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DOS was in July 2020, and involved bloodwork/labwork. I was covered by an insurance company at fourth dimension of servicing. I was referred to CPL by my doctor for some labwork, which was completed and returned without incident. After this, per my indemnity company ‘s policy, an investigation into my medical history was started to determine coverage ; CPL was sent a phase to fill out regarding my history with them ( of which there was no data, as this was my inaugural travel to to a CPL location ). I former got a poster from CPL informing me that my insurance had “ pended the claim ”, ascribable to not receiving requested information ( from CPL ). Upon contacting my indemnity, we were told that CPL was merely required to state that they had no information regarding my anterior checkup history under these circumstances ; the paperwork was re-sent to CPL. We called CPL and asked them to respond to the form, relaying the information we got from our policy company. CPL told me that they would take worry of it, a eminence would go on my account, the consequence would be resolved, and that I would not receive another notice/bill. Some time passed ( weeks ), and I received another notice from CPL of the same nature : We repeated the process above with different representatives in a unlike department on CPL ‘s side ( unlike rep in policy ). CPL responded as if no prior interaction of this sort had occurred — it was wholly raw to them. I was again distinguish that the offspring would be resolved. In the interim, my report would be suspended so that no far legal action would be taken against me. A little longer passed ( into 2021 ), and another notice was delivered to me. I contacted CPL again, and informed them of what needed to be done, again, because the rep however seemed to not know. I facilitated transfer of contact information between insurance and CPL during coincident calls. My policy informed me that they would contact CPL and walk them through the action. I was under the impression that the issue had last been solved. One birdcall to CPL occurred sometime between the first and one-fourth notices where I was told to disregard the notice, as they were still working on fixing my account. I do n’t remember the claim time frame, but it would have been after the second call. nowadays, April 8, I received a “ third gear detect ” in the mail. It seems that the topic has not been resolved, and I do n’t know how else to communicate what needs to be done on CPL ‘s region, if at this point after phone touch from both myself and my indemnity company CPL has not yet sent in the necessitate note to my policy company indicating that I have no prior history with them. Austin is hours from my place of residence, and visiting their headquarters during office hours is not feasible. In dim-witted terms, all CPL needs to do is respond saying that they have no anterior medical data of mine on record.

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