Best Small Business Phone Services of April 2022

humble businesses are embracing future-forward clientele VoIP telephone solutions to optimize both inner and external communication .
The right belittled business earphone services provide high-quality, dependable voice, video, and messaging communication channels to improve the overall customer know and improve productiveness for team members in the process .
Unlike criterion PSTN landlines, virtual call services offer a myriad of advanced features like call route, call recording, IVR, and television conferencing .
In this guide, we ’ ll dive abstruse into some of the best business telephone providers, their pricing, and plans, along with essential features that would best serve your caller.

Top 10 Small Business Phone Services for 2022

now, let ’ s take a close look at the best business call services for minor to midsize organizations .

Nextiva logo

Nextiva is one of the leading providers of business earphone services and incorporate communications with an low-cost price and a bang-up choice for ensuring nothing but the best for your arrangement and clients. Their out spoken customer loyalty and best-in-class customer service has earned multiple awards coming in as the # 1 rated supplier by USNews and G2 .
Best features for small businesses —
The VoIP supplier ’ s most basic plan offers features that allow users to easily carry on communications with clients and customers. These include release number port, on-line fax, mobile and background app, car accompaniment, and outright calling and texting. That way, you can stick with your existing telephone number and pick up communications correct where you left off .
Getting started —
Nextiva offers a thorough page on the web site dedicated to helping small businesses get started with their virtual phone overhaul. You can read about individual features and then see how they come together in Nextiva ’ s bundled services .
additionally, custom drug user educate and onboarding, equally well as a wholly customizable telephone solution, are besides available .
Network Reliability and Customer Support —
Nextiva has 8 ball-shaped points of presence and carrier-grade datum centers that offer a 99.999 % uptime. It offers 24/7 monitoring, provides live organization condition updates, and has SO/IEC 27001 documentation .
Phone customer service and live old world chat aid is available 24/7 .
Best pricing plan for small businesses —
Nextiva Pricing & Plans Nextiva ’ s Essential plan starts american samoa low as $ 19/month per user. This gives users the basic VoIP features they ’ ll necessitate for communicating with clients and colleagues. here ’ s a front at Nextiva ’ s fully price options .

Zoom Logo

Zoom Phone is a cloud-based business telephone service chiefly designed for any work force. It ’ sulfur designed to work as a standalone call system or alongside a Zoom Meetings video report .
Best Features for Small Businesses
humble businesses will specially benefit from Zoom Phone ’ s Pro plan which offers inexhaustible internal calling in the US and Canada, ocular voice mail accessible via electronic mail, desktop interface, and mobile apps, american samoa well as chat messaging with any existing Zoom drug user. free number port, advanced integrations with tools like GSuite, Salesforce, Slack, and Microsoft 365, and the ability to transition any old world chat or video recording call to an audio-only call call are besides helpful tools for SMBs .
Getting Started —
In addition to detailed video tutorials and how-to guides on the Zoom cognition basis, Zoom besides offers live training webinars to assist with learning how to setup and use Zoom phone and other products. Users will receive a yoke to setup their Zoom phones on their own, or they can opt to purchase a more expensive design with a Customer Success Manager to ease the apparatus process. Zoom offers 24/7 support through its Bolt chatbot, american samoa good as subscribe plans that offer priority call, vane slate, social media, and live chat support .
Network Reliability and Customer Support —
rapid climb offers a 99.9 % uptime and has global points of bearing with entire network redundancy .
Customer support is available via 24/7 chatbot and 24/7 telephone support with recall service. Note that priority customer support via phone is available, so depending on the customer service design you purchase, you may need to wait a day to receive a recall .
Best Pricing Plan for small businesses —
Zoom Phone Pricing & Plans humble businesses will likely benefit most from Zoom Phone ’ s US and Canada Unlimited Plan, which costs $ 12.00/user per month for existing Zoom Video users and offers unlimited calling within the United States and Canada, telephone extensions, call read, and one free US or Canada earphone numeral. Additional call numbers can be purchased for $ 5.00/month per number. A Metered design is besides available but lacks unlimited outbound calling and SMS test, among other features the average little clientele needs. here ’ s a breakdown of Zoom Phone price and plans .

