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many schools offer low-cost on-line marketing degrees. These programs build skills in general occupation and selling strategies. Applicants normally entirely need a high school diploma. Graduates with a bachelor ’ second in marketing may complete a variety show of duties. They may work on advertise campaigns, market research, or product placements. Our template to low-cost on-line selling degrees includes information on tutelage, common classes, and electric potential jobs for marketing graduates. View Our Rankings List here

Questions About Marketing Degrees

What can I do with a marketing degree?

An on-line marketing degree prepares students for careers in ad, clientele, and public relations. With experience, degree-holders can move into management roles.

Which degree is best for marketing?

A bachelor ’ s is the standard academic degree for most entry- and mid-level selling careers. More advance positions may require a master ’ s degree .

Are marketing degrees in demand?

Yes. The Bureau of Labor Statistics ( BLS ) projects jobs for market inquiry analysts to grow 22 % from 2020-2030. This rate is a lot faster than average for all occupations .

Why Get a Degree in Marketing?

A market academic degree builds broad cognition in business and market practices. The most low-cost on-line market degrees let students build cognition without taking on besides much debt. Marketing graduates can apply their skills to many different jobs. Degree-holders often pursue occupation, public relations, or advertise careers. An on-line selling degree provides tractability for students to continue their careers while earning a degree .

How Much Does a Marketing Degree Cost?

College costs an average of $ 35,331 a year, according to however, tuition rates for a knight bachelor ’ mho in marketing vary by school, learners ’ residency status, and program length. full-time students can complete a bachelor ’ s degree in four years. accelerated programs can help students graduate faster. many schools offer low-cost on-line marketing degrees that learners complete without visiting campus .

Additional Online Student Fees

on-line students can save money by avoiding move and commutation expenses. however, they should budget for other expenses, such as graduation and technology fees. Online enrollees besides need materials and books. They can save money by buying used or digital textbooks. Some on-line market programs use a hybrid format that includes campus and on-line components. Learners should budget for travel and lodging expenses for any in-person requirements .

How Much Do Marketing Graduates Make?

Salaries vary depending on a person ’ south title, employer, and geographic localization. Marketing degree-holders may work as commercialize inquiry analysts, market managers, or copywriters. Graduates may besides work as ad, promotions, and marketing managers. These professionals earn an annual median wage of $ 141,490. Professionals can increase their wage electric potential by earning an advanced degree. People with a overlord ’ s degree in commercialize can qualify for leadership and research positions .

Courses in Marketing

Learners pursuing the most low-cost on-line marketing degrees develop broad commercial enterprise and specify marketing skills. Students besides build communication and organizational management skills. Programs cover finance, business communication, and information systems. Enrollees may take classes in advertise, consumer analysis, and marketing management. Some programs offer specializations in digital market and social media market. See below for three common classes in bachelor ’ south in commercialize programs. Keep in mind that courses deviate by program .

  • Market Research

    This class explores common practices for planning, performing, and analyzing market research. Learners study marketing research methods and strategies. Other topics may include market segmentation, distribution, and pricing.

  • Advertising

    Advertising forms another major component of marketing, helping organizations communicate with the public. This class offers an overview of the development, implementation, and evaluation of advertising campaigns. Students learn about copywriting and strategic market planning. They also explore art direction and media planning.

  • Digital Marketing

    Online communication affects nearly every aspect of marketing. This class explores marketing strategies for the internet and other digital platforms. Degree-seekers explore how to blend traditional marketing methods with digital content. The class may also cover search marketing, social media, and search engine optimization.

Career and Salary Outlook for Marketing Students

An on-line marketing degree can lead to many careers. Most graduate ferment in the business populace. however, marketing can apply to any industry that needs to communicate with the public. advertising agencies, nonprofits, and secret businesses all use marketing techniques. See below for three potential careers for marketing graduates .

  • Market Research Analysis

    These professionals help organizations understand and predict market trends. They monitor sales trends and other market data to determine the potential consumer desire for specific goods or services. Analysts may also devise and coordinate methods for gathering market data, such as surveys and focus groups.

  • Advertising, Promotions, and Marketing Managers

    These managers plan and direct an organization’s overall marketing and advertising strategies. They take data from market research and use it to make promotional campaigns. These managers may also oversee marketing budgets and determine overall media strategies. They commonly work alongside other department heads and managers.

  • Meeting, Convention, and Event Planners

    These professionals coordinate and manage all types of major events, such as professional conferences. They commonly work with event venues to ensure adequate preparation for events. These planners also arrange transportation, food, and lodging for attendees.

