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Student Ticket Distribution FAQ

Spear-It Rewards FAQ Page
Q1: How many tickets are made available to FSU students?
show more The FSU scholar ticket allotment is 16,000 tickets. All scholar tickets are issued on a first come, beginning served basis starting at 5 prime minister the Sunday prior to the week of each base game .
Make sure you sign up for your student tickets by Tuesday at noon. If ticket demand exceeds 16,000 requests, then the ticket office will run a weighted lottery on Tuesday following the noon deadline. NO ENTRY TO THE LOTTERY WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER NOON ON TUESDAY.

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Q2: Who is eligible for a general admission student ticket?
prove more only presently enrolled FSU students who pay the broad athletics tip in their fees and tutelage for the fall semester are eligible for student tickets. Paying your fees does not guarantee you a ticket. hide less

Q3: What if my points aren’t updating?
read more 1. ) Did you get a new FSU Card ? If so, you need to go in and change your phone number in the member settings. once logged into their profile, in the settings ( cluck on the gear looking thing ), there will be a place to Disconnect Member ID. once you disconnect it, then click on the PAC graph and embark in your new ID issue.

2. ) If you did n’t get a new FSU Card, you need to contact the Ticket Office. hide less

Q4: What if I am a student but I do not pay the full athletics fee?
picture more certain categories of students, such as students enrolled at the Panama City campus, Sarasota campus or though Distance Learning, do not pay the full athletics tip and therefore are not eligible for student tickets on a game-by-game footing through this serve. hide less

Q5: What are the ticket options for students?
display more There are two options : game by game on-line registration ( cosmopolitan admission ) and discounted scholar season slate ( reserve buttocks located in the season ticket area ). hide less

Q6: How do I get a student ticket?
usher more Students have access to the scholar tag allotment for Football and Men ‘s basketball by signing into their report through the Student Tickets portal site. Users will need to activate their account with the last twelve ( 12 ) digits of their scholar ID and their PIN number. Your PIN count is your parturition calendar month and birth year, ( ex. declination 2001 would be 1201 ). obscure less

Q7: How will I receive my actual ticket to the game?
show more There are 3 options for ticket delivery, Print-At-Home, Mobile and Mobile Apple Passbook.

1. ) Your Print-at-home tag will be emailed directly to the electronic mail address you provide during your on-line registration. The tag will be attached as a PDF document and can be printed out at your appliance on regular, white 8 1/2 ten 11 newspaper. The slate will contain your name and a barcode that will have to be scanned for entrance. You may print and/or copy the slate an outright number of times ; however, ONLY THE FIRST TICKET SCANNED AT THE STADIUM WILL BE ACCEPTED AND ALL OTHER COPIES WILL BE REJECTED.

2. ) Your mobile tag can be sent as a PDF attachment to your e-mail address that you provided during your on-line registration that can be opened on your mobile device. The ticket will contain your name and a 2D barcode that will have to be scanned for entrance.

3. ) Your Apple Passbook mobile slate can be sent as a PDF attachment to your e-mail address that you provided during your on-line registration that can be opened on your Apple device. The ticket will contain your name and a 2D barcode that will have to be scanned for entrance. hide less

Q8: What do I need to enter Doak Campbell Stadium?
appearance more eligible students will need to have their valid student ticket AND their current valid FSU Student ID that matches the name on the ticket. There will be a ocular control at the gate to ensure the names match on the slate and FSU ID. Students will not be admitted without BOTH their valid ticket and a matching FSU ID. No other form of photo ID will be accepted. hide less

Q9: Can I transfer my ticket to another student?
show more No. student tickets are non-transferrable. hide less

Q10: What happens if I give someone my FSU ID?
show more Students can lone use their own FSU ID to enter the game. Students who violate this or any other planning of the Student Spear-It Rewards Point program will be referred to the Department of Student Conduct and Community Standards and when necessary the FSU police department. shroud less

Q11: Where do I enter Doak Campbell Stadium?
express more Students can enter Doak Campbell Stadium through any of the gates, however any scholar issues will need to be resolved at the scholar slate booth located at Dick Howser Stadium. hide less

Q12: What time should I go to the game?
display more Scanning will begin when the gates open for that particular consequence. Most events are 1 hour before the event starts. The check-in window ends normally an hour after the game/match begins. shroud less

Q13: Will I be able to sit with my friends?

show more All student seating at Doak Campbell Stadium is general admission, it is recommended that you and your friends arrive together to ensure you get seats together in your prefer seat location. The “ rescue ” of seats for late arrive friends is not allowed. hide less

Q14: Can I purchase guest tickets?
show more Yes, students can purchase up to two ( 2 ) guest tickets for most games. Guest tickets will not be available for the Notre Dame and Miami games. hide less

Q15: What Spear-It Rewards Points are given to students based on seniority?
read more
Yes, 25 % of your points will carry ahead to the adjacent class. shroud less
Q16: When are Spear-It Rewards points used to distribute student tickets?
display more Spear-It Rewards points will be used to determine your entries in the leaden lottery if we exceed 16,000 requests for any home football game this year. hide less

Q17: How does the weighted lottery work?
show more A burden lottery will be run if the student requests are greater than the scholar allotment using the act of entries that each scholar has been awarded. We will run the lottery after the request window has closed and notify everyone within 24 hours after the lottery has been run. shroud less

Q18: How do I know how many entries I have for the weighted lottery?
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Q19: Why are students with high numbers of Spear-It Rewards points not guaranteed a ticket?
appearance more No student is guaranteed a slate to a game because all eligible, scholar activities fee paying students should have an opportunity to obtain a ticket to each game. For this reason, no one is guaranteed a slate to any finical game based on Spear-It Rewards points. however, the more points you have the better your chances are of receiving a ticket. shroud less

Q20: Why can’t all students who want to attend games be allowed into the stadium?
show more due to safety issues related to overcrowding, the count of tickets issued must be limited to the act of student seats available. shroud less

Q21: What if I misplace my Student ID? Will I still be able to get in?
indicate more Students will have to check-in via the Spear-It Rewards mobile app. You need to have your Bluetooth enabled and be in the venue to receive your points. There will not be a quarrel choice. Your action feed on-line will determine whether or not you attended that bet on. hide less

Q22: How are students with disabilities accommodated at Doak Campbell Stadium?
picture more hide less

Q23: What are my rights and responsibilities as an FSU student Football/Basketball/Baseball ticket holder?
show more scholar tickets give the owner the right to view the event from their seat. student tag holders can not enter the play field, locker rooms or any other areas restricted to authorized personnel, and can not interfere with others enjoyment of the consequence. Students are not allowed to throw anything onto the sphere or into the surrounding stands. Those who violate these terms will be ejected and could face far sanctions. scholar ticket holders assume all risk of personal injury and loss or damage to personal property. hide less

Q24: How may I submit comments, suggestions, concerns or questions regarding student ticket distribution?
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