Grasshopper offers the communication tools your commercial enterprise needs to grow. With their wide pool of 800 numbers available, this commercial enterprise call service ensures your little commercial enterprise will look and sound master. It is an excellent choice for very little businesses that don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate necessitate advanced features and want to avoid being tied to a narrow .
Best features for small businesses —
Grasshopper was designed with humble businesses in mind as they much have to work longer hours to get their businesses off the earth. One feature that helps with that is Grasshopper ’ s blink of an eye response .
If you miss a shout from a expectation, Grasshopper will automatically send out an samarium message to let them know you ’ ra unavailable. Reaching out with this automated message will eliminate the gamble of losing prospects .
Getting started —
Users can easily get started with Grasshopper in just a few simple steps. First, you pick your phone number and plan and then you download the app on your mobile call and desktop. You then need to configure your settings and you ’ re beneficial to start using your raw telephone number .
Network Reliability and Customer Support —
Grasshopper offers a 99.999 % uptime, deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as 24/7 support and toll-free sales hotline, adenine well as an across-the-board cognition base .
however, unlike the other providers here, Grasshopper doesn ’ thymine offer live chat defend. even though the call defend is apparently available 24/7, it ’ s tough to reach a alive agent when those assigned to answer support calls are besides selling .
therefore, it ’ s a much more “ DIY ” approach to self-service than you may be comfortable with .
Best pricing plan for small businesses —
Grasshopper Pricing & Plans Grasshopper ’ s most basic design starts at $ 26/month, billed per annum. But as it merely comes with one earphone count and three extensions, it ’ s not the best suit for a little clientele with employees. The best stake is Grasshopper ’ s Partner design, which starts at $ 44/month, billed annually. This design comes with three telephone numbers and six extensions. Learn more about Grasshopper price and plans .

RingCentral Hero Logo
Built for manipulation by organizations of all sizes, RingCentral offers a range of plans and utilize powerful customization options using APIs. RingCentral prides itself on assisting collaborative teams regardless of localization, making it another excellent option for outside teams across multiple countries .
Best features for small businesses —
The Essentials plan is available for up to 20 users — this is a bunch more lines than many of RingCentral ’ mho competitors provide at the lower rate. Purchasing this design gives you the freedom to grow your little commercial enterprise significantly. RingCentral users can besides take advantage of toll free numbers, free telephone calls, and inexhaustible Business SMS texting .
Getting started —
RingCentral ’ south web site states that it ’ mho easy to deploy and scale the tool in minutes. You can set up fresh teams within the centralize admin portal site. It ’ mho elementary to add and remove users, stage set business hours, and build rules for call rout and call forwarding. Any user can perform these actions remotely .
Network Reliability and Customer Support —
RingCentral offers a 99.999 % uptime, 24/7 monitor, Quality of Service dashboards/live report, and carrier-grade data centers with failover redundancy .
All plans include 24/7 survive new world chat and earphone support, and users can besides file a character on-line .
Best pricing plan for small businesses —
RingCentral MVP Pricing & Plans The Essentials is a sufficient crank plan and includes automatic call option recording and an auto-attendant, which ensures users never miss inbound calls and provides virtual receptionist capabilities. These are features that you might not get in a basic plan from another business call overhaul supplier. This choice starts at $ 19.99/user/month. here ’ s a breakdown of RingCentral ’ s extra price and plans .

8x8 logo

8×8 empowers workforces across 60 countries to connect teams to each other and their customers so they can collaborate faster and work bright. The UCaaS provider offers real-time business analytics and intelligence so businesses have unique and actionable insights across all interactions and channels in holy order to make data-driven decisions .
Best features for small businesses —
8×8 Express was specifically designed with belittled businesses and startups in mind. With this option, users will gain access to business SMS texting, one-on-one group chew the fat, and outright dial in the US and Canada, which is perfect for streamlined unite communications. Features like instantaneous screen sharing and HD voice and video recording meetings are besides included in the Express plan .
Getting started —
The 8×8 Express plan is ideal for quickly setting up meetings as there is no software prerequisite – guests can call meetings using a browser-based UI .
Network Reliability and Customer Support —
8×8 has a comprehensive on-line cognition free-base, and its alive chatbot, Otto, is available 24/7 ( it ’ randomness one of the best customer service chatbots we ’ ve seen. ) Users can besides file an on-line support sheath. Phone support is available Monday-Saturday from 6:00AM-6:00PM PT .
It offers a 99.999 % uptime and 24/7 live system monitoring with geographic redundancy. Plus 8×8 ’ sulfur onboarding options include dispatch implementation services, rapid deployment, custom solutions, employee train, and more .
Best pricing plan for small businesses —
8x8 Pricing & Plans Thanks to a overplus of features, a lower get down price at just $ 15 per month per user, and a self signup choice, the 8×8 Express plan is ideal for smaller and larger operations alike that need the simplicity of voice calling, television conferencing, and messaging in one single app. The first base month is rid and there are no contracts or hardware required with this plan .

