signed up, but I’m having problems logging in. What now?

You may have entered an incorrect password. Try clicking on the Forgot ? connect to reset your password .

I’m on the site, but can’t seem to redeem the coupons. Why?

If it ’ s your first gear time using the site, you need to create an account. Click on the SIGN UP button near the top and follow the instructions from there. If you ’ ve already signed up, equitable enter your e-mail address and password then hit the LOG IN release above the coupons .

How do I access the offers on my mobile device?

Simply visit on a mobile device browser. once logged into your account, you can view coupons and redeem one during your following chew the fat at a restaurant .

Can I redeem my coupons at any A&W?

Yes. You can redeem your coupons at participating A & W restaurants across Canada. Just show them on your mobile device at an A & W or enter the promo code at checkout on the mobile app. If you have any problem redeeming them, please contact us and we ‘ll be happy to help.

I didn’t get a chance to use my coupon and now it disappeared. What now?

once a coupon method acting of redemption is selected, the barcode or promo code is valid for 20 minutes. After time has expired, it is moved to the “ Redeemed ” class. Coupons can be redeemed lone once per node .
Keep checking binding to find more coupons available to use to satisfy your crave .

Can I print coupons?

No, you can no longer mark coupons. To redeem, visit on a mobile device .
You can silent view all coupons available to you when logged into your report on a desktop browser, but you must redeem from a mobile device .

How do I delete my account?

If you ’ d like to delete your account, start by logging in. Click on the drop-down menu at the top, then select EDIT ACCOUNT. You ’ ll see a trash can icon near the bottom of that foliate. Click on DELETE MY ACCOUNT adjacent to that icon and follow the instructions .

I’ve already redeemed all my offers. Can I get more?

Nice work. Of course you can get more ! New coupons are released every few weeks. Just check back regularly and you ’ ll see them appear .

I got an email from A&W Coupons that looks blank. What the…?

You probably merely need to click DISPLAY IMAGES or SHOW IMAGES to view the full e-mail. If that doesn ’ thyroxine work send a note to us or visit directly for new coupons .


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