Mossberg International 715T| Ultimate Guide

The Mossberg International 715T is an AR-15 style carbine that shoots the popular .22 Long Rifle ( LR ) bullet. This extremely lightweight Rimfire rifle features a 6- military position adjustable standard, a quad-rail forend, and a stevedore cap to assist in rapid reloads. The 715T is the arrant weapon to learn to shoot and develop the fundamentals that are needed to be a great shooter. Since the .22 is such a minor round, it produces about no flinch and best of all, doesn ’ t scare first-time shooters. This rifle is built in a 10-round magazine or a 25-round cartridge holder, depending on your predilection in overall slant and aim. The barrel is merely 16.25″ long and is built with an A2-style muzzle brake for the promptly facility of a suppressor. The best feature is the free-floating barrel, which significantly reduces the felt-recoil and increases the overall accuracy of the plunder .


Caliber .22 LR
Capacity 10+1
Barrel Type w/ A2-Style Muzzlebrake
Barrel Length 16.25″
Sight/Base Rail-Mnt Adj Front/Rear
Twist 1:16
LOP Type Adjustable
LOP 11″-14.25″
Barrel Finish Blued
Stock Finish A2-Style Synthetic
Weight 5.5 lbs
Length 33″

Why Should I Buy The Mossberg International 715T Flat Top ?

The Mossberg International 715T is the rifle that I would buy to teach my kin how to shoot. If I had teenagers or wanted to teach my wife how to shoot a rifle, I ’ vitamin d choose the 715T due to its low felt-recoil and fabulously depleted price of $347. The quad-rail build up into the receiver is capable of accommodating lights, lasers, optics, scopes, CQB handles, and sling attachments. This rifle is perfective for plinking or hunting minor game, such as rabbits, squirrels, snakes, gophers, and other small plot or pest species .

Where Can I Buy the Mossberg International 715T Flat Top ?

  1. Palmetto State Armory
  2. Gearfire
  3. Gallery of Guns
  4. The Shooting Store
  5. RK Guns- $299 is the cheapest price I’ve found (new)
  6. Gun Broker
  7. Armslist

Mossberg 715T Tactical Flat Top Rifle with Adjustable Sight 37209

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What is a Rimfire Rifle ?

Rimfire ammunition is different than centerfire ammunition because the rim or edge of the shell is crushed to ignite the flat coat. Centerfire ammunition uses the firing pin to strike the primer in the center of the casing. The Rimfire bullet train is fired like a percussion cap, rather of using a fire peg to strike the fuse. Rimfire cartridges require a softer and thinner alloy for the casing than a centerfire cartridge. This prevents Rimfire rifles from chambering higher quality rifle rounds, such as the .308, 5.56mm, 7.62mm, and 300 Win Mag. The Mossberg International 715T uses a smokeless powderize, which expel much higher coerce than centerfire carbines. This feature besides ensures there is less reverence when shooting this gun because there will not be a lot of smoke after firing. Since twenty-two LR ammunition is so light, it ’ s much much more low-cost than distinctive rifle calibers equally well.

What is a twenty-two Long Rifle ( LR ) Bullet ?

The .22 LR has been around for over a century and used as a vermin hunt and prey exercise fastball since the early 1880s. The twenty-two LR has improved since its origin with a longer sheath distance, higher gag speed, and improved versatility. nowadays, the .22 LR is the most popular magazine in the worldly concern, in regards to the sum sold. Whether you ’ ra shopping for your Boy Scout to get him a rifle shooting deserve badge or a cadet at a major university learning how to handle a rifle, the .22 LR is the go-to rifle quality. It has about no bounce, it makes very short noise, and is the most low-cost bullet train you ’ ll discovery .

Remington .22 LR 40Gr Thunderbolt

The Remington Thunderbolt is the highest-selling bullet train that Remington makes and the most popular twenty-two bore bullet in the world. At 25 yards, the round-nosed Thunderbolt travels at a gag speed of 1,167 ft/second. This eminent speed gives the fastball better accuracy and more punch than flat-nosed bullets and shoots placid than any other fastball you can shoot. I recommend this bullet train because you can get a bulk box of 500 rounds for $ 33.00 at Palmetto State ( before military or police discount ). You can use this to hunt little game, plinking, target exercise, and as a learning/teaching rifle. Remington .22 Long Rifle 40gr RN High Velocity (500rd Bulk Pack) - TB22B

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Can I Hunt Deer With my Mossberg International 715T ?

The Mossberg International 715T is capital for hunting small plot, such as squirrels, rabbits, snakes, gophers, moles, voles, and groundhogs. Can the .22 LR kill a deer ? Yes, it can easily kill a deer if you hit the deer in a vital organ. however, I will never recommend hunting a deer with a twenty-two LR because it fair doesn ’ t have the expansion and force that a 5.56, .308, or 7.62mm bullet train would have. Deer are fabulously street fighter and I ’ ve seen deer reach with my 30-06 broadside run 200 yards before dropping and since it wasn ’ triiodothyronine hit in a full of life electric organ it was suffering until I cursorily put it out of its misery. That lapp stroke with a twenty-two LR would have caused a very slowly and irritating end that should be avoided at all times when hunting. Plus, the epinephrine that will be pumping through that deer will allow him/her to run a half mile before succumbing to its injuries. This will most likely defile the kernel and give it a “ gamey ” season that you will not like ( if you find the deer at all ) .


I recommend using the Mossberg 715T as a train rifle for your class because of the low-recoil, brassy ammunition, low-noise, and the number of ways you can accessorize your plunder. As with any rifle, I always recommend a nice after-market spy, eye, or scope with a tactical inner light on the side rail. The Mossberg International 715T gives you the versatility to add up to 4 separate attachments without overcrowding your plunder. I want to give you some options on some of the tactical lights, optics, lasers, and grips you can add to make this rifle personal and accommodating to you .

tactical Lights

There are more tactical lights than I can count, but I want to focus on the lights that are versatile, easy to install, and bright enough to see clearly in the black. The first one is Lasercross CL105 that is both a laser spy and flashlight in one belittled package. It produces 220 lumens, is wear-resistant, waterproof, shock-proof, and fits on any type of Picatinny Rail organization. It ’ randomness built with an ambidextrous on/off switch for both left-handed and right-handed shooters. You can run the laser, flashlight, or both at the lapp time with an estimated laser distance of an hour and a half. The Olight Baldr Pro has one of the brightest lights available with 1,350 lumens that shoots out to 853 foot ( 260 meters ) and is equipped with a green laser. The Olight is compatible with any Glock rail and Picatinny Rail so you can use this on your 715T or your Glock pistol. With both the laser and alight on, you ’ ll get about 1 hour and 45 minutes of function before the battery will need to be recharged.


The Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 is a great newcomer ocular that will give you everything you need for increase longevity, such as waterproof, shock-proof, rust-resistant, and fog-proof security. It ’ randomness easily mounted to any Picatinny Rail system and comes with 11 brightness settings with a 3 MOA scatter for easy eye-relief. At $ 62.19, you ’ ll save about $ 100 and get a courteous eye that will perform every time you need it to. The Vortex Crossfire II riflescope is a great initiation to scopes and understanding eye relief and hangover while aiming through a lens. I would use this telescope as an presentation for my wife or 1st-time shooters in my family because it has the water-proof, shock-proof, fog-proof, and rust-resistant features. It besides has natural elevation adjustments, anti-reflective lens coat, and the ability to adjust your zero after sighting in the rifle. It provides a 2-7×32 enlargement, which is perfective for the restrict ranges of a .22LR.

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