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One of the keys to long-run commercial enterprise achiever is understand and overpowering your competitors.It is barely the military service you need to find your business competitors and beat them in their own game ( Don ’ metric ton worry, It is your crippled angstrom well ) .
Most business owners use specific tools for spying on their competitors : Google Alerts, Owletter, SEMrush, Google Keyword Planner, and some more .
These tools help you strategize your business well by evaluating your competitors. In accession, the tools notify you about what they ’ rhenium doing and what they are not .
It helps by analyzing emails sent from websites and helps you to find your rival. Let us educate you more on Owletter in this article.

What Is Owletter?

What Is Owletter
Owletter is an e-mail monitor tool to help you understand your competitors. This tool captures all the emails a web site sends to its mailing lists. It takes screenshots, stores and analyzes them. It alerts the exploiter about specific emails that may be important to them .
The tool by and large helps you with receiving the most authoritative emails and understanding your rival ’ south behavior in electronic mail .
Owletter works on these below business catchphrases:

  • Understand and beat your rival .
  • Get divine guidance for the purpose .
  • dislodge your inbox .

Why Should You Use Owletter?

Why Should You Use Owletter
content marketers have a bunch of tricks and tips up their sleeves to monitor their competitors. They look for the keywords their competitors are targeting, analyze competitors ’ ranking against particular keywords, and inquiry the most share content .
They have tools like Ahref and SEMRush to help them with these activities. But why do they need it ? When it comes to researching competitors ’ emailing habits and strategies to beat them using an e-mail analytic creature there is no match for Owletter .
The answers to the interrogate above are dear answered through the versatile features of Owletter .

Owletter Features

Owletter Features
It has respective features. They have specific features for retailers, marketers, and agencies .

Owletter For Retailers

It helps you learn your competitor’s email marketing habits. Owletter analyzes if your rival has :

  • Great SPAM reputation
  • Their e-mail schedules and how often they send emails .
  • Their e-mail habits and frequency change seasonally .

Owletter gives you competitors’ email analytics to help you beat them .

  • Owletter spots trends over time
  • Analyzes the seasonal worker change of emailing frequency .
  • It spots opportunities to help you understand when to send your emails .

Owletter stores your emails forever. You don ’ t have to use your electronic mail inbox to store them all. You may get bored in the process and even delete some when the inbox gets bloated .

  • You can store your emails .
  • Your whole team can access the emails .
  • You can see the previous class ’ s activities of your competitors .

Owletter For Agencies

It is the best tool to monitor your prospective clients. As a result, winning more occupation is possible with this tool .
Owletter helps you track business prospects.

  • You can track your prospective node ’ randomness e-mail selling and changes in the home page .
  • You can track your prognosis ’ sulfur competitors .
  • You can use tags to group them together .

The tool also helps you pick up opportunities quickly.

  • It spots opportunities to send emails .
  • It Sees how the frequency changes with the season .
  • Spot trends .

Owletter stores your emails forever.

Owletter For Marketers

Marketers can get inhalation from leading marketing brands .
You can follow inspiring marketing brands using Owletter .

  • Tag websites .
  • You get electronic mail alerts based on the specific terms you want to monitor .

Add necessary emails to your favorite list.

  • You can bookmark emails that you love .
  • You won ’ t lose any necessity emails .
  • Discover old emails by checking history .

It stores your emails forever.

Owletter Pricing

Owletter Pricing
It offers three monthly packages with vary specifications for unlike prices. You can get those packages annual for a higher monetary value. The packages are a starter, pro, and outright .

Starter Pro Unlimited
Number Of Websites To Monitor


websites monitored 24/7


websites, 24/7

Unlimited websites ,
Summary Email Roundups Monthly

email summary roundups at the end of the month.

You get monthly, weekly, and day by day roundups .
You get monthly, hebdomadally, and daily roundups .
Alert Email 1 alert email

when a monitored website sends an email containing a certain keyword you may be interested in.

Unlimited alerts

when a monitored website sends an email containing a certain keyword you may be interested in.

Unlimited alerts

when a monitored website sends an email containing a certain keyword you may be interested in.

Email Storing 12 months

of email storage is available


of email storing is available.


of email storing is available.

Email Access Your entire team

can access the email roundups.

Your entire team

can access the email roundups.

Your entire team

can access the email roundups.

Competitor Email Analytics available available available
Monthly & Yearly Pricing $19/month, $190/yr $39/month, $390/yr $79/month, $790/yr

Final Thoughts

It is one of the best electronic mail rival research tools you can use as an e-mail seller. The diverse features that you get in the starter, pro, and outright packages are deserving your money if you use them properly .
It is bang-up for learning from your rival ’ s emailing behaviors. We hope that we have provided you with enough information about this electronic mail monitoring creature. Please partake your thoughts with us ; besides attach any extra information that we may have missed out on to your comments .
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