Best Online Business Administration Programs of 2022

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BestColleges is committed to delivering contentedness that is objective and accurate. We have built a network of industry professionals across healthcare and education to review our content and ensure we are providing the best information to our readers. A degree in occupation administration covers economics, accounting, commercialize, legal studies, communication, and the essentials of business management. Read on to learn about the best on-line bachelor ‘s in occupation administration programs and which jobs you can pursue after graduating. For students and working clientele professionals interest in enhancing their clientele acumen through flexible coursework, an on-line knight bachelor ‘s in business government can expand job opportunities and increase yield. Alongside practical business courses like account and management, students delve into best practices used by successful business professionals .
The comply steer reviews common coursework for on-line business degrees, what students should expect, and democratic careers for new graduates with a business degree. An on-line business academic degree offers a virtual path towards assorted careers. Read on to learn about these flexible on-line degrees and see if it ‘s the right fit for you .

What Can I Expect From an Online Bachelor’s in Business Administration Program?

Students interested in an on-line knight bachelor ‘s in business administration typically have firm analytic skills and boom when taking courses that involve mathematics. on-line learners complete 120 credits of general education and occupation classes before commencement. Of those 120 credits, business-related coursework frequently takes up 40-60 credits .
specially hardheaded for working adults, on-line degrees offer a elastic and low-cost way to open career options and boost earning potential .
graduate of Roosevelt University Heller College of Business, Jordan McCreery, advises students to follow their interests when deciding on a program of study .
“ If you are considering working in the business field, find a recess that you love and craft your education around that love, ” McCreery says .
core commercial enterprise classes frequently include principles of management, organizational behavior, and occupation ethics. Degree-seekers besides by and large complete courses in microeconomics, macroeconomics, and accounting. many learners supplement their business coursework with a concentration in management, department of commerce, or finance .
Some on-line business presidency degrees besides offer students the ability to choose between a bachelor of skill and a knight bachelor of arts. This distinction allows learners to tailor their academic degree to academic and career goals. BA students addendum business classes with courses like sociology and history, while BS students focus primarily on extra commercial enterprise electives .
many programs deliver coursework asynchronously. Through record lectures and synergistic on-line activities, these programs provide the flexibility working students need to complete assignments .

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What Courses Will I Take in an Online Bachelor’s in Business Administration Program?

Whether you pursue a bachelor of skill or bachelor of arts in clientele administration, core classes normally cover topics like accounting, selling, and economics .
boron students typically focus on a course of study primarily comprising clientele disciplines. In contrast, BA students often take an interdisciplinary approach, supplementing clientele coursework with courses in sociology, communications, and anthropology .

Principles of Macroeconomics

This introductory course teaches learners the fundamentals of microeconomics. Covered topics include supply and demand, firm and individual behavior theory, and rival and monopoly. on-line students frequently view lecture videos, dispatch read assignments, and take on-line quizzes and exams .

Principles of Accounting

This class highlights the value of meaningful fiscal information used by clientele professionals. Covered topics include fiscal statements, debt and equity financing, and operate expenses .

The Legal Environment of Business

While number-crunching is essential to effective business operations, understanding the business earth ‘s legal landscape is besides significant. In this course, learners delve into business and the Constitution, statutory and common police, consumer protections, and employment law .

Computing in the Business Environment

Through an analysis of both individual and corporate business calculate, this path examines how technology has changed the business landscape. This path besides introduces popular commercial enterprise applications, and degree-seekers study calculator programs they may encounter in business environments .

Communication in Business

This class teaches degree-seekers to write and speak well in a business environment. Learners develop practical presentation skills and efficient business writing ability .

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What Are the Admission Requirements for an Online Bachelor’s in Business Administration Program?

entree requirements for on-line knight bachelor ‘s in occupation administration programs vary, sol prospective learners should pay conclusion care before submitting their applications. The follow section examines some of the most park components and provides far insight .


