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A Portable Garage to Fit Your Needs

A portable garage is a storage build that is used to store items aside from the elements. many people utilize a garage to keep their vehicles or boats away from rain, weave, or snow. Owning an outdoor memory construction can not merely keep your belongings dependable, it can help organize your life. Choosing the veracious garage depends on what you are storing and what you need out of your unit. ShelterLogic has an array of portable carport, garage tents, car garage and vehicle storage options to fit any outdoor space from your backyard to a commercial place .

Great Quality Portable Garages with Easy Assembly

Having a portable garage that can move around your space if needed is both utilitarian and commodious. Choosing a garage tent like the AutoShelter or Garage-in-a-Box means easy assembly with lastingness to ensure your vehicles and belongings are safe, while remaining functional and easy to move from one area to another. Our framework garages are constructed with steel frames and ripstop sturdy covers that last. These are multi-functional storage units you can use to keep anything from garden tools to little vehicles. Choose this type of durable fabric garage tent if you ’ ra looking for quality with a small footprint and minimal frame-up .

Customizable Fabric Garage Tents

Looking for a more full-bodied framework garage tent with total options like upgradeable covers ?
For an easy assembly, seasonal shelter, the AccelaFrame is a big solution. With its revolutionary, patented rib forum arrangement and high-grade steel frame, it ’ s a strong choice at an low-cost monetary value. Thanks to its singular modern, gothic determine, this build sheds the elements more effectively than many early garages in its class. You can upgrade your covers and choose from an align of tinge options.

For extra customization with literally thousands of options, a ShelterCoat portable garage is an ideal choice. besides constructed with a premium powder coated steel human body, you can pick from multiple shape options and customize the cover. You can customize your own garage up to 100 ft. long !
If a winter garage is something you ‘re looking for, a fabric garage tent with a wind instrument and snow rated hearty tube frame is an excellent option. The ShelterTube garage will withstand the elements with a snow load rate of 43 popular struggle front ! This fabric garage is besides fully customizable with upgradeable cover options. For a wind and snow rated garage that offers customs size options perfect for vehicle, RV, and boat repositing ; the ShelterTech is a great option.

The Ultimate Choice in Portable Garage Storage

If you want a fabric garage made to order that can store anything and everything, ShelterTech garages are the way to go. Made in the USA with a hot dipped galvanized steel frame, the options are dateless. It has the greatest number of ceiling styles and size options in its class. Choose from your own shape, size, color, and cover type. This top-of-the-line portable garage kit will last year after class and can even be disassembled and moved to a newly location. This tip and snow rated option can besides serve as a winter garage .

Portable Garage Structure FAQ’s

Do you need a building permit for a portable garage?

typically a build license is required for any build or car garage over 200 feather feet, however this can differ based on where you live. unfortunately there is not a universal solution for whether you need a license to assemble a portable garage. While a portable canopy or blink of an eye garage may not need a permit It ‘s best to check with your local authorities for specific laws and policies in your township.

What type of material is used for portable garages?

Most portable garages are made out of high-grade steel and a durable fabric, however there are a count of different materials to choose from. Fabric options can range from a lightweight material to a heavy duty one with the ability to withstand all types of elements including rain, sleet, snow and heavy winds. Many of the canopies used on a portable garage kit besides block harmful UV rays .

What kind of customizations are available for portable garages?

about every aspect of a portable garage can be customized with thousands of unlike variations available. From the framework, shape and height of the roof and even the duration of the garage can all be tailored to fit your unique needs. A number of semblance options are besides available. Whether you need portable garage shelter to store a big RV, gravy boat or lawn lawn mower or a heavy duty car garage for permanent storage space ShelterLogic has a wide variety to choose from.



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