Get to Know More about Wood Dresser

Wood dressers include many different materials, such as MDF, HDF, Melamine, Acrylic, Laminate, … Each type will have its own characteristics. However, in general, they still have the unique characteristics of the wood dressers that are applied on modern artificial wood planks.

Advantages of wood dresser

Resistance to warping, shrinkage, termites

In the production process, industrial wood materials are treated with the modern surface, impregnated and dried with specialized anti-termite compounds, so there is no shrinkage, cracking or termites; has the ability to adapt well to external conditions, especially the hot and humid tropical climate of our country.

Good moisture resistance

The structure of industrial wood is plywood, so the water resistance and moisture resistance are usually lower. However, now, this disadvantage has been overcome with the introduction of the moisture-resistant wood core, which is treated with specialized wood glue. Even some industrial wood lines have extremely good water resistance.

Long-lasting surface

The characteristic advantage of the wood dresser product line is that this product item has long-lasting beauty. A good quality wood dresser can be used for up to several decades, comfortable to use but still durable with time. The wood dresser is simple to use, suitable for many home interior spaces.

Wood dressers are not only colorful but also noted for their high colorfastness. The color fastness of the dresser depends on the wood material, the quality of the wood core as well as the coating material, the surface material. For example, with a veneer wood dresser, when coated with non-spraying PU paint, the wood grain will keep for a long time. If the PU paint is dark, depending on the quality of the paint, the color of the wood dresser will fade. Durability is about 15 years – 20 years.

In fact, the durability of the product depends on many factors such as the quality of the wood core, the surface coating material, the production technology, drying, environmental conditions, the outside or the preservation of the dresser. However, in general, wood dressers are highly durable with a use time of up to 15-20 years or longer, especially with high-class wood core lines such as Picomart plastic wood.

Wood dresser


Wood dressers have many types of wood materials to suit almost all consumer needs. Wood dresser products have a variety of designs for buyers to choose from. Besides, the color of the wood dresser is in accordance with feng shui, supporting the fortune of the owner. Natural wood dresser material also has high aesthetic value, unique natural wood grain lines, each type of product has a different line to create a novelty and impression for the product. This is also a way to decorate product textures.

Wood dressers have many sizes and product designs. The dressers from traditional dressers to modern models are fully available on the market for consumers to choose to buy and use. Decorative textures are also of many types, depending on the needs of users that can be ordered according to their preferences.

Wood dresser price

Dressers range widely in price from $70 to over $1,000. For $70 to $125, expect to find small, lightweight dressers. Many have metal frames and fabric or wicker drawers. Others are made of a combination of wood composite and particleboard. Mid-range dressers are priced between $125 and $300. These quality dressers have decent track systems for easy opening and closing of drawers. They are usually made mostly of wood with some wood composite and particle board components. High-end dressers range from $300 to $1,000 and up and use high-quality wood. Some also have ornate designs. These dressers have reliable track systems for their drawers as well as high-quality hardware.

Wooden wardrobe products are sold widely and in many places on the market. However, not all furniture businesses sell genuine products. Therefore, consumers need to find and choose a reputable shopping address to be assured of product quality.

How to preserve wood dresser

  • Always keep the environment dry, regularly use the hood to clean dirt, grease, and mold
  • Avoid exposing the dresser to direct sunlight
  • Clean the wood dresser regularly, maintain the dresser about once or twice a year
  • Use industrial wood properly. For example, with wood dressers, you should choose moisture-resistant wood, especially for closed bedroom to ensure high cabinet durability


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