WBEAUTY Brightening Serum ingredients (Explained)

The sodium salt form of skincare superstar, vitamin C. If you do not know what the boastful bicker about vitamin C is, you are missing out and you have to click here and read all the geeky details about it. Pure vitamin C ( aka ascorbic acid, AA ) is big and all, but its lack of constancy is a big challenge for the cosmetics industry. One solution is to create stable derivatives that can be absorbed into the peel, convert there to AA and do all the magic AA is proven to do ( which is being an antioxidant, a collagen booster, and a skin brightener ). SAP ( the vit C derivative, not the enterprise software, obvs ) is a promise derivative instrument that has great stability up to pH 7. The challenge with it though is skin penetration. unfortunately, it seems to be limited, or to quote a capital article from the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology “ locally applied ascorbyl phosphate salts are, at identical best, ailing absorbed in comparison with AA ”. Regarding conversion to AA, there seems to be no data about it, so we can neither deny nor confirm it.

We have better news regarding the three magic trick abilities of vitamin C : there is in-vivo ( tested on real people ) data showing that SAP does have photo-protective (aka antioxidant) properties, though less than pure AA. SAP might besides aid collagen boosting; in-vitro ( made in the lab ) datum shows that it works, but is less effective than another vitamin C derived function, called MAP ( that seems to be deoxyadenosine monophosphate effective as pure AA ). As for skin-brightening, there is a craft publication with in-vivo data showing that SAP can fade brown spots.

Another thing sap might be able to do is to help with acne. A 2005 analyze showed in vitro ( in trial tube ) that 1 % SAP has a potent antimicrobial activity on evil acne causing P. acnes and it besides showed in vivo ( on real people ) that 5 % SAP can powerfully improve the inflammatory and non-inflammatory lesions of acne vulgaris. In fact, the results were comparable or even slenderly better than with 5 % benzoyl peroxide.

And there is even more involve SAP and acne. A decent double-blind study from 2009 showed that 5 % SAP reduced the inflammatory lesions by 20.14 % and 48.82 % within 4 and 8 weeks respectively and when combined with 0.2 % retinol the results were evening better. With this combination treatment, the improvement was 29.28 % after 4 weeks and 63.10 % after 8 weeks of application .
aside from inquiry studies, anecdotal evidence besides supports SAP being a bright vitamin C derivative. One of the best-selling ( vitamin C ) serums in Sephora is the Ole Henriksen Truth Serum, while on Amazon it ‘s the OzNaturals Vitamin C 20 Serum. Another popular choice is the Mad Hippie Vitamin C serum, and all of these contain vitamin C in the shape of SAP .
overall, we think SAP is a goody!   In terms of anti-aging, it ‘s credibly not deoxyadenosine monophosphate effective as saturated Ascorbic Acid, but it ‘s wholly worth a try. however, if your peel is acne-prone, SAP is your form of Vitamin C and it ‘s a must-try .

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