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I first saw Pony-O Hair Accessories in an ad on Instagram. Of run, I clicked on it ! I don ’ thyroxine normally pay attention to ads, but I was very scheme. I didn ’ t think I ’ d actually end up ordering the product, but I did ! so here ’ second my review of Pony-O Hair Accessories…and I didn ’ thyroxine perplex paid for it !
Since my hair has gotten REALLY long ( like laughably hanker ), I ’ ve noticed that my ponytail rather sucks. At first I thought my hair was thin or I needed to change up my shampoo and conditioner. I even tried different hair ties a well as using two hair ties at once. Nothing worked…so I came to terms with the fact that wearing a ponytail would be a casual thing from immediately on .
The crazy part is that less than a year ago my ponytails normally looked pretty amazing. I could make a ponytail count appropriate for study or a more dressy event. Those few extra inches of hair had ruined one of my darling looks ! One option was to cut my hair, because that would solve my ponytail problem. I ’ thousand decidedly not doing that…not anytime soon .
sol, I checked out the Pony-O Hair Accessories website. They had big reviews and I felt like it was credibly a very good product that works. The following day I caved and placed an club ! I ’ m an Amazon drug addict, so ordering something from an actual product web site was eldritch for me .
I normally end up searching for what I want on Amazon and ordering a comparable product if the accurate sword I want international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate available ( because nothing beats Amazon Prime ’ s 2 day ship ). I was out of luck this time, but I ’ m beaming I ordered it anyways !
I placed my orderliness on January 5th, and to my surprise it arrived early on merely 5 days by and by ! Their electronic mail promised that I would receive the merchandise within 7-14 days…so I ’ m glad with that ( even if it isn ’ thymine 2 ) .

Choosing which Pony-O Hair Accessories to order was the hard separate. I ’ meter not a big winnow of trying to match my hair accessories to my hair discolor. Let ’ s face it…unless your haircloth is black or black brown…it ’ south precisely going to look like a poor attempt at matching your hair accessory and your hair discolor. It ’ s not that big of a bargain to me. My hair is highlighted blond and I have always used Goody Hair Elastics in black !
I went with the two pack that includes two different colored hair accessories. One is black ( Onyx ) and one is a fuscous lighter brown ( Milk Chocolate ). That way if I like one more than the other I ’ ll be satisfied either way !
here ’ s what I got :
My order included :

  • 1 Onyx Pony-O Hair Accessory
  • 1 Milk Chocolate Pony-O Hair Accessory
  • 1 Pony-O Storage Bag (surprise!)
  • 1 Pony-O How-to Card with two different looks to try

By now you ’ re probably ready for my ponytail before and after photograph ! therefore far, I LOVE this ponytail holder and I hope it lasts a long as they say it does. The only drawback is that I can ’ thymine wear it around my wrist, but at this point I credibly need to break myself of that substance abuse .
pony-o-before-after I will admit…my first undertake at using the Pony-O Hair Accessories was unmanageable and it didn ’ t make out the first gear time. I ’ d glanced at the instructions, but I ’ m a hairdresser, so I figured that having the basic theme was adequate. I was wrong…you should decidedly follow their tips for best use !
Pony-O Hair Accessories are available in these colors :

  • Onyx
  • Sable
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Milk Chocolate
  • Ginger
  • Sandy Beach
  • Champagne Blonde
  • White

Pony-O Hair Accessories besides have these to try :

  • Designer Pony-O
  • Bling Ringz
  • Bun Barz (I’m trying this one next!)

If you want one for yourself precisely go to the Pony-O Hair Accessories web site and you ’ ll be upgrading your ponytail in no clock ! They offer a 2-pack in all colors deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as a combination of colors for $ 19.95, but if you like to wear your haircloth in a bun…they besides have a jazz band back that includes a Bun Bar for $ 19.95 .
I probably would have ordered the jazz band clique with the Bun Bar if I hadn ’ thyroxine been so indecisive on which color to get, but I ’ meter not wholly sold on their Bling Ringz ( barely because it looks like a ponytail holder covering another ponytail holder…maybe they will improve that product in the future ) .
Have you tried any of the Pony-O Hair Accessories ? If so, please share your thoughts in the remark incision ! I ’ d sleep together to hear what you think and I ’ thousand sure everyone else will besides !

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