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Website Hosting Search Tool
Enter a knowledge domain mention or URL to find out which web hosting company is hosting the web site. Search our database of over 5000 vane hosting companies.

Web Hosting IP Address Lookup
Get information about the vane host, IP cover. IP Blacklisted or not ? Featuring over 300 DNS based blacklists & other spam details .
What is Your web site Location
Find Location Of Your Website or Domain. now you can know the true localization careless of the address displayed in the Address Bar .
Domain Whois and Age
One of the major factors search engines use to rank a domain is the age of the domain. Use this domain age tool to find the senesce of any domain, you can besides check sphere whois .

Web Hosting Checker

In fair a few seconds identify who is hosting any web site. If you don ’ t have a web site, check out the best web site builder in the UK .
Our search tool provides the most accurate results and gives you all-important information about the site, like : Host information, Offline / Online checker, Alexa absolute, Google page membership, Average load time of locate, Domain IP blacklist checker, Domain senesce with WHOIS information, Social stats checker, SEO reports and many more .
The reports can be viewed not lone on the locate, but they can besides be downloaded as a PDF file. besides, you can check the list of the best web hosting companies in the UK .
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process for resolving my ailment ?
Someone else has registered my company’s name as a .Com domain name.
Conduct a Whois Domain appoint search and obtain the data about the stream registrant. All ICANN-accredited Registrars follow a uniform dispute resolving power policy .
Under that policy, disputes over entitlement to a world name registration are normally resolved by an expedite administrative procedure ( called arbitration ) to allow the dispute to be resolved without the cost and delays often encountered in court litigation .
In these cases, you can invoke the administrative operation by filing a complaint with one of the dispute-resolution avail providers listed at hypertext transfer protocol : //
What is Windows Hosting ?
Windows Hosting is hosting report that uses windows as their waiter platform that allows for software such as MS FrontPage, ColdFusion and MSSQL. Windows Hosting is a popular choice among programmes requiring ASP and MS SQL for their exploit. And here is why I chose to host in What is ASP ?
active Server Pages, introduced by Microsoft in the mid-1990s, is a script linguistic process designed to be embedded within the HTML code for Web pages. This is the standard scheduling system for Internet applications hosted on Windows servers .
With ASP, you can combine HTML pages, handwriting commands, and COM components to create interactional Web pages or mighty Web-based applications, which are easy to develop and modify .
Shared or Windows ? Which should you choose ?
There ’ s no definite suffice to this wonder. It ’ s what you need to do with your locate that leads you to the type of hosting. If you want the tightest security then Unix is probably for you. If you ’ ra looking for compatibility with all of Microsoft ’ mho products, then Windows is the best for you. If you opt to use PHP to baron your web site, then you ’ ll wish to go with Unix hosting .
Between Windows and Unix server, there is no dispute in terms of still of habit and accelerate .
What is a domain name ?
A. A sphere name ( such as ) is the textbook name corresponding to the numeric IP address of a calculator on the Internet .
A domain mention must be unique. They correspond to a series of numbers called Internet Protocol numbers ( IP numbers ) that avail serve as routing addresses on the Internet. Domain names are used by and large as a convenient way of locating information and reaching others on the Internet .
What is a A top-level domain ( TLD ) ?
A. A top-level knowledge domain ( TLD ) is the end part of an Internet sphere mention. For example, in the knowledge domain name, the top-level domain is com ( or COM, as world names are not case-sensitive ) .
What is Domain Parking ?
A. Domain parking plainly means a Domain Name holder has not identified or does not know the IP addresses of the servers that will host his or her web site and wishes to reserve the identify for later consumption.

What is a Domain list Servers or DNS ?
A. name servers are the Internet ’ s equivalent to a call book. A name server maintains a directory of domain names and matching IP addresses. When your domain is set up, data about your sphere name is added to the name servers .
It normally takes about 48 hours before name servers on early networks will be able to entree the information after the Central Registry gets it. This 48-hour period is referred to as generation .
What are primary and junior-grade DNS ?
A. This refers to the name server computers where the criminal record of your sphere diagnose is held. This is needed to register a domain name .
What are valid characters for a world diagnose and how long can it be ?
A. valid characters include letters, numbers, and hyphens. A hyphen may not begin or end a sphere mention .
Spaces and particular characters are not permitted in a world list. For exemplar : ( valid ) ( valid ) ( not valid ) doma & % ( not valid )
What is the WHOIS Database ?
A. Whois is the condition referring to who any given domain name belongs. A WHOIS search tells you who a given mention belongs to and their contact information .
presently, WHOIS search capabilities are available with us .
How to conduct a WHOIS search ?
A. Just type your domain in the box above and the domain information will show up .
Will my name and reach information be publicly available ?
A. By default, your reach information will be available publicly when person does a whois search. however, you can subscribe to a whois defend servicing which allows you to hide your data .
What do .COM .NET and .ORG domain names signify ?
A. Anyone may purchase a domain name in the .com, .net, and .org extensions. They are generic Top Level Domains ( gTLD ’ second ) which are open to public registration .
The best way to brand your on-line identity is to purchase a sphere name in all three ; .com, .net and .org. All domains are available for registration by internet users across the ball. If the .com is not available tho, you can safely choose a .net or .org or some of the new world extensions. They all work and an example is .
What is Redemption period ?
A. A period of time after sphere adjustment has expired where the previous owner can bring the registration current by paying applicable fees to the registrar .
There is a minute. redemption menstruation, but some registrars differ. A name that is in REDEMPTIONPERIOD status will not be included in the zone file. A registrar can not modify or purge a mention in REDEMPTIONPERIOD status .
The merely action a registrar can take on a name in REDEMPTIONPERIOD is to request that it be restored .
how to choose a hosting

How to evaluate a hosting?

A generous uptime undertake backed by reasonable terms of serve is a dependable indication of a hosting supplier who will work hard to keep your web site on-line .
focal ratio is everything ! The faster the web site, more traffic and conversions and more income to your business .

This is a identical important factor ! How fast is that accompaniment ? Is it supported by SysAdmins or is it outsourced ?
Some hosting promote their prices on 3-year plans and they look much cheaper, but on a year plan, it looks very different .

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