Avaya Logo 2021

Avaya Cloud Office is an all-in-one cloud communications solution propose inexhaustible business calling in the United States and Canada, Unlimited Business SMS, audio conferencing, and video meetings for up to 200 participants.

It ’ second more of a seamless coordinated communications solution than a standalone business telephone avail and is designed chiefly to connect fully outback teams or blended, geographically divers workforces. Avaya ’ s overcast call service is powered by RingCentral, consequently you ’ ll see a batch of overlap in pricing and features .
Best Features for Small Businesses —
Avaya offers many competitive features for minor businesses, but what sets it apart is its advanced team collaboration suite, included with all OneCloud plans. Users will enjoy team chew the fat, task assignment and management, document and calendar sharing, and more. extra features include voicemail-to-email, on-demand or automatic call recording, and unlimited virtual fax .
Getting Started —
In addition to an easy-to-follow onboarding guide, Avaya offers earphone and device rentals to ensure that your team has everything it needs for a successful transition. Users can take courses in the Avaya Learning Center to ease the onboarding procedure or buy pre-paid annual train packages. Avaya Professional Services serve managers to choose the right plans, purpose and follow through custom-make solutions, serve with data migration to the cloud, and more. All Avaya plans offer 24/7 earphone and chat support, which gives Avaya a major competitive edge .
Network Reliability and Customer Support —
Avaya Professional Services aid managers to choose the correct plans, purpose and follow through customize solutions, assist with data migration to the obscure, and more .
All Avaya plans offer 24/7 phone and chat hold, which gives Avaya a major competitive boundary. however, extensive search on the Avaya web site did not provide any specifics about a guarantee uptime percentage — only that it offered one .
Best Pricing Plan for Small Businesses —
Avaya Office Cloud Pricing & Plans Though Avaya ’ mho Essentials Plan starts at $ 19.99/user per calendar month, it lone includes 100 toll-free minutes per month, allows for only up to 20 users, and doesn ’ thymine include inexhaustible audio conferencing or video calls. The Standard Plan, which costs $ 27.99/user per calendar month, is a much better option for belittled businesses. It includes 1,000 monthly toll-free minutes, video recording calling for up to 100 coincident attendees, includes multi-level car attendants, and allows for inexhaustible users. Additional local, toll-free, and amour propre numbers can be purchased at $ 4.99/number per calendar month .

ooma office logo

Ooma Office is a basic phone military service supplier for minor businesses and startups with up to ten employees. For many belittled businesses that want to experiment with a no-frills choice, Ooma is a cost-efficient solution to cover basic needs by supporting a team ’ s existing analogue phones .
Best features for small businesses —
Ooma Office ’ s bare-bones plan offers SIP telephone customer support, toll-free count options, group calling features, emergency ( 911 ) services, and voicemail-to-email conversions. Users can besides leverage more advanced features such as virtual facsimile and virtual extensions .
Getting started —
Ooma offers a page on its web site that specifically helps little businesses to get started. It specifically states that setting up your Ooma platform is quick and easy. You don ’ t need any technical foul cognition and should be up and running within 15 minutes .
Network Reliability and Customer Support —
Ooma has a 99.99 % uptime, traffic monitoring 24/7 with web site whitelisting/blacklisting, and extension monitor .
Customer support is available via 24/7 live chat and earphone back, giving it a good advantage .
Best pricing plan for small businesses —
Ooma Office and Office Pro Pricing & Plans
Ooma offers bare plans for both new and existing businesses to access a robust communication system at a flat monthly rate without committing to a sign. Their start design starts at $ 19.95/user/month. If you ’ re still exploring the market and plan to test out more than one VoIP service, Ooma is deserving considering .
To improve the shopping process, their locate handily features a rate calculator tool that estimates your taxes and fees based on placement. You ’ ll cursorily know whether or not a design like this can handle your occupation as it grows, or if you need to consider an Ooma Office plan with more comprehensive features .

