Serving Party Wall Notice in London 2022

If you’ve been served with a Party Wall Notice, you have a few options in order to deal with it. You can take action early and avoid feeling pressured to begin the work. There are three options available to Adjoining Owners. You may wish to seek professional advice on the process before you make any decisions. Here’s what to do if you’ve been served with a Partywall Notice.

First, you should contact the neighbouring owners. If you’re not aware of what your neighbours are allowed to do, you’ll need to discuss your plans with them. It is best to consult a professional before you start any work. A surveyor will charge around PS65 to PS100 to serve the notice. You can also serve the notice yourself using downloadable forms and a letter of acknowledgement. To avoid any trouble, consider hiring a party wall surveyor in London to oversee the works for you.

In order to properly serve a Party Wall Notice, you must make sure to serve it to the correct address. You must mail it to the adjoining owner’s usual residence or last known business address. The correspondence address is often the address listed on the title register. However, if you are unable to find this address, you must find an alternative method of service. If you fail to use the official correspondence addresses, you should obtain proof of postage from the Post Office.

How to Serve Party Wall Notice to Neighbours

While you don’t need planning permission to serve a Party Wall Notice, you must serve it to neighbours as soon as possible. The deadline is 14 days. If the neighbours do not reply within this period, the matter will be considered a dispute. A surveyor may be needed to decide the matter. If you’re having trouble with the neighbours, try contacting them in advance. You may be able to settle some issues in advance and avoid having to pay a surveyor.

You must be aware of the Act and its provisions when you serve a Party Wall Notice. Depending on the type of notice you’re serving, you must make sure you serve it two months prior to the planned works. The Act requires you to give the adjoining owner at least one month’s notice before you start the work. During this time, you should discuss the proposed work with the adjoining owners. It is also important to inform the neighbours of the purpose of your work. You can serve the notice voluntarily if you feel that they’re unaware of the Act.

Before you begin the building work, it is vital to serve a proper Party Wall Notice to your neighbours. A mistaken notice can delay the start of the work, or may even cause legal action. It’s important to contact the neighbours before serving your notice. They must also be aware of your notice. If they fail to respond, you must pay a fine or face a potential lawsuit. If you fail to serve the appropriate notice, it may have adverse consequences.

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