7 Reasons Why People Like IPhone

Software Stability

The software is the same version on all of them. So while the iPhone 12 is the newest and greatest from Apple, an iPhone 8 purchased today is still running the most recent software. Also, if the iPhone 11 price is a bit too high, get an iPhone 10 and you’re back on the latest software. So the longevity factor, which we know is key to iOS, is a great reason to do it.

Design consistency

It takes Apple a long time to change their design philosophy, so if you buy an iPhone 10, look at the similarities to the iPhone 11 and 12, and I’m sure the iPhone 13 will be similar to these phones as well, so they keep that design philosophy for a long time.

Sudden Value Drop

The third reason people buy used iPhones is that the value drops faster. Thus, the person who buys a new iPhone will be the hardest hit. I’m not saying it’s a bad idea, but you’ll lose the most money. These aren’t great investments, but if you buy an iPhone 11 for 700, it will hold up better than an Android phone. You’ll get $500 back, but someone buying a used iPhone 10 will be at $500. Their value will probably drop by a hundred or 150 dollars as time passes. It gradually loses value. Buying a used iPhone is a great idea because the value does not drop as quickly as a new iPhone.

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Affordably buy the iPhone you want

Next, get the iPhone 8 model you want now. When Apple decides to discontinue it, I believe it will still be a good value. The iPhone 8 Plus is also no longer available from Apple, but one benefit of buying a used iPhone is that you can find the exact model you want in the exact color you want.

First switch from Android to iOS

Buying a used iPhone is a less risky investment than buying a new iPhone at a higher cost, and you get the chance to try out iOS. I think an iPhone 8 is a great way to try out iOS or go with something like a ten if you can find one.

Even used iPhones outperform competitors

It will be ahead of competitors even though it is a last year’s model, so you can buy the used iPhone 11 now for less. In 2021, it will have a better camera and video performance than many of its competitors. So the iPhone 11 is a great buy. People will think about it because they can get a used iPhone 11 for less than some of the newer competitors. I’ll get a camera and video performance comparable to Apple’s best iPhone 12 Pro max.

Saving the Earth vs. Saving the Dollar

Number 7 and most importantly, maybe you don’t care about money, but I’m sure you will. WARMING AND POLLUTION

It goes on an amazing journey before you even see it. Every part of your iPhone has a story. They come from 43 countries on six continents. I can’t cover every component, but let’s start with the processor, the iPhone’s “brain”. They are mined in different countries and shipped to a factory in Taiwan where they are manufactured, then shipped to the Philippines to be tested, packaged, and finally shipped to China or India to be integrated into your phone. That’s just for the iPhone’s processor, not the screen, casing, or camera. Components for each of these come from all over the world. Imagine the carbon footprint and the world we leave behind.

So making Apple’s devices carbon neutral by 2030 is a marketing gimmick and impractical. Using a used iPhone is the best way to help the environment. Less consumption means more passing on to the next generation.

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