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6 Useful Interior Design Styles You Should Know

It’s no surprise that many women feel unable to create a coherent aesthetic for their homes. They don’t know what their interior design style is, or they like too many different designs and don’t know how to combine them in their home. Knowing your Interior Design Styles is essential before beginning any home design job, whether you’re doing it yourself or working with an E-Designer like myself! So let’s discuss the various types of modern house design styles and how to incorporate them into your home!

What Are The Significances Of Determining Your Interior Design Style?

Your background, current lifestyle, and the colors, patterns, and forms that make you feel the most comfortable will all have an impact on your unique design style. It’s not only about figuring out what looks good to you when it comes to determining your design style. It’s all about establishing a style that makes you feel at ease, calm, and at home while also allowing you to express yourself!

This is something that people do all the time with their homes. When they should be figuring out what colors, patterns, textures, and other elements appeal to them, their personality, and their way of life, they pick an image and try to imitate it. It’s just as important to think about comfort as it is to think about style when it comes to creating a pleasant, modern house! It’s not simply about making things appealing to the eye. It’s all about making something that you like to look at and feel good about!

6 Types Of Interior Design Styles

There are different interior design styles available, including styles that are resurfacing from the past, styles that are only trendy for a short period, and styles that are essentially timeless. I’m going to show you six modern design styles that I adore today! (P.S. If you don’t fit into one of these six categories, that’s fine; it just means you know what not to put in your house.)

Mid-century modern


In the mid-1900s, the Mid-Century Style emerged, focusing on furniture that was simple, attractive, and utilitarian. Because it caters to a stylish, minimalist look that everyone can afford, the style has grown highly popular. Home decor in the Mid-Century Modern style lends itself to a clean, ordered lifestyle.


Keep your room simple and useful by matching down your furniture. Against neutral backgrounds, use solid colors or a bold pattern. Look for pieces of upholstered furniture with gentle, organic lines (think bulbous or egg-shaped).

mid-century modern

Eclectic chic


Eclectic design is all about understanding when to violate the norms and when to follow them. This design incorporates a variety of styles, time periods, colors, patterns, and textures into a single area. Eclectic home fashion is inspired by your heart rather than your mind, and it lends itself to a whimsical, carefree lifestyle.


Mix and combine different styles, trends, colors, and patterns to create a unique look. Choose one unifying color, pattern, style, or material to help bring your room together. Decorate your room in stages, starting with the larger things to establish the groundwork. Smaller items, paintings, cushions, and décor can then be added.

Modern Industrial


Modern Industrial is all about conveying a space’s personality. You’re more concerned with the space’s architectural components than with the furniture’s appearance. Industrial Chic home decor encourages a simple lifestyle while also honoring the heritage of the area.


Use natural, unfinished elements like metal, wood, and brick to create your color palette. Wherever feasible, use high ceilings and low pendant lights. Instead than focusing on the furnishings, use natural, exposed materials to draw attention to the room. Along with contemporary, utilitarian furniture, color and pattern should be employed sparingly.

Transitional (Modern Traditional)


Transitional design is a style that combines features from both classic and modern design to produce a stylish and comfortable middle ground. It’s all about striking a balance between hefty, ornate objects and sleek, contemporary elements in this interior design style.


Mix modern components with classic furnishings to create a feeling of balance in your room, such as glass and metal furniture with tufted, soft upholstery. To create a relaxing and pleasant environment, choose soft pastel color palettes. For a more modern style, choose strong geometric designs, or natural floral patterns for a softer feel.


Modern Farmhouse


Modern Farmhouse combines a warm farmhouse ambiance with contemporary design’s clean lines. Without the kitchy designs and furnishings, this approach offers you the appearance and feel of a warm rural house. Modern Farmhouse home decor encourages a slower-paced lifestyle centered on spending time with family and friends.


To create an open, inviting area, use natural materials and a neutral color scheme. Modern furniture with clean, basic lines should be layered in. The colors and patterns you employ should be natural and organic – think blues and greens. In your environment, mix and match modern art with salvaged or repurposed artifacts.



Scandinavian interior design emphasizes utility and simplicity. Stick to a natural-inspired color scheme of white and pastels. Simple, clean-lined furniture is a good choice.


Begin by decluttering your environment and providing a neutral backdrop. Natural textures and tones, as well as patterns and colors inspired by nature, should be incorporated. Choose furniture with smooth curves and uncomplicated shapes.



Knowing the rules and learning how to violate them is the finest piece of Interior Decorating and Design advice I can offer you. Use the interior design styles above as inspiration to create your own unique look and feel in your house! You may take your Modern Design Style as a starting point and then customize it to create the ultimate feel-good house!

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