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California offers extensive higher education opportunities, including some of the best on-line MBA programs. More than 966,000 businesses call California home, highlighting many opportunities for graduates. MBA-holders possess the business acumen and management cognition to qualify for a variety show of lucrative business, management, and fiscal careers. One of the most versatile degrees, an MBA is valuable in about any industry .
Earning a business graduate degree opens the door to careers like human resources coach, train and development director, and peak executive. Students may besides qualify for more specialize management positions in fields like information engineering ( IT ) or finance, depending on their former academician or professional know .
The Bureau of Labor Statistics ( BLS ) projects average job growth for business and fiscal occupations from 2020-30 .
In this template, we discuss considerations for earning an on-line MBA in California, how to choose a school, and career opportunities for graduates. Keep reading to discover the best on-line MBA programs in California.

Why Get an Online MBA in California?

Earning an on-line MBA in California takes time and money but delivers many benefits. Online MBA schools offer opportunities to develop business and management skills applicable to any diligence. Graduates qualify for a kind of divers careers and earn much higher annual salaries than the average proletarian in the United States .

High Salaries
MBA graduates qualify for careers that garner substantial salaries. For example, sales managers earn a median annual salary of $132,290, and compensation and benefits managers make $125,130 a year.
Broad Skill Set
Earning an online MBA develops a versatile, broadly applicable skill set. Students learn management, leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills in addition to general business knowledge.
Career Opportunities
California MBA programs prepare students for exciting, well-paid careers in business and finance, including top executive, human resources manager, and training and development manager.

Pursuing an on-line MBA course of study in California offers benefits not available in every state, including access to a large numeral of schools with on-line programs, excellent network opportunities, and diverse career opportunities after graduation .
California boasts about 450 postsecondary institutions, more than any other submit in the U.S. This includes prestigious individual and public universities and on-line and in-person programs at a variety of price points. The state ‘s experience offer high-quality distance education means that students can find a diverseness of on-line MBA programs in California. In 2020, about 55.3 % of students in the state of matter participated in on-line learn at least some of the time .

What California’s Best MBA Programs Have in Common

Higher education institutions provide a diverseness of experiences and opportunities, each offering its own campus acculturation, course selections, resources, and ways to engage with the community. even so, the top schools tend to contribution respective coarse characteristics :

  • They are accredited. Institutions that have earned accreditation from a third-party agency are recognized for offering a superior standard of education. All of the top schools found on this list are accredited by one or more of the following bodies: the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB); the Western Association for Schools and Colleges (WSCUC); and the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE).
  • They are affordable. Students may be eligible for various forms of financial aid to assist with the costs of education. The FAFSA helps determine allocation of state and federal aid, and each college or university determines institutional aid.
  • They uphold academic excellence. Institutions with a student-focused approach to academics prioritize the student learning experience and quality of education. Colleges and universities with smaller class sizes, for example, tend to offer a more personalized student experience.
  • Their MBA programs are reputable and robust. A reputable and robust MBA program features selective admissions and impressive student outcomes. Considering the percentages of graduate degrees offered, online enrollment rates, acceptance rates, and graduation rates, our ranked schools demonstrate that they offer reputable and reliable MBA programs.

Online MBA Programs for You

Grow your career, leadership, and occupation acumen with an accredit on-line MBA plan .

What To Expect From MBA Programs in California

Online MBA programs in California typically take two full-time years to complete and require 30-60 credits. Some schools offer accelerated annual on-line MBAs, allowing degree-seekers to take more credits each semester and calibrate preferably. early universities maintain hybrid programs, enabling learners to complete some coursework on-line and some in person .
Costs for California MBA programs vary by type of school ( public or secret ), format ( online or on-campus ), and tuition rate ( in-state or out-of-state ). Attending a public university and paying in-state tutelage typically offers the most low-cost route to an MBA .
Most commercial enterprise schools offer MBA concentrations like human resources management, strategic management, finance, and IT. MBA candidates typically take classes like marketing for managers, strategic management, the legal and ethical environment of clientele, and leading in organizations. Read on for more about what to expect from the best on-line MBA programs .

Admission Requirements for MBAs

entree requirements for California MBA programs vary by school, but typically include a bachelor ‘s degree from a regionally accredited college. Some universities require an undergraduate degree in business, but most accept any knight bachelor ‘s academic degree a long as the applicant completes prerequisite foundational courses. Additional admission criteria may include a minimal 2.5-3.0 GPA, 1-5 years of relevant master know, and satisfactory GRE or GMAT scores .
The admissions process normally includes an on-line application, paying a tip, and submitting college transcripts, test scores, letters of recommendation, and a curriculum vitae. Most programs besides ask for a argument of purpose and writing sample. Applicants may need to complete an in-person or telephone interview. Different types of degree specializations typically do not change required prerequisites .

Specialized MBAs

California ‘s on-line MBA programs offer concentrations that let students spend more clock time on a finical area of sake. Adding a assiduity develops cognition and skills that can help learners qualify for more specialize careers after gradation and stand out from general MBA holders. Students who want to keep their options open and gain the broadest skill set possible may decide to pursue a general MBA .
Specializations peculiarly relevant for California may include IT, social entrepreneurship, healthcare management, and strategic leadership .