Most colleges and universities allow students to submit applications online, as opposed to paper-based forms. Higher education applications typically ask for basic demographic information such as an applicant ‘s fully identify, address, social security phone number, and other name features .

Test Scores

For years, most schools asked undergraduates to supply ACT or SAT exchangeable test scores. however, an increasing issue of colleges are dropping this prerequisite. Check with prospective schools about college entrance examination early on to learn if you need to study for and take one of these exams .

Letters of Recommendation

many online bachelor ‘s in business administration programs require applicants to provide letters of recommendation that speak to their readiness for the rigors of higher education. coarse reference point sources include function supervisors, teachers, and mentors .


College application essays provide the opportunity for students to set themselves apart from early candidates by talking about liveliness experiences, motivations, and/or future goals. Applicants should leave ample meter to write a thoughtful, concise application essay .

Official Transcripts

freshman college students must supply high school transcripts, while transmit students must supply transcripts from any college or university they previously attended. official transcripts confirm a learner ‘s GPA and any completed prerequisites, providing schools with details about electric potential transfer credits .

What Can I Do With an Online Bachelor’s in Business Administration Degree?

Career Outlook

An on-line bachelor ‘s in business government degree can help college graduate find job opportunities in populace, individual, and nonprofit settings. This degree can besides prepare learners to pursue a overlord ‘s in business administration .
“ Go decelerate and feel things out, ” McCreery advises. “ Through the end 10+ years of my career I have worked in a kind of consulting roles, all related in one way or another to marketing or management. none of those roles however were something I had considered before the opportunities presented themselves. ”

An on-line knight bachelor ‘s in business presidency applies to many growing fields. For model, the Bureau of Labor Statistics ( BLS ) projects that job opportunities will grow for selling managers ( by 10 % ), homo resources specialists ( by 10 % ), and fiscal analysts ( by 6 % ) between 2020 and 2030 .
Check out our business administration career page to learn more about democratic jobs for graduates .
“ Take your time to understand all of the respective programs that are offered and consider how you would intertwine with those industries after you complete your college travel, ” McCreery says .

Career Paths

Budget Analyst

These professionals assist organizations with fiscal design. Often working closely with stick out and program managers, budget analysts review organizational spending, consolidate budgets, and plan future fiscal needs. These clientele professionals work for populace and private institutions, including governments, colleges, and versatile for-profit businesses. approximately 55,400 budget analysts are working in the U.S. as of 2020 .
Median Annual Salary : $ 78,970

Financial Analyst

fiscal analysts offer their expertness to individuals and businesses, helping them navigate fiscal decisions that ultimately lead to increased profits. These professionals must understand investments and synthesize by and current fiscal information. fiscal analysts often have a specialized area of interest and work as fiscal risk specialists, portfolio managers, and investment analysts .
Median Annual Salary : $ 83,660

Tax Examiner

Working chiefly in federal and state governments, tax examiners review tax filings from businesses and individuals to determine how a lot they owe in taxes. These professionals use business skills and technical cognition to examine tax returns, impart audits, and collect late tax payments .
Median Annual Salary : $ 55,640

Human Resources Specialist

human resources specialists handle recruit, employee relations, and compensation and benefits. These professionals besides work in payroll process and strategic business planning. HR specialists need a working cognition of local, submit, and federal employment regulations .
Median Annual Salary : $ 63,490

Market Research Analyst

These professionals employ their business cognition to examine commercialize conditions and how they affect the sales of services or products. In summation to forecasting sales and commercialize trends, market research analysts use data to scrutinize selling strategies and collect data through surveys, polls, and questionnaires .
Median Annual Salary : $ 65,810

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Continuing Education

Students who complete an on-line knight bachelor ‘s in business administration can pursue many entry-level positions. After working in their chosen industry for a clock, some of these professionals may decide to pursue an boost degree. Students can complete MBA programs or early overlord ‘s degrees in business topics ( for example, market, finance, account, or human relations ) .
While many employers do not require candidates to possess an MBA, completing a calibrate degree can help motivated professionals climb the career ladder more promptly than their colleagues who lone hold a bachelor ‘s. An promote degree can besides lead to managerial positions and higher salaries .

