KitchenAid Professional Series 600

General information

The KitchenAid Professional 600 Series Stand Mixer is a kitchen appliance that is more than up to par for all your tough mixing tasks in the kitchen. Equipped with a 575W motor, this all-metal stand mixer is KitchenAid’s most powerful stand mixer. The Pro 600 kneads dough and provides extra muscle to easily perform other mixing tasks.

The mixer is fast and efficient, saving cooking time. It has also been designed to look stylish and is easy to handle and clean. All of these features are distinguished not only by design and functionality, but also provide read more reviews home bakers with excellent value for money.

KitchenAid Pro 600 uses planetary mixing technology to ensure thorough mixing. This technology also thoroughly mixes the ingredients on the sides of the bowl. This is achieved because the shaft is not fixed but moves counterclockwise around the bowl while the whisk moves clockwise.

You can choose from 10 speeds and use the sliders to easily switch between speeds.

The soft start feature allows the blender to gently start the blending process without splashing the batter or batter. Then gradually reach the selected speed.

An electronic sensor maintains optimum mixing speed while adding material while the motor is running.

If you overload the mixer, the mixer will automatically shut down to protect the motor from burning out.

What’s in the KitchenAid Pro 600?

6 liter stainless steel bowl with molded handle for easy pouring and lifting.

Wire whip.

Spiral hook that mixes well when cutting dough and kneading by hand.

Polished metal whisk.

A pouring shield (if equipped) that covers the bowl prevents dust and liquids from splashing out of the bowl. Material can be easily poured from the large chute. Read more comparison

Does the KitchenAid Pro 600 cover my needs?

If you’re good at cooking, the KitchenAid Professional 600 Stand Mixer is for you. You no longer need to mix the batch! The 6 liter container can hold a large amount of mixed material. Imagine that you pour medium strength flour into 14 cups. Or grind about 8 kg of potatoes. Or mix up enough batter to bake 8 loaves of bread! You can knead pizzas and heavy dough’s simply by sliding the controls. If you like to cook, I recommend Pro600. However, if your culinary needs aren’t too restrictive, you can choose read more reviews KitchenAid’s Artisan or Classic stand mixers. They are small and relatively inexpensive.

Mixing isn’t the only thing you can do with the Pro600. There are some extra accessories to help with other kitchen tasks. Convenient accessories that should also be purchased, such as can slicers, food grinders, citrus juices, pasta rollers and slicers, fruit and vegetable strainers, ice cream makers, ravioli makers, slicers, stuffers, and slicers.

It’s big and heavy, so you’ll need to make room on your kitchen counter for the Pro600 stand mixer. It weighs 25 pounds net, so hard to carry around in the kitchen. However, the weight is sturdy and works well to keep it from vibrating or moving. If you want to know how much space you need to allocate, it’s 16.5 inches tall, 11.3 inches wide, and 14.6 inches deep. Also note that it is normal for the Pro600 to be noisy when running at high speed.

Additional tips

The KitchenAid Pro 600 is designed to look stylish and stand out in your kitchen and is proud to own it. In addition, a wide range of colors will allow you to choose the right color for the interior of the kitchen. The colors offered are white, black onyx, imperial red, steel blue, cinnamon, tin, licorice, pearl nickel, scarlet red, meringue, metallic pearl and sparkling caviar.

Always follow the directions in the manufacturer’s instructions to keep the manufacturer’s warranty valid and to keep the blender in optimum working condition.

This KitchenAid Stand Mixer read more reviews is a direct video comparison of the KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer and the KitchenAid Professional 600. If you are looking for the best cooking stand mixer between these two KitchenAid models, I hope this video helps you decide which one is right for you.

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