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As expected, you will have to complete the mage arena one mini-quest ahead. Level 75 charming is besides required, deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as unlocking all three god spells. To do this, you will need to have cast Claws of Guthix, Flames of Zamorak, and Saradomin Strike, every 100 times inside the stadium. If you are not sure if you have unlocked these spells, trying casting them outside the sphere, if you ’ re not able to do indeed, it means you have so far to unlock them.

Recommended gear

During region 1, you won ’ t be needing any of the gear. however, each freak you will have to fight in separate 2 has a damaging 60 magic defense and a positive 80 magic attack ; this means that your concentrate must be on defense .
Using black vitamin d ’ hide is strongly recommended since it is reasonably cheap, allowing you to bring three higher value items that will increase DPS and add magic defense.

An supernatural tormented watchband and ancestral hat are besides advised. You can still swap to some other cheaper options if you can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate afford them, such as a mystic hat, glory, or fight bracelet .
For the ring slot, bounce is the best choice since it will allow you to do some extra damage to the monsters .
Having all three god capes and all three stabs should be a must since you will be fighting the zamorak party boss. You will need the zamorak staff to begin with, and if you are wearing a god cape, it should be zamorak a well.


part I

  • Knife. You are going to need it to get in and out of the mage bank.
  • Stamina potion.
  • Enchanted symbol.
  • Food (wine, seed pod.)

part II

  • Stamina potion.
  • 2-3 restore potions.
  • Enchanted symbol.
  • An extra recoil.
  • Knife.
  • Emergency teleport.
  • Around 100 casts of whatever spell you’re using.
  • Food (sharks, if possible).

How To Locate the Monsters

To start the mini-quest, speak to Kolodion in the mage deposit and ask about extra challenges. You will get the capture symbol which you ’ ll habit to locate three monsters .
Every time you use the symbol, you will be taking some damage from 10 to 15 points. This is why you will need a lot of food in your stock.

The monsters ’ locations change about every 30 minutes, so begin by locating one monster alone. once you ’ ve done that, leave and gear up to fight them in particular. Return to kill it, take what it drops back to kolodion, and repeat the work .
* To locate the monsters, you need to click the symbol, select the monster you want to find, and it will tell you if you ’ re hot or cold, getting cold, hot, etc. Once the game says that the symbol is shaking and burns to the touch, the freak will spawn.

How To Kill the Monsters

To get fix to fight a monster, teleport to either a house portal site or kin wars to reset your stats. Grab your gear and inventory out of the trust ; make certain to bring the right god cape and not more spells than you need .
* if you have a supporter that has a high enough charming degree to cast vengeance other, they can cast vengeance on you, which will help you to kill these monsters quicker .
All monsters have unique mechanics, but they do plowshare some of them, such as methamphetamine bombard .


First off, put on your protect from magic trick and your highest DPS boosting prayer. then go ahead and cast the flames of zamorak go on the giant.

You need to stand army for the liberation of rwanda away from him because he can launch a ball of energy which, if you ’ re excessively close, you will be taking a bunch of damage. It would help if you besides fended odd from frosting barrage by running away .


once again, put on protect from charming and your DPS boost skills. You can stand a close as you want to this monster. He will launch a classify of ball to you, which you will need to kill it, or else every 5 seconds, it ’ mho going to heal him for five wrong. other than that, you need to attack him until he dies .


The special attack that the saradomin monster has is launching a little shockwave through the floor. If you get hit by it, he will drag you into melee range and destroy you. Keep an eye on the spiders to avoid getting poisoned as well .

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