23 Most Successful Website Ideas to Make Money in 2022


Mar 22, 2022
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23 Most Successful Website Ideas to Make Money in 2022

23 Most Successful Website Ideas to Make Money in 2022 present, it ’ s becoming more and more common to use websites as a profitable side business. however, enough of ideas with no less potential than eCommerce sites are even left undiscovered.

once you have the right clientele concept, it ’ mho meter to start making money on-line, and building a web site is the first footprint of your clientele venture .
therefore, we have compiled a number of the best web site ideas to inspire you. In this article, we will explore both conventional and unconventional business niches ‒ all of which are profitable. not only that, but we will besides examine each web site idea and provide tips to improve your chances of success .
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What Kind of Websites Are Profitable?

profitable websites come in different forms. For exemplar, here are five web site types with excellent occupation likely :

  • eCommerce websites ‒ avoid the hassle of having a physical store. Have the option to sell your own products or become a dropshipper.
  • Blog websites ‒ ideal for people with a particular passion and who love producing consistent content.
  • Business websites ‒ use it to promote your online business by improving SEO and expanding customers’ knowledge of your brand.
  • Forum websites ‒ provide the space for people to interact with one another over a specific topic. For example, job boards and product discussions are two of the most profitable forum types.
  • Portfolio websites ‒ help professionals to attract potential clients and employers by displaying their work online.

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Most Profitable Website Ideas in 2022

After figuring out the type of web site you want to create, it ’ s time to decide your niche .
To help you with that, we composed a tilt of the top web site ideas that make money. In the follow section, we will uncover these ideas and much more in greater detail .

  • Launch an eCommerce website
  • Start a blog
  • Create an online portfolio
  • Create a membership website
  • Develop a dropshipping website
  • Review products online
  • Resell web hosting
  • Start a podcast
  • Create a fitness website
  • Sell online courses

We will discuss what it takes to make each of these profitable websites and offer tips on doing it efficiently .

1. eCommerce Website

Starting an on-line storehouse is one of the most democratic ways to make money on-line. Functioning like a physical shop, an eCommerce store provides a space to sell products. Your profits depend on the issue of sales you make .
fortunately, many eCommerce platforms like Zyro and Shopify offer an easy room to build an on-line shop web site. In summation, these platforms provide all the tools needed to ensure optimum customer feel and conversion rates ‒ ideal for aspiring entrepreneurs with circumscribed technical skills .
All that ’ second left is to decide which products to sell and market your business .
If you ’ re concerned in becoming a retailer, keep these tips in heed :

  • Find a specific niche. Like blogs, it’s easier to sell and market products within the same niche. Plus, doing so will open more opportunities for upsells.
  • Research eCommerce platforms. That’s because each platform comes with different sets of features, business tools, and payment gateways.
  • Embrace online marketing. Don’t be afraid to explore various eCommerce marketing strategies, such as email and social media marketing.

2. Blog

Blogs are one of the most democratic web site types and can be very beneficial for building a personal stigmatize. not lone is it a bang-up mercantile establishment for self-expression, blogging can besides be a reference of income .
You can monetize your web log with ads, sponsor posts, or a paid subscription system. Another excellent strategy to make money from blogging is through affiliate market .
Affiliate commercialize is a clientele exemplar where an affiliate earns profit by advertising a merchant ’ south products and services. In accession, the affiliate creates targeted content to drive traffic to affiliate links .
The come of money you generate depends on the count of purchases and traffic originating from your site .
Some of the most popular consort programs include Fiverr Affiliates, NordVPN Affiliate Program, and eBay Partner Network. In addition, enough of affiliate marketing platforms are besides available to connect independent affiliates with advertisers, such as ShareASale, CJ Affiliate, and FlexOffers .
The work flow of affiliate blogging is alike to starting a blog. It ’ mho square and simple, even for complete beginners. First, begin creating blog posts that place the target products and services in estimable alight and make sure the consort link is accessible .
To accelerate your consort blog ’ s emergence, follow these tips :

  • Stick to a specific niche. Promoting topics that interest your audience base helps to attract more sales and traffic.
  • Use good SEO practices. Getting your web page to rank high on search engine results pages (SERP) will improve your brand exposure, potentially leading to more sales.
  • Create a blogging schedule. Consistently producing and publishing blog posts helps to build an audience base.
  • Research affiliate marketing programs. Consider the niches, commission rates, and availability before making your choice. Some platforms and networks charge membership fees and implement a minimum sales goal, not ideal for beginners.