vonage logo

All of Vonage ’ s small business solution plans include the major features you ’ five hundred expect from a family name. Designed with a wide range of features, Vonage Business Cloud features Mobile, Premium, and Advanced options to best cater to organizations of varying sizes and structures .
Best features for small businesses —
Vonage offers more than 50 features across its plans. Its Mobile design offers outright outgoing and incoming calls, SMS texting, and team message. The Mobile Plan besides includes the Vonage App Center. This allows users to integrate whichever business applications they need in ordain to make certain that the chopine is tailored to their demand occupation needs .
Getting started —
Vonage Business offers a great presentation and frame-up template to get users started with the military service. If you subscribe to the apparatus guide avail, a sales representative will work with your team to get your report set up the way you need. It ’ sulfur reasonably comfortable to set up your account on your own vitamin a well .
Network Reliability and Customer Support —
Vonage offers a 99.999 % uptime, QoS report, automatic failover, and data center redundancy .
It besides has a complete on-line train center, which includes tutorials, exploiter guides, FAQs, and a list of popular topics for easy access. It besides offers Support PLUS, powered by Soluto. This offers prioritized, 24/7 personalized customer support via phone and chat, along with self-service educate webinars and highly educate agents with a 93 % success rate .
24/7 chew the fat support is available for all customers, and earphone subscribe is offered Monday-Friday, 8:00AM-12:00AM ET and Saturday-Sunday 9:00AM-9:00AM ET .
Best pricing plan for small businesses —
Vonage Cloud Pricing & Plans Vonage ’ mho basic option is their mobile design, starting at $ 19.99/user/month and provides users with outright calling and SMS messaging via their softphone only, seamless integration for desktop and mobile apps, and inexhaustible team message. This design is perfective for supporting outside teams and those that don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate trust on desk phones .
For teams that operate in a more traditional agency sic and those who tend to rely on cross-platform collaboration, Vonage ’ s Premium design is ideal. Under this design, business telephone service users pay $ 30 per month to communicate or collaborate across all device types, including desk phones with more advanced call wield features. agio users besides gain entree to Amazon Chime-supported television conferencing, new world chat, and charge communion for up to 100 people .

Dialpad logo

Dialpad is a moderately-priced provider for minor to mid-sized businesses. Dialpad plans come equipped with most, if not all, VoIP and Unified communication capabilities a belittled business would be looking for .
Best features for small businesses —
many find it an ideal virtual phone service because in addition to features like voice mail recording, SIP earphone corroborate, and video recording conferencing, Dialpad focuses on integrations and invention. For exemplar, Dialpad ’ s basic design offers G Suite and Office 365 integrations in order to offer users a all-around incorporate communications feel .
Getting started —
Dialpad enables users to quickly get started by offering a 14-day completely free trial for any on their plans. once you ’ ve signed up, you can promptly add users and add numbers immediately .
Network Reliability and Customer Support —
interestingly, Dialpad claims to offer a 100 % uptime, but a quick glance at their incidental history page shows that there are times they have dipped below 99.9 % uptime .
That said, Dialpad offers AES-256-bit encoding, 24/7 network monitor, and has 11 data centers across 7 continents that have physical onsite security system .
Dialpad offers 24/7 alive new world chat corroborate and 24/7 hot call accompaniment. It besides has an across-the-board on-line database and assistant center with self-service tutorials and FAQs. Dedicated Customer Success Managers are besides available .
Best pricing plan for small businesses —
Dialpad Pricing & Plans The basic plan starts at $ 15/user/month, billed annually. Users besides have the choice to pay $ 20/user/month ( billed monthly ), in plow, receive software with an emphasis on convenience, seamless third-party app integration, and support for both io and Android cell phones .
It ’ second one of the less-expensive military service providers for its advanced business call production line offer, including video conferencing and SMS/MMS message services. By forgoing a focus on hardware options and installation/training, teams are left with more time to customize default settings. That room, they can cursorily enjoy the benefits of contact management, encoding, and IVR ( interactional voice response ) .

