How to Dress for Your Job Interview

Job interviews are anxiety-inducing for many people no matter how professionally experienced they are. They can be game changers and make or break your prospects. So, you need to think ahead and plan your outfit for interviews. It is not as easy as you think and if you don’t give it a genuine thought you might end up in the wrong clothes. Looking like a misfit at a job interview will not do your first impression any favors. 

Most people assume that they have to dress up formally for interviews. But that might not be the case for all companies. So, imagine you are going for a job interview at a company that dresses casually. Even the CEO doesn’t wear a suit. If you show up in a suit and tie you would look like an over-dressed buffoon and nobody wants that. But if the company does sales and marketing recruitment you might have to go to their head offices. Most head offices have a formal dress code and you shouldn’t show up in a hoodie.  

Here are some important pointers to keep in mind before you plan your OOTD. 

Understand the Company Culture 

Dress codes can differ for each company and the kind of job you are applying for. For instance, a tech startup in Silicon Valley will probably have a causal or smart-casual dress code. However, you will see people in suits and ties at a law firm on Madison Avenue. So, before you plan your outfit, you should understand the company’s culture. 

It is not that difficult to find out a company’s dress norms as most mention it on their websites. You can also check out their social media handles to get an insider look. So, observe their employees and what they are wearing. The whole idea is to look like a part of the crowd so the interviewer thinks you can fit right in. 

Think About Impressions  

You are what you wear and recruiters will notice everything about you. From how you talk to how you dress; every little detail is a part of who you are. So, when recruiters post a job, they have an idea of the kind of person they want to hire for that position. The most important things to land you the interview can be your qualifications and skills. But that is where you make an impression.  

So, when you are planning your outfit, you should consider the perception it creates about you. Wearing loud makeup, false eyelashes, and a short dress is probably not the right look for women. Similarly, for men, an old t-shirt, flipflops, and shorts aren’t the right attire either. So, make sure that you strike the right balance to make a good first impression. 

Make Sure You are Comfortable 

One of the most important things to consider is your own comfort. So, you should wear something which you feel yourself in. Stick to your own style and don’t try too hard. Because if you wear something uncomfortable it is going to show. Your dress or ill-fitting shoes might become a distraction for you and it can affect your performance. It is always a good idea to check yourself in the mirror before you walk into the interview. If you know everything is on point, you can be more confident in the interview room. So, if you are planning to wear a new dress to your interview, try it out first. Break in those new heels so they don’t pinch you.   

Focus on Accessories 

You should also keep in mind the accessories you wear to the job interview. They shouldn’t be too distracting or blingy so the interviewer can focus on you. If you think anything from your outfit is drawing too much attention, you should rethink it. Always remember to wear a watch if the interview is more formal. Accessorizing appropriately with your hair can also improve body language for women. For example, if your hair is pushed back, you are less likely to play with it during your interview.  

Dress For the Job You Want 

It is a common saying that you should always dress for the job you are applying for, and not the one that you already have. But it is not just a saying and there can be some psychological truth behind it. For example, you walk into a colorado staffing agency for an interview as a senior manager. So, you should consider wearing a power suit and look the part. If the interviewer looks at you and doesn’t see a senior manager, they will probably not hire you. So, you should present yourself well and look professional to enhance your chances of getting the job.

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