3. Portfolio Website

Compiling ocular ferment takes a lot of time and attempt. Having a portfolio web site will solve these issues and give you entree to an entire global of problem opportunities. What ’ s more, a portfolio web site ’ second design and content are easy to modify .
plenty of web site builders offer the tools needed to create an on-line portfolio at an low-cost price. WordPress besides provides a survival of foliate builder plugins and portfolio themes to streamline your exploit .
here ’ s a couple of tips to make a great web site that leaves a durable mental picture :

  • Brainstorm website ideas. Browse through creative web portfolios like Slava Kirilenko’s and Laura Bize’s for inspiration.
  • Use your name for the site’s domain name. Doing so helps increase your brand exposure and memorability. If you’re having trouble with domain name availability, you might want to check out domain name generator.
  • Provide a contact form. Allow people to reach out to you as easily as possible. Don’t forget to add social media icons and a business email address to your portfolio site.

4. Membership Website

membership websites gain profits by restricting access to exclusive capacity, like higher quality posts, rebate codes, and video recording tutorials. many blogs and forums choose this web site type as a marketing strategy to improve their trade name values .
There are enough of WordPress membership plugins to help you create a membership web site code-free. Some of the most popular options include Paid Memberships Pro and Restrict Content .
When looking for the best membership plugin for your web site, remember to :

  • Pick the plugin best suited to your needs and budget. While premium membership plugins provide more features and better tools, the free ones offer lower-risk investments to help you get started.
  • Research the supported payment options. Ensuring that members can easily make transactions on your website will help encourage more subscriptions.
  • Consider inclusions. Pick a membership plugin that offers content dripping features, reliable support, and integrations with popular tools.

5. Dropshipping Website

Dropshipping is one of the best web site ideas for people who don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate want to deal with inventory management and transportation. alternatively, create a web site to promote products, and then let your dropshipping partner take care of the lie .
Despite generating less tax income than a traditional on-line store, a dropshipping web site requires moo investments to get started .
If this web site mind interests you, consider building a dropshipping web site in WordPress with WooCommerce. This open-source plugin is highly scalable, offering abundant free and paid extensions to extend your web site ’ sulfur functionality .
Before jumpstarting your dropshipping journey, take a look at these tips :

  • Collaborate with reliable dropshipping partners. Your partner’s work ethics will reflect on your brand.
  • Sell trending products. Keep an eye on the current surge in trending products related to your niche.

6. Product Review Website

This web site theme can turn into a profitable side bustle for people who like to tinker with gadgets or try newly products. The goal is to inform people about the quality of products that interest you or are presently democratic in the market .
many bloggers use this web site mind to promote their affiliate links. All you need to do is build a review site, pick a niche, and then find products to write about .
once your web site gains more popularity, it ’ s possible to grow your brand into something bigger, even becoming a trendsetter within a recess industry .
alternatively, let customers post their reviews on your site, such as G2, and addition gross from advertisers .

7. Web Hosting Reseller

Reselling web host is a rehearse of renting and reselling a helping of server distance and resources to other users. It can be a profitable side commercial enterprise for world wide web developers .
This business idea lets you bundle a custom web hosting plan with your web development undertaking. In other words, you get to make excess money while providing your customers with extra services at the lapp time .
A set of world wide web hosting companies offer reseller host at low-cost prices. For example, Hosting24 hosting plans allocate up to 150 cPanel accounts with outright bandwidth and phonograph record space for $27.95/month .

8. Podcast Website

If you don ’ t like making blog posts, consider launching a podcast rather. Record yourself talking about products or other topics, and then publish the files in episodes .
This web site mind has a draw of monetization electric potential, including affiliate market and sponsorships. It besides makes for capital content for a membership web site .
batch of WordPress podcast themes and plugin options are available at unlike price points. alternatively, pledge to a podcast hosting platform like Buzzsprout or Castos for more aboveboard publish and analytics processes .
There are a couple of factors you need to consider to start a successful podcast :

  • Invest in the right equipment. Getting started with your laptop’s built-in microphone may work, but upgrading your recording tools ensures better sound quality. Some additional audio equipment is also worth investing in, such as an audio interface or a pair of studio headphones.
  • Be consistent. There’s no need to record your podcast a few times per week. However, sticking to a broadcasting schedule is essential so listeners know when to tune in.

