TikTok users parody East Asian fetishization with ‘Americacore’ videos

What do energy drinks, wimp nuggets, and inaccessible healthcare have in common ? They ‘re all Americacore. TikTok users are spoofing videos that romanticize other cultures by referring to daily aspects of american animation as “ Americacore. ” As of Sunday, the tags # americacore and # americancore each have over 30 million views on TikTok, and the tag # Americacoreuwu has about 140,000 views. Under the guise of celebrating “ Americacore, ” TikTok users are recording their trips to Target and Walmart, eating snacks like goldfish crackers and Funfetti cookies, and using newspaper plates. Paired with gentle music and soft filters, the television swerve mimics the way many Americans fetishize East asian culture, but misrepresent them in “ aesthetic ” capacity. life style influencers have hanker made content from visiting “ unique ” korean grocery store stores, for example, but to any korean or Korean-American person, buying chips at H-Mart is about as aesthetically pleasing as buying chips at Ralph ‘s.

Americacore is not to be confused with Americana, though. This is not a celebration of folk music and artwork, but a criticism of how Americans engage with early cultures. In one television romanticizing “ Americacore, ” a TikTok user pours a can of Monster Energy into a teapot emblazoned with the american english sag, and serves with a Twizzler, which they refer to as “ rubber pocky. ” It ‘s change by reversal Orientalism at its finest .

Americacore videos parody “kawaii” videos fetishizing East Asian cultures.

Credit: tiktok / lavender_goat

The videos poke fun at the way Americans often woefully misrepresent other cultures.

Credit: tiktok / lavender_goat

The video are as much of review of american norms as they are of the way Americans tend to idealize and infantilize East asian cultures. Videos by life style influencers visiting asian grocery store stores, for model, have been criticized as crossing the credit line between cultural admiration and fetishization. The course pokes fun at the absurdity of egg white Americans ‘ fascination with arbitrary aspects of East asian food, music, and traditions. TikTok user kinokino1226 parodied life style influencers who exalt common asian snacks as exotic by visiting her local Safeway. “ Fun fact : Americans are very patriotic, ” kinokino1226 captioned her television, posing for an “ aesthetic photoshoot ” with american flag-wrapped grocery store store flowers .

Nothing more American than visiting Safeway

Credit: tiktok / kinokino1226

TikTok users made sure to “respect vegan culture.”


With the cosmopolitan success of the K-pop and anime industries, asian culture is often misrepresented as a monolith quite than a divers set of rich people, individual cultures. The distillation of asian heritage into a palatable fade pot of cute box, alien skin care routines, and popular music only perpetuates harmful stereotypes. Americacore, as Vice notes, turns the fetishization of East Asia back on itself. ironically, as some Twitter users pointed out, early countries do romanticize american english products the way Americans romanticize East asian ones .
Before you post pictures of the “ exotic ” snacks you may have scored from the asian grocery memory, consider whether you ‘d portray Oreos and red formative cups the same room. Those, beloved reader, are just Americacore .

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