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4 looks, 1 Decade: The 60’s –

By Robyn Ashley
Mod, rocking chair, hippie, beatnik, Hollywood glam – it ’ s impossible to define 1960s fashion through one expressive style. In a ten of drastic and advanced developments in skill and engineering, a sartorial revolution was besides stirring in the manner worldly concern. London stamped its reputation as a cultural capital during this meter, influencing ball-shaped trends in music, artwork, movie and – most importantly – manner. british architect Mary Quant stunned the world with her ‘ invention ’ of the miniskirt hedge, reflecting the new-found exemption women were embracing .
Like the styles of the decade, the accessory trends of the 1960s varied greatly : ranging from the elegant, matching adornments worn by Jackie O, to the assume, outsize pieces swarming the lissome frame of Edie Sedgwick.
Sixties style continues to be emulated today by high-end designers and high-street stores alike, though undoubtedly the best finds are originals from vintage shops, dealers and auctions. hera are four of our favored accessory looks from Barnebys to transport you back to the swinging sixties :

Snake Charmer
Animal prints and skins were one of the samara trends to emerge from the 1960s, with leopard print coats, crocodile bags and snakeskin shoes being some of the most iconic looks of the decade. The interest in alien animals seeped into jewelry fashion, as seen in a 1964 issue of Life magazine ( left above ). These matching Trifari wrap bracelets ( right field above ) are embellished with vibrant crimson and green stones, and finished with finely-worked textures scales on the principal and chase. Continue the theme with Kenneth Lane ’ sulfur jaguar head evening bag ( middle above ), featuring a white sharkskin exterior, leather trimming and a bead gold corded cover .

Gold Finger
Precious metals, such as gold – although distillery highly popular at this clock time – faced competition from bluff creations fashioned from cheaper, serviceman made materials. These products were more accessible, low-cost and stimulate amongst youth culture, introducing fresh designs that had not been created before. The gap between the designs of ticket and costume jewelry soon began to close ; one popular expressive style, the outsize hoop earring, became available in about every material and color, from 18 carat aureate to orange Bakelite. In the 1960s, Chanel sold these large gilded hoop earrings, marked with the iconic lock ‘ C ’ randomness. couple with a structured lucite Wilardy bag in this delectable caramel-swirl color .

Baroque ’n’ Roll
Already by the 1960s, silk scarves had been produced by the leading manner houses for many years, with Hermès producing its inaugural scarf joint in 1937. The scarf continued to be a staple of women ’ s wardrobes during the sixties and a firm favorite amongst fame fashionistas. Rather than merely being an accessory to tie around the neck, the latest manner was to wear the scarf joint around the steer with every outfit from bikini to skirt suits. Fragments of elaborate patterns teased onlookers, as demonstrated by the August top of Vogue from 1963 ( left ). This baroque-style Hermès scarf from the deep 60s creates a sense of nobility in ample amobarbital sodium and epicurean gold colouring – perfective with some matching twisted rope earrings from french jeweler Mellerio Paris .

Pearly Queen
The rejection of traditional jewelry for modern designs of brightly-colored beads and plastics subsided by the end of the 1960s, with valued metals and gems once again becoming popular. Around this time, british actor Richard Burton gifted the La Peregrina Pearl of Queen Mary to his then-wife, Elizabeth Taylor ( left ) ; in recent years, the bone sold for an eye-watering $ 11 million. Elizabeth Taylor, Jackie O and Audrey Hepburn were some of the many celebrated fans of multiple ground pearls, like these South Sea pearl necklaces with white gold and diamonds clasp. Channel the childlike and effortless hex of Hollywood ’ s starlets by accompanying your pearls with a chic french black satin evening bag.
Barnebys is the largest search service for art, antiques and collectables, with around half a million unique items from over 1,600 auction houses and dealers around the world .
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