9. Fitness Website

If you ’ re into fitness, consider monetizing your skills by creating a fitness web site. Workout television tutorials, diet tips, and exert equipment reviews are among the many content ideas to work on .
A bunch of fitness websites generate gross through sponsorships and reference charges. Once you build a solid consultation base, expand your commercial enterprise by launching a merchandise memory or marketing your own exercise supplements .
Jennifer K. Wellness and Blissed are two established fitness websites to take inspiration from .
After deciding on the type of content, build a web site that caters to it. For example, if you ’ re going to offer coach services, make sure the site has a book system. Opting for WordPress may be the best room to do it, as it has diverse booking plugins to fulfill this want .
If you only want to promote your gymnasium or seaworthiness studio apartment, use a web site builder to create a simple ship’s company web site or a fitness blog. Plenty of web site builders offer appealing web site templates specifically for fitness studios .

10. Online Learning Website

This excellent web site estimate is suitable for professionals and educators wanting to share their cognition on-line. many job seekers apply for on-line courses and certifications to improve their employability, so this is an excellent business opportunity .
however, hobbyists and non-experts can besides create an eLearning site for practical and craft courses. deoxyadenosine monophosphate retentive as you apply value to your courses, people will see your brand as a credible learning generator .
many WordPress learning management system ( LMS ) plugins are ready to help set up your on-line learning platform .
For exercise, Sensei by WooCommerce lets you design and monetize lessons without coding .
other popular WordPress LMS plugins include LearnPress, LifterLMS, and LearnDash .
A reliable eruditeness management system should provide :

  • Course builder. It lets you design courses and attach necessary files to them.
  • Content dripping. Release specific courses based on membership tiers or according to scheduled dates.
  • Payment gateways. Make sure it supports your desired currencies and is available in the countries where your target audience resides.
  • Student management. Track students’ progress, payments, and registrations.

11. Events Website

Creating an events website is one of the best web site ideas for market purposes. As most of the tax income depends on the phone number of visitors, making an event ’ s information available on-line will help improve its exposure and conversion rates .
What ’ s more, an event web site can support registrations, distribute market materials, and promote approaching events .
not merely that but having an consequence web site creates another stream of tax income. Sponsorships and trade sales are the two most common monetization methods for events .
Some examples of well-designed event websites include Coachella, Life in Vogue, and Nissan Pavilion Yokohama .
When creating a web site to promote your event, remember to :

  • Pick a suitable website template. Make sure the design aligns with the event’s niche or reflects the brand colors.
  • Set up an event calendar. If you build the website on WordPress, using a calendar plugin with booking capabilities will further improve the visitor’s experience.
  • Provide payment options. This only applies if the website provides online event ticketing or has a merchandise store.

12. Online Forum

As you may already know, a forum connects people with similar interests. Some commercial enterprise websites have online forums to encourage customer interaction and improve people ’ s cognition of different products .
Some forums make money by applying for Google AdSense and joining affiliate programs. however, it ’ mho common to incorporate a forum into a clientele web site to build an audience establish and answer customers ’ inquiries .
Forum software tools can help you create an on-line forum hassle-free. Some of the basic features include a text editor, drug user function management, and easing tools .
Quora, Reddit, and Stack Overflow are a few of the best on-line forum in the earth to take inspiration from .

13. Nutrition Website

many seek health and nutrition tips as more and more people strive to live healthy lives. Starting a web site that provides these insights will create the opportunity to gain gross through advertisements as your audience basis grows.

The content may range from healthy recipes and alternative medicine to discussions about food safety and metabolic diseases. Start a web log if you prefer to publish them as text or create a podcast with each sequence focusing on a specific subject .
As this web site theme promotes the populace of healthy surviving, be mindful when giving out tips. Do your research carefully to avoid making false statements that might cause damage to other peoples ’ health .
Some well-established nutrition websites include Livestrong, Examine.com, and Nutrition and You .

14. Job Board Website

Setting up an on-line subcontract board is one of the most profitable web site ideas today. This web site type generates high dealings volumes as workers and employers worldwide look for job opportunities and people to hire .
Monetize your web site by selling memberships to job seekers and rip space for businesses to promote their job listings. Increase your web site ’ south value by adding job searching features, company reviews, and forums .
Take inspiration from popular job board websites like Glassdoor, indeed, and AngelList .

15. Food Blog

The culinary world never runs out of topics to cover, making it an excellent niche for blogs. This web site theme includes a wide-eyed scope of content, like recipes, food journals, and food reviews .
As many food blogs are passion projects, you don ’ t have to be a culinary expert to create a food blog. Brainstorm ideas for your web site, and then start producing web log posts systematically .
Optimize each article for search engines to generate organic dealings and boost your stigmatize awareness .
once you gain followers, monetize the web log with advertisements and affiliate links. Who knows, possibly one day you ’ ll sell your own cookbook besides .
Fit Men Cook, Minimalist Baker, and Pinch of Yum are some of the most popular food blogs, with a massive consultation base .

