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Online College That Offer Laptops

on-line learners need high-speed internet and a dependable computer. Students use their devices to run academician software and store course files. Some learners get a dislodge college laptop from their school. Others supply their own calculator. According to the 2018 Students and Technology Research Study, 94 % of college students consider their laptops essential to their academic success .
Old, slow laptops can complicate on-line learn. To help enrollees, some colleges provide on-line college technical school fringe benefit. This page explains college technical school perk up programs. prospective students can besides explore some schools that provide laptops for on-line college .

How to Get a Laptop for Online College

Some schools provide discounted or release college laptops for enrollees. program terms and eligibility vary by school. Some schools roll laptop costs into tutelage or engineering fees. Students can use fiscal aid to pay these fees. early schools provide no-cost laptop lender programs .
Some on-line learners do not qualify for unblock college laptops through their school. however, they can pursue other low-cost laptop options. For case, they can use their tax refund to buy a laptop. Some students borrow laptops from friends or syndicate members who have an extra device.

Nonprofits such as Computers With Causes and Notebooks for Students extend recycled laptops to qualifying students. exchangeable organizations include the Alliance for Technology Refurbishing & Reuse and The On It Foundation .

What is a Student Laptop Program?

many higher education institutions offer on-line college technical school perks. These perks can include barren academic software and IT help oneself. Most schools expect learners to use their own laptops. however, some colleges offer student laptop programs that provide spare, discounted, or loaner devices to eligible students. College technical school fringe benefit programs differ by school .
Some schools provide discounted devices by partnering with stores or companies. Schools may require full-time registration for students to participate in a laptop course of study. Some higher education institutions only provide loose college laptops to new students .
laptop ownership normally transfers to students once they graduate or complete a certain issue of credits. Learners who withdraw may need to return or purchase their laptops . is an advertising-supported site. Featured or trusted collaborator programs and all school search, finder, or equal results are for schools that compensate us. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or early editorially-independent information published on this locate .

Featured Online Programs

Find a platform that meets your affordability, flexibility, and department of education needs through an accredited, on-line school .

How Student Technology Policies Work

engineering policies differ by school. See below for data on how on-line college technical school fringe benefit programs work .

  • Obtaining the Laptop

    Some schools mail technology packages before classes begin. These packages contain laptops and software. early schools provide free college laptops when new students arrive on campus. Some institutions transfer laptop ownership to enrollees when they reach a minimum number of credits .
    College technical school fringe benefit programs may require students to claim their laptops within the first semester or class to qualify .

  • Software and Hardware Updates

    Many schools with laptop loaner programs do not allow learners to download media. Students also cannot upgrade hardware or software on borrowed devices. College tech perk programs usually include information technology help desk assistance with upgrades.

  • Damages and Theft

    Many college tech perk programs include warranties or insurance for school-provided devices. These protections provide IT-desk assistance with hardware or software malfunctions. Online college tech perks sometimes include damage and theft protection. However, many schools require learners who lose or break their devices to pay for them.

  • Student Status

    Some online colleges only provide technology packages to first-year students. Transfer students may qualify for free college laptop programs at some institutions. Students must usually complete a certain number of credits or graduate before they own their school-issued device. Some college tech perk programs only require students to complete 1-4 semesters before they own their laptop.

Online Schools With Tech Perk Programs

Most colleges offer technology services for distance learners. These services can include downloadable academic software and a virtual IT help desk. Enrollees in certain majors may besides receive especial devices and software .
Eligibility criteria and program rules vary. Learners should review their prospective school ‘s engineering policies and programs. The section below includes information on on-line college technical school perk up programs.

Online Colleges That Give Free Laptops

  • American National University

    This individual school is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools. All new U.S.-based enrollees receive complimentary laptops and academic software. Students receive their devices in the mail about a week before school begins .
    on-line students use these laptops to access ANU ‘s eLearning resources. These resources include the Canvas course management system and Global Learn television conferencing .

  • Bethel University

    Bethel is a christian university in McKenzie, Tennessee. The school provides loose laptops to Tennessee residents enrolled in the College of Adult & Professional Studies. Graduate enrollees can besides receive spare laptops .
    eligible students receive their laptop in the chain mail after enrolling and completing an on-line orientation. Learners own their laptops after paying tutelage and fees for their first condition. Students who withdraw during their first terminus must return their laptops .

  • Chatham University

    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-based Chatham provides 13-inch MacBook Air laptops for all freshman students. Some transfer students besides qualify. eligible students besides receive backpacks and Speck cases. Participants sign a Student Technology Program Computer Agreement. This grants full MacBook possession to recipients when they graduate .
    Chatham ‘s engineering fee funds the laptop platform. Learners receive four-year AppleCare Warranty coverage. Laptops besides include SafeWare Accidental Damage Protection and SafeWare Theft Protection. Students get detached access to Chatham ‘s Helpdesk Repair Services .

  • Full Sail University

    Full Sail is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges. This private university in Winter Park, Florida, provides technology packages to all learners .
    Through Project LaunchBox, students receive iPads and laptops. They besides receive software and accessories. Degree-seekers may get extra gear and software during their second gear class. Learners pay for their engineering package as region of their tutelage. They keep their devices and software upon graduation .
    Students pursuing computer-related majors receive HP laptops. These devices include professional software and diligence technologies. other majors receive MacBook Pros with particular hardware and software for their academic degree. Media majors receive gear such as cameras and media-creation software .

  • Moravian University

    moravian is a private free arts university accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher education. An Apple Distinguished School, Moravian provides MacBook Pro laptops and iPads to newly students .
    These devices include AppleCare+ warranties. The warranties cover hardware and software malfunction. Learners can contact Moravian ‘s IT help desk for help oneself setting up and troubleshooting their devices. Students can download software and access campus resources through a provide laptop application .

  • Strayer University

    Strayer is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher department of education. This for-profit school in Washington, D.C., offers laptops to new students. Returning enrollees with at least six courses remaining can besides receive devices. Laptops include Microsoft software. Strayer does not replace lost, stolen, or crack laptops.

    Recipients must return their laptop or pay $ 350 if they do not complete at least three of their first four quarters. Strayer besides offers loaner laptops that students must return when they leave the school .

  • University of Minnesota Crookston

    UMC is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. The school gives 14-inch HP Elitebooks to on-campus staff and students. UMC began its laptop broadcast in 1993 .
    At the startle of each terminus, UMC provides university-owned laptops to enrollees. Students who withdraw from UMC must return these laptops. They can besides buy them from the university at grocery store value .

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