GoToConnect Logo

GoToConnect is a cloud-based telephone military service that replaces your aged equipment with a virtual PBX to improve interactions. GoToConnect ’ s impressive portfolio contains over 80 enterprise-class hosted PBX features to give clients an edge over the competition .
Best features for small businesses —
The VoIP provider ’ randomness Basic plan provides the effect features needed for unite communications. Users can leverage advance calling features like find me/follow me, car attendants, ring groups, and call queues. This is a increase from basic calling features offered by traditional land line call networks. Certain plans besides offer real-time analytics, which is critical in making data-driven decisions .
Getting started —
GoToConnect ’ s platform can be deployed in a count of minutes. The VoIP supplier offers a user guide within its support section. Their help center provides bit-by-bit guides for creating your report, setting up apps and your telephone, signing into your bill, and more. It besides provides guides for setting up ten diverse preferences within your history .
Network Reliability and Customer Support —
GoToConnect offers a 99.999 % uptime and 24/7 live monitoring of networks and individual issues like data package loss, assailable port screen, and available bandwidth information .
Its confirm home page offers access to its robust on-line cognition base, organized by class, and 24/7 call back .
Best pricing plan for small businesses —
GoToConnect Pricing & Plans GoToConnect offers a basic design that starts at $ 22/user/month, billed per annum. As the Basic plan only offers television conferencing for up to four participants, this option is a small confining. The Standard plan offers a across-the-board width of features that is available at $ 26/user/month, billed annually .

Business Phone Service: Essential Features

little clientele phone services should consist of robust and dependable features that are comfortable to use. Most reputable business VoIP systems understand that commercial enterprise owners want to try call features before promote or committing to a multi-year wide box .
As you shop around, you ’ re bandaged to find commonalities between belittled business earphone services promoting boost addition features. These can normally be purchased individually without a design and provide unique insights valuable to businesses across all industries. hera are some of the most important features to be to look out for :

  • Custom Greetings & Premium Hold Music – no one enjoys being left on hold for long stretches, but many callers also appreciate not suffering call waiting times in silence or being forced to listen to sterile elevator music. Hearing a custom greeting and royalty-free hold music before a call transfer can leave callers with a better impression of the interaction as a whole. It also makes your company seem far more professional.
  • HD Video Conferencing – Many business phone service providers offer HD video conferencing capabilities, enabling high-quality web conferencing straight from the platform. This eliminates the need for third-party video platforms like Skype or GoToMeeting. Having reliable HD visuals and sound promises clear communication to simplify internal operations for remote teams.
  • Integrations – Integrations are valuable for keeping connected to your other tools, existing customer base and helping the customer service team streamline processes with crucial data. Many phone providers offer an array of commonly used apps that sync seamlessly with your phone system. These pair productivity tools like call tracking, CRM, live chat and other features to the phone system.
  • Call Analytics – Just like web analytics and social media reports, call center analytics can provide a wealth of knowledge and help you optimize performance on anything from conference calls to call logs. This is a worthwhile investment for any company looking to optimize call management impact, track leads, and evaluate the success of call center reps.
  • Vanity & Local Business Phone numbers – be on the lookout for VoIP phone service providers that offer free local numbers, virtual numbers, extensions, as well as access to toll-free vanity numbers. Any VoIP number should come with a caller ID.
  • Voicemail Transcription and Voicemail-to-text – Listening to lengthy voicemail messages wastes a lot of time, and it’s especially hard to determine which calls to prioritize if you can’t figure out what the caller needs without listening to them. Voicemail-to-text changes all that by providing you with a written transcription of all voicemail messages. Voicemail-to-email automatically sends either text voicemail transcriptions or attached MP3 voicemail recordings to your email address.
  • Call Recording – Call recording allows you to record inbound/outbound calls automatically or on an on-demand basis, offering stronger call monitoring and individual agent evaluation. In some cases, you can even pause and restart recordings when sensitive information is discussed.
  • Mobile Application/Softphone – No VoIP phone system is worth considering unless it has a corresponding mobile application for both Apple and Android devices (which means your VoIP system can function on both smartphones and tablets.) Want to take calls on your desktop computer as opposed to your mobile device? That’s where VoIP softphones come in.

To explore more features, check out this video recording :

Business Phone Service: Look Beyond Price & Basic Solutions

reliable and low-cost telephone plans are necessary for any business, regardless of its size. Traditional earphone service providers might be household name, but their little occupation telephone plans are typically lackluster compared to occupation VoIP. They come with concealed fees and a general unplug when it comes to managing entrepreneurial needs and modern commercial enterprise communication methods such as team messaging .
With higher plan floor prices and extra charges, cloud-based commercial enterprise telephone systems companies present excellent alternative solutions. They deliver up-to-date business call services with potent mobile apps that brands need to survive in a landscape dictated by public toilet and approachability. If you ’ re interest in learning more about what VoIP earphone systems have to offer, take a look at our comprehensive deep-dive our top clientele VoIP picks .

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