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Who’s Joe Biden?

Joe Biden is an American politician and former senator from Delaware. He was a congressman for 45 years before being elected to the Senate. In 1972, he suffered a devastating defeat in the presidential election and never ran for the White House. He has been in the public eye since then and continues to serve in various capacities, including philanthropists. Below are some of the facts about Joe Biden. These facts may help you determine if he’s a good choice to run for President.

Served As A Senator For More Than Three Decades

Biden was a senator for 36 years. Prior to that, he was a public defender. After leaving office, he joined a law firm. He has been involved in numerous causes over the years, including health care, the environment, and poverty. His progressive policies and a strong sense of humor make him a popular choice for President of the United States. He is also a strong supporter of various causes and values, including civil rights, the environment, and the economy.

A man of modest means, Biden is one of the most popular senators in the history of the United States. He was the second most senior senator when he ran for president in 1988. Throughout his career, Joe has been active in various causes and has a strong sense of humor. While his political views are far from conservative, his dedication to these causes has won him a wide following. With his progressive beliefs, he is an ideal candidate for President.

The 44th Vice President Of The United States

Joe Biden is a Democrat and the 44th Vice President of the United States. He was elected to the office in 2008 and served two terms. During his first term, he advocated for gun control and urged for US involvement in NATO. During his second term, he fought for a free trade policy and supported increased military spending. His political career has been filled with high-profile speeches and accomplishments.

Although Biden was a senator for two terms, he had no prior political experience and was not a celebrity. He had an innate sense of humor and was active in various causes. During his first term, Biden advocated for gun control and was a strong advocate for NATO. During his second term, he also supported a number of causes and charities. He is an American politician with a very progressive background.

Bachelor Of Laws From Syracuse University

Biden is a former senator from Delaware. He served as a public defender for his state. After leaving office in 1972, he worked in a corporate law firm. He holds a law degree from Syracuse University and has held several important positions in the Senate. He has also been a progressive politician. His many accomplishments include his service on the Foreign Relations Committee and his many causes. The Democratic Party has been represented in the Senate since the late 1960s, and he has served as a member of the committee since then.

The Inspiration For Many Politicians

Biden has been a member of the United States Senate for more than a decade. He was a public defender in Delaware and a member of the Democratic National Committee, but he was no politician. Despite his wealth, Biden was a middle-class man who became famous in his political career. A true American with an interesting background and a positive attitude, Joe Biden has inspired many people to join the political fray.

Joe Biden


Joe Biden is a former senator from the state of Delaware. He was the second-most senior senator in that state when he ran for president in 1988, and he later served as a senator for more than a decade as well. In addition to being a progressive, he also has a great sense of humor. His personal life is worth checking out, and he is a real American who has earned much success.

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other related sources

Joe Biden (@JoeBiden) · Twitter

Husband to @DrBiden, proud father and grandfather. Ready to build back better for all Americans. The official account is @POTUS.

Source: https://twitter.com/JoeBiden?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor

Joe Biden: The President | The White House

Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr. was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania, the first of four children of Catherine Eugenia Finnegan Biden and Joseph Robinette Biden, Sr. In 1953, the Biden family moved to Claymont, Delaware. President Biden graduated from the University of Delaware and Syracuse Law School and served on the New Castle County Council.

Source: https://www.whitehouse.gov/administration/president-biden/

Joe Biden – Wikipedia

Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. is an American politician who is the 46th and current president of the United States. A member of the Democratic Party, he served as the 47th vice president from 2009 to 2017 under Barack Obama and represented Delaware in the United States Senate from 1973 to 2009.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joe_Biden

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