Using Animated GIFs on Facebook

GIF communion is becoming equitable as popular on Facebook as it is on other social networks ( like Twitter and Tumblr ). People posting on social networks much use GIFs as a way to convey a reaction or to summarize a message .

How to Use Facebook ‘s Built-In GIF Tool

GIF files are unretentive, repetition images much taken from television clips. They can besides be homemade animations or just aglitter moving images. Facebook has its own built-in GIF instrument that you can use to search for and well insert GIFs into both your condition updates and comment sections.

The follow instructions apply to both in a world wide web browser and the official Facebook app .

  1. Find the Create post field at the top of your news run or on your profile .

  2. On the web, tap the three horizontal dots beneath the field and blue-ribbon GIF .
    Creating a post on
    On the app, tap What’s on your mind ( inside the field ) and then select GIF .

  3. Type a keyword or phrase into the GIF search field that appears. alternatively, scroll through the swerve GIFs that appear in the grid below the search field .

  4. When you find a GIF you want to use, click or tap it to insert it into your post. Please note that you can only attach one GIF at a time per stake .
    Adding a photo to a post on
    You can hush add an optional message before your after you insert the GIF into your status update .

Using GIF in Facebook Comments

Inserting GIFs into comments on your friends ‘ posts is barely ampere comfortable as inserting them into your own status updates — and you can do it both from the web and the app excessively. All you need to do is look for the GIF icon beside the comment field and then follow steps three and four above .

Searching GIFs on

Where to Find More GIFs to Manually Post on Facebook

Facebook besides allows GIF post by manual sharing or upload. This can be utilitarian when you have a specific GIF you want to partake that you ca n’t seem to find in Facebook ‘s built-in GIF tool .

There are lots of places to search for GIFs. Downloading ( and sometimes making ) them is easy .

GIPHY is one of the best places you can look for trending GIFs and GIFs in categories like entertainment, sports, holidays, memes, etc. It ‘s presently known as the world wide web ‘s largest and most popular GIG search locomotive .

GIPHY website.
Imgur is known for their GIF images, besides, and plenty of them are ones that you can download straight from their app or web site. You can browse for images by tags like amusing, summer, uplift, food, virtual reality, memes, and lots of others .

once you ‘ve downloaded a GIF you want to plowshare on Facebook, you can upload it by selecting the television camera picture in any condition update or comment, just like if you were uploading a unconstipated trope file .

Keep in mind that some on-line GIFs might be displayed on the web page but are n’t technically available to download in the GIF format, in which case posting the liaison through Facebook wo n’t show your friends the GIF you want to partake. You can tell whether this is the case if you try to download the GIF and it has the HTML or MP4 file extension alternatively of GIF. To avoid this, you have to keep clicking through until you reach a download page where you see a GIF URL you can copy or a download button.

Make Your own GIF

Another way to get yourself a great GIF to share with Facebook friends is by making your own, which is ideal for those times when you ‘re quoting a specific nip from a video. You can turn television into GIFs, adenine well as make them from scratch, on-line or through programs like GIMP or Photoshop .

concerned in making your own GIFs ? Check out the best complimentary GIF maker apps.

Upload Your GIF

once you ‘ve downloaded a GIF you want to share on Facebook, you can upload it by selecting the camera picture in any condition update or gloss plain, just like if you were uploading a regular trope file .

If all you have is the URL to a GIF ( i.e., it ‘s not downloaded to your device ), you can hush post it as region of your Facebook condition by pasting the connection into the condition box .

Depending on the site it ‘s hosted on, Facebook should recognize that it ‘s a GIF double and mechanically insert it into your condition update or comment. You can then build your status normally, and tied erase the GIF link, and the double will still post .

If you ca n’t seem to upload the GIF to Facebook and make it display correctly, another choice you might want to try is saving the GIF to an effigy hosting web site and then sharing the link on Facebook. Just upload your GIF to one of those websites, copy the liaison, and paste it in Facebook to immediately share the effigy .

Online storage sites are besides very useful if you like to pick from dozens ( or hundreds ) of your front-runner GIFs. alternatively of storing them all on your device, upload them online and have them available anywhere you go .

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