16. Service Website

Creating a serve web site is one of the best web site ideas for freelancers and companies selling services alternatively of physical products. For exemplar, our site counts as a service web site since we sell world wide web host .
The web site serves as a platform for promoting services such as marketing reference, web site alimony, and message production. consequently, it conveys details about each service you offer, the pricing list, and reach information .
Service websites owned by freelancers may include a portfolio section to showcase the owner ’ south skills and credibility. In short, this web site theme is a great selling tool to increase mark awareness and conversion rates .
Design an attractive land page with an enlightening copy to attract electric potential customers. Use a content generator to produce SEO-friendly copy if you don ’ t have the budget to hire a copywriter .

17. Fashion Website

alike to a food web log, you don ’ t have to be a fashion adept to start a fashion web log. Models and fashion enthusiasts may use it to showcase modeling portfolios, offer styling tips, and even create an on-line boutique commercial enterprise .
A fashion web site is one among many website ideas that rely heavily on the latest trends. consequently, make surely to monitor your web site traffic sporadically .
Consider adding Google Analytics to your web site to get better insights into its operation and how your audience responds to each web log article published or product sold .
several reputable manner websites to get you inspired include Hello Fashion, YOYOKULALA, and Duc DuBois .

18. Web Design Website

If you ’ re a web interior designer, having a network design web site will boost your on-line presence. It can serve as your on-line portfolio and even routine as a servicing web site if you work as a freelance .
Web design plays an substantive role in optimizing drug user experience since it lone takes 2.6 seconds for users to form their public opinion on a web site. With companies seeking web designers ’ serve to optimize their web site, monetize your skills with this web site idea .
alternatively, starting a world wide web design blog and covering the best ways to design a web site can inspire other web designers .

19. Selling a Website

Selling a web site is a coarse passing strategy for people losing their interest in a current web site or pursuing a new occupation venture. While the price may vary between one web site and another, selling the locate is better than leaving it neglected .
Online marketplaces value a web site based on its type, gross, and traffic generated. consequently, websites with a firm income stream are by and large worth more than those relying on traffic-based monetization methods .
If the time to sell your web site comes, do then on reputable marketplaces like Flippa and Empire Flippers or find a web site broke to help you secure the best hand .

20. Travel Website

Starting a travel or venture web log is a perfect web site idea for people who frequently travel. Make money by sharing travel tips and reviewing tourist spots, all while doing something you love .
many travel bloggers find achiever through sponsorships and becoming an affiliate, promoting travel kits and enlistment packages. If you ’ ra lucky, your locomotion web log may tied land you sponsored trips from hotels and travel agencies .
once you monetize your travel web site, use the assume tax income to fund your next trip .
Before starting a successful travel web log, make sure you pick a recess beginning. For exercise, the Legal Nomads travel web log owner focuses on food tours, covering unlike types of food she discovered during her many trips .
additionally, consider investing in a dear television camera and writing tools to improve your work flow and blog posts ’ measure. Don ’ thyroxine forget to use social media platforms to promote the web log and increase dealings .

21. DIY Crafts Website

Etsy, a popular marketplace for selling handmade crafts, had 81.9 million buyers in 2020. Since it has a massive audience, many aspiring artists think it ’ south easier to generate sales there .
In reality, the saturate market makes it harder to stand out. What ’ s more, the chopine charges listing, transaction, and requital work fees .
Creating a web site to market your business will help save money and build your stigmatize ’ south credibility. Customize your store however you like without being limited by the marketplace ’ mho rules and umbrella brand .
Start a web log to increase your web site dealings and make passive income. Depending on your recess, the blog capacity can focus on craft tutorials, tips, and ideas .
MoonKo and Helen ’ s Closet are a few of the many artists who independently established their craft occupation .

22. Photography Website

Like setting up a craft site, having a photography web site helps photographers save money and derive dispatch exemption to monetize their work. Generate net gross with each photograph sold and own the copyright to all of your shots .
Print your pictures in different mediums, like pillows, mugs, and pins, and then market them as your brand trade to generate even more money .
alternatively, sell photography equipment and presets if photograph edit and technical photography are something you ’ rhenium matter to in .
Like the sites owned by Jen Huang Bogan and Brandon Woelfel, a photography web site can besides serve as an on-line portfolio. In that case, use the space to promote your photography services .

