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Christmas movies always know how to bring out the joy in all of us. It is rightfully the mark of the whole season — curling up under some blankets and turning on a feel-good holiday film .
The smasher in ION ’ mho A Beauty and the Beast Christmas is the direction it surprises our expectations all along the means. The made for television receiver movie decidedly follows the holiday movie formula but manages a few twists of its own .
first and foremost, this movie gives us the distinctive girl character original in Ginger : young, reasonably, obsessed with Christmas, and single. however, when it comes down to our love sake — Beau — the typical bad son image is actually just a cover charge for the internet .
At first, that makes us think that this movie is going to give us everything we ’ ve already seen ahead. That is what is so charming about it — it manages to take typical tropes and put its own spin on them to give the fib the warmheartedness and love it needs to keep our attention.

A Beauty and the Beast Christmas
Since Beau is merely pretending to be the “ Bad Boy of Baltimore ” for his influencer condition on social media, having an actor that can actually pull off his soft, more kind side is precisely what this character needs and gets with Ryan Kelley .
In the beginning, Ginger ’ s fanatic access to Christmas makes the character quite the act off, fortunately once Beau scratches under the surface of her facade that visualize of her becomes a little easier to handle. From the outside, Ginger could easily be this charm, primitive young woman who has no depth to her, but Beau sees through that and manages to pull out the veridical Ginger in a way that makes us very start to believe in the validity of this couple .
Ginger lone appears shallow and perfect because that is what she believes her followers want to see from her. If there is one thing I can say about Leah Pipes its that her ability to smoothly embrace all aspects of Ginger in truth brings her to life and makes her worth paying attention to .
That is the other thing that actually sets this Christmas fib apart from the usual commonplace of holiday fare — the history gives a elusive comment on the social media influence of our worldly concern .
For the entire movie, nothing these guys do is done without the determine of their followers. It ’ s a fakeness that could easily be garbled into a turn off for viewers if we didn ’ metric ton know precisely what Beau and Ginger truly want — something real number which they feel they can ’ metric ton get without this concluding act of influence .
A Beauty and the Beast Christmas
This is elevated by the very obvious sleazy nature of Rob Raco ’ s quality, Derek, who is the net villain from the begin. If I have to very complain about something in this film it is how frustratingly annoying Derek is .
The irritability of Ginger in the begin and of Derek throughout is honestly the commemorate of a well-crafted fib, which A Beauty and the Beast Christmas is .
What makes Ginger unlike from Derek is she finally gives us something of means that she wants in her life, whereas all we get from Derek is attention-seeking ploys. This means that Derek is a large become off and honestly, as a villain, he ends up being a morsel much from time to clock .
Yes, all estimable stories need an adversary in order to move the report along, but by the clock we get to the real number meat of the history, Derek has already grated on our last nerves. He ’ mho always around and honestly, taking him out of about half of the scenes wouldn ’ t take away from the story at all. In fact, it would enhance it .
A Beauty and the Beast Christmas
Like I mentioned before, the story does take a traditional — some may even say predictable — route but, unlike in early films, that predictability is necessary to keep the charm menstruate. Without its meet-cute moments and amatory high jinks, this fib would falter and fail to entertain .
While patterns can be predictable, they are there for a argue — patterns actually work and make a story worth our time. indeed, when a dinner scene naturally turns into a food fight, I find myself clinging to the happiness and love both Ginger and Beau exude .
It ’ s moments like these that make it way more obvious precisely how talk through one’s hat their engagement is at the climax of the film. Both Ginger and Beau intelligibly have a chemistry about them but they are nowhere near ready for the marriage footprint, but awkwardly agree because they silent think Derek has their best interests at heart .
The inability to communicate is something that becomes quite torment — particularly since it is then typical of most romanticist films. For once, I want at least one half of a quixotic couple in these films to have the guts to speak their mind the entire meter or at least close to the startle than the end .
A Beauty and the Beast Christmas
honestly, the matchless who is better at this is Beau except he is lone dependable at communicating to the wrong person — Derek. There are so many moments in the film where you want to strangle Beau because he says he doesn ’ t want to hurt Ginger and so far he doesn ’ thyroxine communicate anything to her .
We go into this movie thinking that Ginger is going to be the beauty and that Beau is the beast. however, through Beau ’ s knowing words and gentle influence, we all realize the truth .
When we start to delve into who Beau truly is versus who he portrays on his social media its well-defined that he isn ’ t a beast at all — he is merely a misunderstood man who has a beautiful heart wide of kindness, compassion, and love .
possibly then Ginger is the animal ? No, despite her initial off-putting nature Ginger is besides fair a gentle soul who wants beloved and family .
A Beauty and the Beast Christmas
The truth of the count is, A Beauty and the Beast Christmas international relations and security network ’ thymine about physical appearances with neither protagonists being the beauty or the beast. The beauty ends up being life, family, love, and our true natures. While the animal is social media, society ’ randomness determine, and the internet .
It ’ second interesting that a holiday movie can actually be a subtle comment on how social media and the internet influence who we are as people. Beau and Ginger both put forth this effigy of themselves in ordain to please everyone else.

ultimately, the solid fake dating/engagement trope works in their favor because it allows them time to explore themselves from an honest lens. The best here and now of the wholly movie is when we get to see Beau and Ginger show the world who they very are alternatively of who they ’ ve been pretending to be .
beauty is in the eye of the perceiver has never been truer than with this film. A Beauty and the Beast Christmas  is a holiday movie that should become a screening tradition class after year — its message of truth and love defy time itself .
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