T‑Mobile Launches New Accessories Line, the “GoTo” for All Your Smartphone Essentials ‑ T‑Mobile Newsroom

And that ’ s not all that ’ s fresh — two new smartphone deals launch nowadays, besides !


The Un-carrier ’ s got you — and your telephone — covered. Literally. today T-Mobile ( NASDAQ : TMUS ) introduced GoTo, its new line of accessories with all the device essentials, giving customers hardheaded, price-right options for outfitting their phones and tablets. The GoTo line hits that fresh topographic point of great price and quality, with smartphone cases, riddle protectors and # AllTheChargers — car chargers, wall chargers and wireless charging pads. Chargers start at just $ 9.99 ; smartphone cases start at just $ 19.99 and screen protectors start at $ 24.99 for movie, $ 39.99 for glass and $ 44.99 for curl glass security. GoTo accessories will be available in T-Mobile stores countrywide and on-line starting nowadays January 24 .

T-Mobile is all about giving customers a capital value…from taxes and fees included, Netflix on Us for families, data and texting included in 210+ destinations worldwide and more, with the Magenta plan. With low-cost and quality accessories from GoTo, T-Mobile is delivering even more options and prize for customers. Follow @ JohnLegere for GoTo giveaways !
Looking for a newly call ? The Un-carrier besides has two new smartphone deals launching today to pair perfectly with a newly GoTo accessary :

For more information on these and other deals, check out www.t-mobile.com/offers/deals-hub. To find out more about GoTo accessories, visit t-mobile.com/hub/goto-accessories .

limited time offers ; subject to change. Smartphone offers: If you cancel your line before receiving all bill credits, you may owe up to the full device amount: $799.99 (S10 128GB) / $949.99 (Note10 256GB); if canceling your account, you can contact us first to instead make discounted monthly balance payments.  Tax on pre-credit monetary value ascribable at sale. Qualifying overhaul & finance agreement ( s ) required. If you canceled voice lines in past 90 days, reactivate them inaugural. $ 10 SIM card, and, in stores & on customer service calls, $ 20 assisted or upgrade support charge may be required. Must be active and in good digest to receive credits ; allow 2 beak cycles. May not be combinable with some offers or discounts ( for example, Carrier Freedom ). $400 off : Max 1/account. Qualifying port-in required. $1100 of farad : Max 6 offers/account. 2+ sum lines required. Credits on lower-priced device. Magenta: Sales tax & regulative fees included in monthly military service price.

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