Source: BLS

Most Affordable Online Marketing Degrees 2022

  1. New Mexico State University
    Las Cruces, NM
    $ 9462

    Graduation Rate


    View School Profile

    A public university located in Las Cruces, NMSU offers an on-line knight bachelor of business administration in marketing. Students learn to meet organizations ‘ modern market needs through a convenient, asynchronous course rescue format. In addition to general education requirements, students take business foundation garment courses such as business information systems, homo behavior in organizations, and production and operations management. From there, learners complete marketing-specific courses to satisfy assiduity requirements. luminary courses include marketing strategy and policy techniques and selling research. freshman students must meet one of three requirements for categoric admission : a accumulative GPA of 2.75, a minimum ACT seduce of 21 ( SAT 1060 ), or a top 20 % ranking in their calibrate classify. All students must submit SAT or ACT scores for program eligibility. NMSU is regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. The school besides boasts programmatic accreditation from the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business .

  2. Florida International University
    Miami, FL
    $ 9180

    Graduation Rate


    View School Profile

    A public research university based in Miami, FIU offers an on-line bachelor of business administration in marketing. Students complete 120 credits in an asynchronous delivery format.

    Required courses include the legal environment of commercial enterprise, fiscal management, organization and management, and applied business statistics. Marketing students complete a four-course concentration series, including consumer behavior, marketing scheme, personal sell, and marketing yourself in nowadays ‘s job market. The broadcast besides includes business professional exploitation courses to ensure top-level skills in writing and communication. The program offers three start dates in fall, spring, and summer. Applicants need a senior high school school diploma or GED equivalent to qualify for entrance fee. The school besides requires students to submit SAT or ACT scores for eligibility. FIU is regionally accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges .

  3. southeastern Oklahoma State University
    Durant, OK
    $ 8490

    Graduation Rate


    View School Profile

    A public university serving students in Durant, SOSU offers an on-line bachelor of business administration in marketing. Students complete 124 credits online with no campus requirements. Learners begin with a commercial enterprise kernel, which includes fundamentals of fiscal account, clientele information management, management and organizational behavior, and production and operations management. From there, students finish three selling core requirements : consumer behavior, selling research, and selling management. Along with market electives, students complete general education core courses to satisfy undergraduate recognition requirements. Applicants need a high school diploma with a minimum 2.7 GPA or a minimal 20 ACT score to qualify for entree. Students who apply without standardize trial scores may need to take a placement examination. The school allows students to transfer up to 90 credits toward their degree. transfer students need a minimum GPA of 2.0 for eligibility. SOSU is regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. The school besides boasts programmatic accreditation from the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business .

  4. Eastern Washington University
    Cheney, WA
    $ 10751

    Graduation Rate


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    A public university based in Cheney, EWU offers an on-line knight bachelor of arts in commercial enterprise administration in marketing. Students complete 93 quarter credits for the major itself and must finish general education courses to receive the degree. Learners take needed business courses such as principles of fiscal accountancy, introduction to microeconomics, organizational theory and behavior, and business ethics and club. Marketing students complete a three-course serial : buyer behavior, market inquiry, and market management. A elder capstone feel allows students to take a trench dive into a business subject while marketing electives finish degree requirements. Applicants need a high school diploma and one of the follow : a minimum GPA of 2.5, official SAT or ACT scores, or a recommendation letter from a teacher or school counselor. Applicants with a minimal GPA of 3.0 receive automatic admission to the university. EWU is regionally accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities. The school besides holds programmatic accreditation from the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business .

  5. University of Minnesota Crookston
    Crookston, MN
    $ 12135

    Graduation Rate


    View School Profile

    A public university founded in 1966, UMC offers an on-line bachelor of science in market. Students learn current techniques and technologies in the field of marketing and complete an internship at an approve location. Students take 62 credits for the major itself. celebrated path requirements include managerial finance, insertion to management data systems, desegregate commercialize communication, and brand management.

    An internship at an approve placement near the scholar provides hands-on experience in a commercialize environment and mentor from those working in the playing field. Students must finish general education requirements and electives to satisfy degree requirements. Applicants need a high school diploma or GED equivalent to qualify for admission. UMC takes a holistic approach to admissions and does not require a minimal GPA or standardized tests for program eligibility. UMC is regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. The school besides holds programmatic accreditation from the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs .

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