How Do I Choose an Online Bachelor’s in Business Administration Program?


College Board data shows that in-state learners at public schools paid an median of $ 10,560 per year during the 2019-2020 academic class. Those attending private institutions paid an average of $ 37,650 in the same timeframe. Students should understand the true monetary value of their program and the monetary value differences between campus-based and on-line programs before making their choice .

Program Format

Online knight bachelor ‘s in occupation administration programs offer students respective unlike formats. Learners seeking flexibility may choose asynchronous programs, allowing them to log on at times that work good with their schedules. Students can besides choose from part-time and full-time learning formats. Some schools may offer accelerated options for specially motivated students .


When looking at on-line programs, school options open up in terms of localization. however, learners who want to attend an in-person classify occasionally — or are required to visit for campus-based activities — should reconsider choosing a school far away from home plate. If change of location expenses are a concern, pick a school within driving distance .


Students should ensure they attend an accredited school. Failing to do so can spell trouble when transferring credits to a different school, applying for graduate school, or tied finding a job. In addition to ensuring an initiation holds accreditation, students should besides look for programmatic accreditation from an agency such as AACSB .

Student Support

Schools that offer across-the-board support services can make a frightful difference in finding mentorship opportunities and securing top-tier college internships. student services cover an align of confirm programs and are available to both campus-based and on-line learners .

2022 Best Accredited Business Administration Programs

Rankings compiled by the the BestColleges Ranking Team
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How We Rank Schools

At BestColleges, we believe a college department of education is one of the most crucial investments you can make. We want to help you navigate the college choice process by offering guileless, inclusive, and relevant school rankings .
Our rankings are grounded in a few lead principles and use the latest statistical data available from hope sources. Read our ranking methodology. We hope our border on helps you find the school that is best for you .

Frequently Asked Questions About Bachelor’s in Business Administration Programs

What types of jobs can you get with a bachelor’s in business administration?

An on-line bachelor ‘s in business government program prepares graduates for assorted business-related professions. Government agencies, nonprofits, and private businesses all hire graduates with commercial enterprise degrees. between 2020 and 2030, the BLS projects significant job growth for market research analysts ( 22 % ) and operations inquiry analysts ( 25 % ) .

Is business administration a good major?

A bachelor ‘s in commercial enterprise administration is an excellent choice for students who want to enter the business universe with a hardheaded and widely applicable degree. Degree-seekers gain foundational cognition in areas like accountancy, economics, and market .

What are the best online business schools?

The best on-line commercial enterprise schools offer rigorous coursework that prepares learners for careers in business. In addition to theoretical cognition, the best schools provide technical and career trail that students can promptly apply when entering their inaugural post-college career. When searching for the right school, keep in mind that the best programs boast regional accreditation.

Is an online business degree worth it?

For students interest in a flexible degree that applies to many careers, an on-line business degree offers a great paroxysm. In addition to the academic and career benefits of a bachelor ‘s in business administration, the on-line component provides working students with the ability to complete coursework while keeping up with personal and professional obligations .

How long does it take to get an online business degree?

An on-line bachelor ‘s in occupation administration normally takes four years to complete for full-time students. Students transferring general education credits from community colleges or four-year institutions often ending required business classes in about two years .

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Jordan McCreery

Jordan McCreery is a 2009 graduate from Roosevelt University Heller College of Business. Jordan has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration ( BSBA ) with a duplicate major in Marketing and Management. He has worked as a market adviser and talent director with Ingrained Media for the past decade. Jordan has managed world champion athletes like UFC Heavyweight Shane Carwin a well as advising and consulting for companies in a wide range of industries and commercial enterprise verticals. Jordan is an technical and has taught the art of digital media to many business owners .

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