Popular MBA Program Courses

The type and variety of classes available from on-line MBA programs in California varies by educate. Most programs require core, elective/concentration, and finishing touch or undertaking courses. A typical MBA course of study focuses on advanced topics in business like management, accountancy, ethics, and organizational behavior. Below, we describe some courses that most master in business programs offer .
This course focuses on ethical and legal issues in business settings. class topics include quarrel resolving power, contracts, and employment relationships and the law. Enrollees learn how business professionals can meet legal and ethical requirements .
Students in this course explore the fundamental theories and practices of marketing for business professionals. Learning objectives include designing market campaigns in prey markets, applying selling tools, and understanding how businesses benefit from marketing efforts. early topics include division, price, brand, and promotion .
This class provides a foundation in strategic management hypothesis and practice, focusing on process and prize. Students explore organizational analysis, corporate government, strategy conceptualization, and business analysis .
Learners in this course gain proficiency in using systems to organize business information and make managerial decisions. The course emphasizes high-level managerial decisions. Topics include electronic commerce, management support technologies, IT architecture, and managing technology-driven change .

The MBA Capstone or Thesis

many of California ‘s on-line MBA programs require a overcome ‘s capstone or dissertation. These experiences serve as a apogee of the program, allowing students to apply their skills and cognition to one cohesive visualize. A capstone normally lasts one semester, and may involve working with a group to solve a problem for a real-world business .
An MBA dissertation is an independent intensive research project, formal paper, and presentation that typically takes one year to complete. Because of their concentrate on virtual skills, most master in business programs require a capstone alternatively of a more research-intensive thesis .
MBA candidates who complete a finishing touch benefit from gaining across-the-board real-world professional experience from the businesses that operate in the express. many business schools partner with local business leaders and organizations. Students who complete a finishing touch with a California business may find internship and job opportunities after graduation .

How Much Do MBAs Cost in California?

The cost of California MBA programs varies by school. Factors that feign prices include program format ( on-line or on campus ), school type ( populace or private ), and tutelage pace ( in-state or out-of-state ). MBA candidates typically find low-cost programs by choosing public universities where they can pay in-state tutelage .
Online MBA programs can offer savings by giving students the flexibility to work while in school and take out fewer loans. many distance education programs besides provide tuition discounts for out-of-state students, offer routes that let learners graduate more cursorily, and include spare on-line textbooks .
When estimating the cost of earning an MBA in California, prospective students should consider price of exist, which includes the price of essentials like caparison, fare, groceries, and utilities in comparison to the national average. One of the most expensive states, California reports a price of living exponent grade of 151.7, the third-highest in the United States .
Most commercial enterprise schools offer a variety of finance options, including scholarships, grants, loans, and fellowships. See the connection below for more information about fiscal help for MBA students .

Online MBA Programs for You

Grow your career, leadership, and business acumen with an accredited on-line MBA program.

What Jobs Can MBAs Get You?

Earning an MBA can open doors to fresh career opportunities and higher salaries in diverse sectors. The BLS reports that business and fiscal occupations earn a median annual wage of $ 72,250, significantly more than the national median for all jobs of $ 41,950. many career paths open to MBA holders offer much more, with sales managers earning $ 132,290 a class and compensation and benefits managers earning $ 125,130 annually .
other careers available to those with a passkey ‘s in business administration include homo resources coach, educate and development director, and top executive. Students who earn specialized MBAs in some areas, such as IT, qualify for extra careers. Below, we describe some likely careers for MBA graduates, including typical job duties, required education, problem mentality, and median annual wage .
human Resources Managers
homo resources managers find employment in about every diligence, make high salaries, and can expect faster-than-average job growth. They oversee the administrative functions and staffing of their organizations. frequent job duties include planning employee benefit programs, managing staffing processes, and advising management on homo resources issues .

  • Required Education: Bachelor’s degree required; some jobs require an MBA
  • Job Outlook (2020-30): +9%
  • Median Annual Salary: $121,220

compensation and Benefits Managers
One of the best nonrecreational occupations of MBA graduates, compensation and benefits managers manage plans for paying employees of the organizations they work at. They create their company ‘s give structure and benefit design, manage outside partners like investment managers and benefits vendors, and prepare program budgets .

  • Required Education: Bachelor’s degree required
  • Job Outlook (2020-30): +4%
  • Median Annual Salary: $125,130

train and Development Managers
training and development managers work in about every industry. They plan and oversee internal trail programs for employees. distinctive duties include assessing the indigence for discipline, creating budgets, reviewing training materials from vendors, and evaluating coach programs. They may besides supervise training staff. Some employers prefer prepare and development managers with industry certifications .

  • Required Education: Bachelor’s degree required; some employers prefer a master’s degree
  • Job Outlook (2020-30): +11%
  • Median Annual Salary: $115,640

crown Executives
In addition to education, top executives normally need across-the-board master feel. They create policies and strategies to help organizations meet their goals. typical duties include finding ways to improve organizational performance, overseeing budgets, and analyzing fiscal data. Types of acme executives include headman executive officer, school superintendent, and general coach .

