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What is a pre-assessment of my transfer credits ?
A pre-assessment is a review of your former studies and the maximal sum of transfer credit that you will potentially receive. The pre-assessment includes all completed and in-progress studies to date .
How are my studies assessed for transfer credit ?
Your studies are assessed based on the type of institution where you completed your courses a well as your overall GPA, individual course grades, and program specific policies.

For more data about how your studies are assessed for transfer citation, visit our transfer Students foliate .
Where can I find a compendious of my transfer credits ?
once your transfer credits have been assessed, you should be notified by electronic mail. Please visit the connection provided to you in the electronic mail to view your transportation credit argument .
For new students, the liaison in the electronic mail should direct you to your MyFile. In your MyFile, you can find your statement under ‘ Application Status ’ in the left-hand side browning automatic rifle, followed by ‘ Transfer Credits ’ under the Decision column .
For reactivating students and students who have changed their Faculty or Degree, the e-mail should direct you to your transfer credit statement on the Registrar ’ sulfur page .
What is the General Education requirement ?
The General Education requirement is one component of all degree programs and is designed to expose students to data from outside their chosen degree. The courses students are required to take for their general Education necessity varies for each plan and degree .
What is a course excommunication or course release ?
A path exception or naturally release is a term for when one of your former courses have been identified as having significant overlap to a York class. Identified courses do not need to be retaken at York and they reduce your remaining degree requirements .
How do my transfer credits apply to my degree ?
Course exclusions and waivers can be directly applied to your degree requirements, while unspecified transfer credit may be used towards general education requirements or elective courses. At your Advising appointment, you will be given a degree checklist demonstrating how your transfer credits have been applied.

Why have I been asked to submit run outlines ?
If you are asked to submit course outlines, this is to facilitate the run recognition evaluation march where the Faculties evaluate your previous run contentedness to determine if they can grant specific course waivers/exclusions .
What if I can not provide course outlines ?
If you can not provide course outlines, we will not be able to facilitate the course credit evaluation process. Your transfer credit amount will not change, but you will not be eligible for any extra exclusions or waivers .
Where do I submit my class outlines ?
A radio link to upload your outlines will be made available on your MyFile page. If not, you may submit them by electronic mail .
How long does it take for my course outlines/syllabi to be reviewed ?
The run credit evaluation process can take anywhere between 4-6 weeks. That is why it is important to submit your course outlines a soon as possible .
What is an official transcript ?
official transcripts must be official originals sent directly from the issuing institution in an institutionally sealed envelope ( that remains unopened ), carrying an official stamp, seal and/or authorizing touch of the issue institution or via the Ontario Universities ’ Electronic Transcript System for Ontario university or residential district college students .
Review the Official Transcripts page for more data.

What qualifies as a detailed course sketch ?
A detailed course delineate should include the comply : overall naturally description, detailed tilt of topics covered, list of textbooks used, grading practices, number of weeks in attendance ( excluding examination period ), and act of lecture, tutorial and testing ground hours .
Review the Course Outlines page for more information .

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