TikTok Will Triple Maximum Video Length, Expanding to 3 Minutes

Short-form video recording app TikTok is putting a couple more minutes on the clock .
The company said it will expand the poll for users globally — tripling the distance of videos they can partake in a single post, from 60 seconds to three minutes .
Why the change ? The longer videos will “ pav [ east ] the means for more storytelling and entertainment on TikTok, ” according to product director Drew Kirchhoff, who announced the feature in a web log station .
TikTok users already have been posting longer-form television segments, broken into multiple parts — “ we all know the phrase, ‘ like and follow for function 3, ‘ ” Kirchhoff noted. But he said the company has heard from users that “ they ’ five hundred love precisely a little more fourth dimension to bring their cook show, complicate beauty tutorials, educational example plans, and comedic sketches to life sentence with TikTok ’ s creative tools. ”

It goes without saying that TikTok is hoping the three-minute soap besides will result in users spending more time in the app. And it will potentially give TikTok a competitive edge on Instagram ’ s copycat Reels feature, which is presently limited to 60-second videos. Citing competition from TikTok and YouTube, Instagram boss Adam Mosseri on Wednesday said video is one of the main areas the Facebook-owned app will “ lean into ” going forth, with plans to roll out full-screen in-feed video among early features .
TikTok, the enormously popular social-video app owned by chinese internet giant star ByteDance, in the last respective months has been letting choose creators experiment with the longer three-minute format. Over the occur weeks, TikTok will be rolling out the option to create longer videos to everyone on the app, according to Kirchhoff. Users will receive a presentment in the TikTok app once they have access to the three-minute video feature.

TikTok shared examples from creators who have been making longer capacity. Those include taylorcassidyj, who has become popular with her Black history video recording, with a position documenting the story of a woman who posed as a slave to spy in the Civil War ; sad_papi, showing how to make brazilian chicken croquettes ; asta.darling, who shared a video of herself dressing in victorian dress ; and chowderthebulldog, with the puppy ’ s tips for safe canine skateboard .
“ With all the ways our community has redefined construction in under 60 seconds, we ’ re excited to see how people continue to entertain and inspire with a few more seconds – and a world of creative possibilities, ” Kirchhoff wrote .
death calendar month, the Biden administration officially revoked Donald Trump ’ mho executive orders that sought to ban TikTok over allege home security system concerns, while President Biden besides ordered the Commerce Department to investigate apps with ties to foreign adversaries that may pose a risk to U.S. data privacy or national security .

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