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equipment or apparatus that is used for a particular purpose
“ Its docking station is a utilitarian accessory that recharges the television camera ‘s battery when it ‘s not transferring shots to the computer. ”
An excess cosmetic feature or embellishment
“ Apart from hats, the must-have accessory was a architect bag, with Louis Vuitton coming out in front of Gucci and Dior as the label to tote. ”

general term for objects, not necessarily merely furniture, that occupy space
The necessary ingredients or components ( for something, particularly food or a social event )
Generic appellation for objects
Plural for a bangle or musical composition of jewelry tire as an adornment to one ‘s outfit
“ He accessorized his exercise gear with a glistening accessory on his ring finger. ”
Plural for an accomplice or collaborator, particularly in a crime or wrongdoing
“ How does an ordinary, obedient child of the 1950s and a benefactive role of the economic miracle of that era turn into a terrorist, an accessory to murder ? ”
Plural for a thing used or serving to make something look more attractive but normally having no practical determination, specially a small object such as a figurine

Plural for an accessory
Plural for something or person which provides aid with a job
Plural for an unnecessary thing
Plural for a potent supporter of a party, cause, or person
partisansfollowersadherentsdisciplesvotariessupportersacolytespupilsepigonesconvertsdevoteesvotaristsbackerschampionsupholderscohortssectariesfansenthusiastsstalwartsboostersliegemenrooterspromotersmembersjanissariessponsorssycophantssympathisersUKsympathizersUSsatellitesdefendersfanaticsbelieversadmirersgroupiesworshippersUKpursuivantsworshipersUSchelaepartizansadvocatesproselyteszealotsprotagonistscatechumensstudentsaficionadosapostlesproponentspatronsattendershangers-onlearnersloyalistsfriendshenchmenconverteesnovitiatesnovicesneophytespatriotsaficionadashoundsidolatersaddictsjunkiesnutsfiendsfanciersbugsfreakscatsbuffapologistsattendantsbhaktasservantsscholarssectators more ❯
Plural for a person or people forming one side in an agreement or challenge
Plural for a little decoration worn on a necklace or bracelet

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