  • Required Education: Bachelor’s degree required; some large companies require an MBA
  • Job Outlook (2020-30): +8%
  • Median Annual Salary: $107,680

Sales Managers
Sales managers oversee sales teams for their organizations. They analyze data, set sales goals, analyze statistics, and prepare budgets. major employers include solid trade, retail trade, manufacture, and professional services organizations. Most sales managers need 1-5 years of sales experience to qualify for management positions .

  • Required Education: Bachelor’s degree
  • Job Outlook (2020-30): +7%
  • Median Annual Salary: $132,290

California’s Top MBA Employers

frequently ranked as one of the best places in the U.S. to do commercial enterprise and boasting the fifth-largest economy in the universe, California is a great blot for late MBA graduates to find make. closely every sector in the Golden State hires MBAs, but major employers include the technical school, entertainment, tourism, and manufacturing industries .
MBA graduates find bountiful study in many of the state ‘s major cities, including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento, and San Diego. In especial, Silicon Valley offers huge opportunities for a variety of business occupations .
business professionals in California work as human resources managers, acme executives, sales managers, and train and exploitation managers. Sales managers in California make importantly more than the national entail engage for this occupation, taking dwelling an average annual engage of $ 137,000 as of May 2019. master in business students in California seeking high salaries may want to consider a specialization in sales management for this reason .
Below, we describe some of the best places for MBA-holders to work in California, including Apple, Google, and McKinsey and Company. This is barely a little sampling of the hundreds of organizations in California that hire MBA graduates .

Top MBA Employers in California

One of the most admired companies that hires MBAs, McKinsey & Company is a management consulting firm headquartered in New York with multiple offices throughout California. The company hires MBAs to offer strategic management services to government, corporations, and other groups.A multinational tech industry giant founded in 1976, Apple creates consumer electronics, online services, and computer software. Some of the company’s most popular products include the iPhone, Mac personal computer, and iPad. Apple hires MBA graduates to help with supply chain and procurement, human resources management, sales, and finance.Headquartered in Mountain View, California, Google is a multinational tech company that specializes in internet products and services and is best known for its search engine. MBA graduates use their finance and management skills to help Google in corporate marketing, product management, and product marketing.

Selecting Your California MBA Program

Our rankings list of the best on-line MBA programs in California is a great starting point, but most prospective students benefit from considering a variety show of early factors before choosing a school. Think about the come standard to help you make your decision .

Choosing an accredited online MBA is the best way to access financial aid, transfer credit to another institution, and qualify for professional certifications. Most MBA programs also hold separate programmatic accreditation from one of the following agencies: the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs, the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, and the International Accreditation Council for Business Education.
Think about your budget and what you can afford for your MBA. Costs vary significantly depending on type of school, learning format, and residency status.
Research the available concentrations from your prospective MBA program to see if they reflect your personal interests or career goals.
Program Length
How long do you want to spend in business school? If you aim to finish your degree as quickly as possible, look for accelerated online MBA programs.
University Resources
Look for student support like a career development office, access to library services, IT assistance, and tutoring.

Why You Should Consider Online MBA Schools in California

Online MBA programs in California put up convenience, tractability, and affordability. Unlike traditional on-campus business schools, which require students to be in a physical classroom at a specific time, most distance department of education programs offer asynchronous courses. This means learners can fit school around jobs, family responsibilities, and other personal obligations. Enrollees can log on at their convenience to attend virtual lectures, participate in discussion boards, and submit assignments .
Online MBA programs besides can cost less, featuring tuition discounts for out-of-state students, savings on some campus fees, and release on-line textbook. distance learners avoid the price of on-campus housing or change and may be able to graduate with less debt, since they can normally continue working more well than students attending course in person .
When deciding if you should choose an on-line MBA program, consider factors like your personal stylus of teach, budget, schedule, and academic goals. Distance education works identical well for a divers group of learners, but some people prefer a more traditional college know. You can besides consider on-line MBA programs in other neighbor states .

Online MBA Programs In Nearby States

The Top Five Online MBA Programs in California

research our rank of the top five on-line MBA programs for 2022. Review courses, specializations, and tuition for each degree program .

Frequently Asked Questions

Are online MBAs respected?

The huge majority of employers recognize the value of an on-line MBA. many schools offer on-line and in-person MBA programs with an identical course of study, faculty, and scholar resources and support .

How much does an MBA cost in California?

The cost of an on-line MBA in California varies by program and school type. Attending a public university and paying in-state tutelage normally offers the most low-cost choice.

Is getting an MBA online worth it?

Earning an on-line MBA in California takes hard workplace, time, and money, but it can decidedly pay off. Graduates qualify for a diverseness of lucrative, in-demand business and finance careers. Calculate your refund on investment to figure out if getting an MBA is worth it to you .

Does California have online degrees?

There are many opportunities for distance education in the department of state, including a kind of on-line MBA schools in California .

Online MBA Programs for You

Grow your career, leadership, and business acumen with an accredit on-line MBA program .

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