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Try It Free Try It Free Are you looking for the best app to remove the TikTok water line ? Well, your search is complete because we have curated a list of the best TikTok water line remover applications. Say adieu to having the TikTok logo embedded in all your videos, because a childlike TikTok water line remover app is the solution to all your problems. You can make use of these handy applications on any mobile that you have, whether it is an iPhone or an android device .
Keep reading this article to find out the best apps to remove TikTok watermarks on iPhone, Android, and much more .

The Best Online TikTok Watermark Remover Apps for Android and iPhone TikTok Watermark Remover App is a loose on-line broadcast for Android and iPhone that lets users remove TikTok watermarks with still. If the television has an extra water line or logo, you can add as many lasso as you want and erase them with a single cluck. Besides TikTok, besides lets you immediately load a YouTube video URL and erase the undesirable watermark. Plus, it works with digital television formats like MP4, MOV, MTS, 3GP, 3G2, VOB, WebM, etc.

remove tiktok watermark with for Android/iPhone Follow these easy steps to erase a TikTok watermark from a video:
1 ) launch TikTok Watermark Remover on your mobile vane browser and then tap Choose Files to browse and load a local TikTok file .
2 ) After adding the television successfully, tap the Add Area push button at the top-right corner. then, drag the lasso tool and resize it to fit on the TikTok water line sphere. You can besides enter the particular playback duration for the watermark you wish to remove .
3 ) If satisfied, tap Export to process your video without a annoying TikTok water line. You can export it to your local drive or save it on Google Drive and Dropbox .
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5 Best Apps to Remove TikTok Watermarks on iPhone and Android

There are a phone number of big applications out there in the market for this function, however, not all of them have the greatest results. Below is a list of 5 of the best applications that we have researched, tested, and recommended .
To promptly remove a water line from a TikTok video, follow the steps below :

  • Download a TikTok watermark remover application onto your phone or tablet device, and then launch the application and import the video you would like to remove the watermark from.
  • Select the watermark remover tool and create an outline around the logo you want to remove, and process the changes and the watermark will be removed from your video.
  • Save the TikTok video to your gallery in HD.

1. Remove & Add Watermark for Android

remove tiktok watermark with Remove & Add Watermark for Android This is one of the most commend water line removing applications available in the grocery store today. The Remove & Add Watermark app allows users to play with a watermark with the help of lasso and rectangular blue-ribbon options, along with numerous early customizing options. Individuals can make manipulation of this application to add or remove a watermark from photograph adenine good as videos. Users can get their hands on this application through the Google Playstore, however, it is alone available for Android users .
The application itself is free, however, it offers the option of in-app purchases for assorted fonts, effects, and more, each purchase is $ 3.5 .
How to remove TikTok watermarks with the Remove & Add Watermark app?
Making practice of this application to remove watermarks is fairly bare .
1 ) Download the application from the Google Playstore .
2 ) Launch the application and select the video or picture you would like to remove the TikTok watermark from .
3 ) once you do that, a menu will appear asking you to select between two options – add or remove the logo .
4 ) Select the remove logo option and use the lasso tool to select the TikTok logo on your video recording .
5 ) once that is done, press keep open and you will successfully remove the TikTok watermark from your video .

2. Video Eraser – Remove Logo

remove tiktok watermark with Video Eraser - Remove Logo The Video Eraser – Remove Logo application has been designed with the main aim of removing a logo from a video. This application has a identical dim-witted interface and is user-friendly. This application has been designed to use on an iPad, but individuals can besides download it for their iPhone from the App Store. The application itself is unblock, however, if users want to avail more options within the application such as video editing options and more, they can make in-app purchases which start from $ 1 and change in price. The Video Eraser – Remove Logo application is a toolbox for video recording editing which includes other tools vitamin a well such as perfect restoration, cutting a television, adding a watermark, text, and pictures vitamin a well .
How to remove TikTok watermarks with the Video Eraser – Remove Logo app?
It can be used to remove the logo ’ s video in two to three elementary steps .
1 ) Download the application from the App Store
2 ) Launch the lotion and import the video you would like to use

3 ) Select the watermark remover tool and voila, the watermark will be removed !

3. SnapTik

remove tiktok watermark with SnapTik SnapTik, besides known as SnapX is an android application developed to enable individuals to edit their TikTok television and remove the TikTok water line. If you have any sort of Android device then you can well use this tool, all you need to do is equitable download it from the Google Play Store and you are good to go. This application includes numerous features such as no water line, HD video edit, downloading TikTok video, Musically, and others excessively. overall, downloading the application is wholly free, however, users will be subjected to in-app ads and promotions .
How to remove TikTok watermarks with the SnapTik app?
1 ) Download the application from the Google Playstore .
2 ) After downloading the application, launch it and paste a link/ upload the TikTok video recording that you would like to edit .
3 ) After you have done that, headway on over to the edit options and select the absent watermark clitoris .
4 ) once you click that button, chink on the water line on the video recording and press the check mark .
5 ) The watermark will be removed from the television and from there you can save it to your gallery .


remove tiktok watermark with Remove Logo From Video This is an android application made entirely for the aim of removing son from television. It was developed by the Kkapps group and includes a high-tech interface. This video recording editing tool can be downloaded from the Google Playstore for fluid and pad devices and is wholly free, how capital is that ? ! Within seconds, a person can remove a TikTok logo with the avail of this handy application. If you are looking to remove a logo from your videos, then this is the go-to application for you. furthermore, it is extremely simple to use .
How to remove TikTok watermarks with the Remove Logo From Video app?
1 ) Download the application from the Google Play Store, this application is only available for Android devices .
2 ) After the application has been downloaded, point over to your application menu and plunge the app .
3 ) once the application is receptive, you will see a menu asking to select a video from your veranda .
4 ) The video will open on the app, then go and align the rectangular excerpt box to the logo .
5 ) After that, pawl on the create push button to automatically remove the logo .

5. RepostTik

remove tiktok watermark with RepostTik If you are an io user, then this is just the watermark remover lotion for you ! aside from being able to remove watermarks on the app, users can besides make use of it to repost their darling videos on TikTok, save their all-time front-runner posts, and boost/bring traffic to their accounts. It ’ s an across-the-board TikTok kit out ! The best character is that everything is entirely detached on this application, however, there are in-app advertisements, promotions, and in-app purchases as well. To use versatile features, individuals can get a weekly, monthly, or annual subscription which ranges between $ 5- $ 15. Making practice of this application is fairly childlike when it comes to removing a watermark .
How to remove TikTok watermarks with the RepostTik app?
1 ) Download the RepostTik application from the Apple App Store : hypertext transfer protocol : // .
2 ) After the app has been downloaded, import the video that you would like to remove the watermark from .
3 ) Select the watermark removal joyride and then direct the tool to the water line .
4 ) once that is done, mail directly through the app or download the video to save it to your iPhone or iPad drift.

Besides the methods mentioned above, you can besides choose to download the TikTok television without watermarks on iPhone directly .
Are You Ready to Remove TikTok Watermarks from Your Videos?
These are the five best apps available in the commercialize for removing TikTok watermarks. Some of these applications are compatible with iOS while others work on Android devices. Almost all these apps allow individuals to remove watermarks for spare, however, if they would like to make use of other tools in the apps, they will have to subscribe or purchase them. Hope you can now easily remove a watermark from your videos .

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