Tax agent phone services (Fast Key Code) guide

Tax agent phone services (Fast Key Code) guide

You can use this tax agent call services ( Fast Key Code ) template to find the right call number for the subject you need to call us about. Fast Key Codes allow you to key ahead to the option of your choice without listening to the entire menu .
We recommend you bookmark this page as we regularly update this information .

Before phoning us, check online

Where transactions and information are available on-line, you need to use those channels first before you earphone us. Use our Tax agent on-line services guide to get the most out of our on-line services.

If you are phoning about something that can be resolved via an on-line channel, our customer overhaul representatives will direct you to that channel .
Where an on-line choice is available, we have included links in the tables in this scout .
Before phoning us, check you have your :

  • registered agent number (RAN)
  • proof of identity (POI)

You can call us on 13 72 86 between 8.00am and 6.00pm, Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays. At different times we operate an extended-hours service. To find out if an extend servicing is presently available, refer to our Contact us page .
Find the Fast Key Codes for:
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JobMaker Hiring Credit

Table 1: Fast Key Code for JobMaker Hiring Credit enquiries
topic 13 72 86
Fast Key Code
JobMaker Hiring Credit 1 1 3

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Account information

Table 2: Fast Key Codes for account information
topic Online services for agents 13 72 86
Fast Key Code
aid with general interest charge ( GIC ) No 1 2 2 2
aid with the failure to lodge ( FTL ) on time penalty No 1 2 2 2
Bank details – update for income tax Yes 1 2 5 2
Higher education Loan Program ( HELP ) Yes 1 2 1
diagnose changes – individuals No 1 2 5 2
Notice of appraisal – non-individual No 1 2 5 1
Refund or credit transfer – individuals Yes 1 2 5 2
Refund or credit transportation – non-individuals Yes 1 2 5 1
Withholding variations, section 15–15, vary an person pay as you go ( PAYG ) rate of withholding No 1 2 3

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Activity statements

Table 3: Fast Key Codes for activity statements
topic 13 72 86
Fast Key Code
aid with completing 1 4 1
Request newly document identification number 1 4 1
respond to our request to contact natural process argument exceptions 1 4 2

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Debt and payment

Table 4: Fast Key Codes for debt and payment
subject Online services for agents 13 72 86
Fast Key Code
GIC remission request Yes 1 2 2
payment arrangements – Help with paying Yes 1 2 2
respond to demands or notices about tax No

1 2 2

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Table 5: Fast Key Codes for lodgment
subject 13 72 86
Fast Key Code
lodgment of activity statements, Single Touch Payroll, business income tax returns, superintendent and fringe benefits tax 1 3 1 1
lodgment of personal income tax returns 1 3 1 2
Tax agentive role lodgment program information and aid 1 3 2
react to lodgment notices from us 1 3 3

See also:

Practice administration

See also:


If your question relates to your tax agent registration, visit the Tax Practitioners BoardExternal Link web site .

Table 7: Fast Key Codes for registration
subject Online services for agents 13 72 86
Fast Key Code
Cancel fuel tax credits Yes 1 1 4
Cancel TFN No 1 1 3
Duplicated TFN or ABN No 1 1 1
Grouping and branched, joint guess registrations, consolidations and government-controlled registrations No 1 1 2
New or changes to registration details or other general adjustment enquiries No 1 1 3
Register for lavishness car tax ( LCT ) and wine equalization tax ( WET ) Yes 1 1 3
Update node legal name – individual or sole trader No 1 2 5 2


See also:

Tax law and advice

Our web site has significant on-line resources to help you with your question. Links relevant to each topic are available in board 7 below .
Unless indicated in another subject, the listed Fast Key Codes should merely be used for enquiries about the correct interpretation of tax and obsoleteness law .
Some of the topics listed are building complex and depending on the specifics of your motion. We may not be able to provide you with an answer immediately .

Letters – alternative phone service

When we send letters to your clients, the call numbers we quote are those we provide for the cosmopolitan residential district .
To ensure your status as a tax agentive role is recognised by our call system, you can use the list below to respond to letters from us that quote other telephone numbers .

Table 10: Fast Key Codes for letters – alternative phone service
If a letter from us asks your client to earphone : phone 13 72 86 and
select Fast Key Code
13 10 20 4 6
13 11 42 ( debt issues ) 1 2 2
13 11 42 ( lodgment issues ) 1 3 3
13 28 66 1 2 5 1
13 28 61 1 2 5 2
1300 130 926 1 4 2
1300 657 162 1 1 5

General phone services

We provide as many options as possible through the read agent telephone line. We besides have a range of telephone numbers for early topics.

Tax practitioner assistance service

Our Tax practitioner aid service is available to resolve complex administrative issues and tax technical rendition queries, which you have been unable to resolve through our on-line channels or by phoning us .

Print this guide

Click on the print icon or the PDF icon at the exceed right of your screen .
Use this tax agent phone services ( Fast Key Code ) steer to find the right call number for the topic you need to phone us about .

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