23. Self-Help Website

Starting a self-help web site is an excellent manner to make money while improving other people ’ randomness life quality. This web site theme covers some key sectors, including personal caution, goodly eating, and workplace health .
Create blog posts about assorted biography hacks, motivation and personal goals, and mental health issues. medical professionals and motivational speakers can create a membership system or a podcast, both of which can help generate steady income .
Take inspiration from established self-help blogs like Lifehack and The 4-Hour Workweek .
like to owning a nutrition web site, make surely to back your site up with proper data and research .

Additional Website Ideas

We believe that there ’ s no such matter as besides many ideas. therefore, here are 14 extra web site ideas to start a english bustle and make excess money .

1. Restaurant Website

Create a web site to promote your restaurant and have the opportunity to improve customer experience and conversion rates. The web site makes for a cost-efficient selling tool that boosts your sword image and local SEO .
Having menu and customer testimonials online may besides boost the tax income of restaurants that offer takeout and pitch .

2. Music Website

Having a music web site can strengthen the brand visualize of artists and songwriters. As most music stream services have a saturated market, this web site theme will besides give you the freedom to advertise, monetize, and utilize your music however you like .

3. Statistics Website

Providing valuable insights for other businesses is one of the best web site ideas to monetize. Pick a market to focus on and start researching critical topics, like sales increase and trends. Make certain to fact-check everything to maintain your credibility .

4. Poetry Website

Compile your poems on a poetry web site and make them accessible to other literature enthusiasts. Besides providing people with the opportunity to give feedback, a portfolio web site can help sell poetry writing services and improve your credibility .

5. Humor Website

Polish your skills as a comedy writer and start a humor web site. The content formats vary from memes and social media posts to ocular media. Once the web site generates senior high school traffic, rent advertising space to Google AdSense and start generating gross .

6. Online Pet Store

Grow your pet supply business by launching an on-line memory. Consider embedding a web log that focuses on favored caution to the site to improve its rate in search engines. With so many people owning pets today, this web site idea can help you make good money .

7. Fan Club Website

Create a web site to partake news about fans ’ darling fame, musician, or sports team. A fan cabaret or fame web site may besides function as a forum, connecting fans across the worldly concern. Apply for Google AdSense to monetize the traffic .

8. Meditation Website

Starting a meditation site is one of the best web site ideas to make money while promoting health. Offer meditation sessions adenine well as tips and tricks on how to improve productiveness and focus. Consider selling exclusive education courses through a membership system .

9. Video Game Website

With tons of video game titles being released every year, the casual to make money in the bet on industry is higher than ever. Start a bet on web site and station video game reviews, wikis, or even tips and tricks .
Posting video game commentaries is another common way to make money on-line ‒ arrant for gamers who love being in movement of a camera .

10. News Website

here ’ s a bang-up web site estimate to work on if you aspire to become a journalist. Create a web site that covers essential events worldwide and gives people a platform to voice their aspirations. Remember that a credible news program web site is free of bias and opinion .

11. Movie Review Website

help people decide which movies to watch by starting a movie review locate. Discuss movies ’ plots, ratings, and casts. Making a number of movies to watch based on their genre will help generate even more traffic .
Pay attention to new movies as people will more likely look for opinions on them .

12. Beauty Website

Start a web site concentrate on beauty tips and products to accompany your fashion blog. Plenty of beauty specialists besides create makeup tutorials to attract traffic and sponsors .
Optimizing each article for search engines and following the latest beauty trends will help you stand out from the crowd .

13. Sports Website

Create a web site that tracks sports events, promotes local tournaments, or covers sports newsworthiness. Gain tax income by selling ad space and trade and promoting consort links. This web site type by and large produces patronize content promoting certain events or sports teams .

14. Finance Website

The world of finance is important yet hard to explore without any guidance. Create a web site that offers explanations on fiscal terminologies and basic personal finance tips. Take it to the following flat by publishing articles about the stock commercialize and cryptocurrency news program .


Developing successful web site ideas takes time and attempt. however, it has the potential to become a profitable side business in the long operate .
here are five of the many web site ideas we have presented that can generate a steady source of income :

  • Launch an online shop
  • Start a blog
  • Create a membership website
  • Develop a dropshipping website
  • Launch a portfolio site

While there are many web site ideas to explore, consider your interests when choosing one. Don ’ metric ton be afraid to try different things and teach from those who have turned their web site into a successful business .
We hope this article helped you think of the best web site ideas. immediately that you have the estimate devour, have a look at some of the world wide web design inspiration and start working on it ! If you have any more questions or suggestions, feel barren to leave us a gloss down below .

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