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One of the best ways to protect your company is with One of the best ways to protect your company is with business insurance. Getting it is easy with our on-line business insurance quote instrument. This means you can view quotes, compare policy rates and learn about coverages all without leaving your seat .
Buying the right business insurance is particularly significant if you ’ re precisely starting out. Something american samoa simple as a fiddling water leaking into your function can cause thousands of dollars in place damage. And if it damages person else ’ south property, it can result in a indebtedness claim against you. These can end up costing you a fortune. With business indemnity, you won ’ thyroxine have to cover all the costs .

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Types of Business Insurance Online

There ’ s no one-size-fits-all business policy policy. rather, you can buy unlike commercial enterprise policy coverages to help protect your party from respective risks. To know which policies you need, you ’ ll want to do some research .

General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance protects your business from claims saying your company caused bodily injury or property damage. For example, if your client slips in your office, breaks their arm and files a claim against you, this policy can help pay their medical costs.

Professional Liability Insurance

If a customer files a claim against you for mistakes in your services, professional liability policy can help pay the costs. This is besides called errors and omissions policy. For case, say your marketing firm creates a social media campaign for your node but their sales decline as a result of it. This policy can help pay the costs to settle the claim filed against you .

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Another coverage that humble businesses need is workers ’ compensation insurance. This gives employees all-important benefits to help them recover from work-related injuries or illnesses by helping :

  • Pay for their medical care
  • Replace most of their lost income if they take time off to recover
  • Pay funeral costs if they lose their life in a work-related accident
  • Cover training costs if they return to work in a different role

Cyber Insurance

If you store individual or sensitive information for your clients or employees, you ’ ll want cyber policy to help cover you from technology-related risks like data breaches. For case, if a hacker steals your clients ’ credit card numbers, this coverage can help pay for the claims filed against you .

Commercial Auto Insurance

Business Insurance Quote Online

If you or your employees drive for work, you may also need If you or your employees drive for work, you may besides need commercial car indemnity. This helps pay for claims if you ’ re in a cable car accident while driving on-the-job. It can besides help protect outside workers driving for your business .

Commercial Property Insurance

Don ’ t forget about protecting your business ’ physical location. commercial place indemnity can help cover damages to your business ’ quad and equipment. so, if a storm knocks a tree onto your roof, this indemnity can help cover your haunt costs .

Business Owner’s Policy

It may seem overwhelming to manage different occupation indemnity policies. But getting a Business Owner ’ randomness Policy ( BOP ) can help. A BOP combines three coverages into one commodious policy :

  • General liability insurance
  • Commercial property insurance
  • Business income insurance, also known as business interruption coverage

We make it easy for you to customize your BOP to address your business ’ unique needs. You can get on-line business policy or exploit through policy agents to add more coverage. We pride ourselves on being an policy party that takes the time to help you get the kind of protections you need .

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Online Business Insurance Services

Compare and Save with a Business Insurance Quote Online

Shopping for on-line clientele policy is easily. You can use your earphone, calculator or tablet to compare commercial policy quotes, rates and coverages. You can besides find customer reviews on indemnity companies to help you make your decisions .

How to Buy Business Insurance Online

Buy Business Insurance Online

Once you go through our once you go through our on-line quote tool and decide to buy coverage, we ’ ll connect you to one of our little business insurance specialists. They ’ ll answer your questions and help guide you through the process of getting the right coverages .

Common Questions About Online Business Insurance

What Options Are Available for Online Payments?

We offer elastic on-line bill to make payments easy for you. You can choose to pay an annual or monthly price for most of our coverages. If you choose to pay up battlefront on an annual footing, you may even get a lower rate .

What Is the Difference Between Online Bill Pay and Express Pay?

To use Online Bill Pay, you need to create an report and log in. then, you can access history features and pay for your business insurance on-line .

Express Pay, on the other hand, lets you pay online without creating an account. To do this :

  1. Go to Express Pay in our Online Business Service Center.
  2. Enter your policy or account number, billing zip code and email address. Then, click “Continue.”
  3. Choose your payment method and the amount you’ll want to pay.

Does The Hartford Offer a Paperless Option?

Yes, we do. Our Online Business Service Center makes it easy to go paperless. You can choose to receive bills by electronic mail and pay them online. To go paperless :

  1. Log in to your account on the Online Business Service Center.
  2. Click “My Profile.”
  3. Under the document delivery section, click “Go Paperless.”
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