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In 1997, Sullivan ’ s Graduate Programs graduated its first master in business students. presently, programs of study include : master of Business Administration ( MBA ), Executive Master of Business Administration ( EMBA ), Master of Science in Managing Information Technology ( MSMIT ), Master of Science in Human Resource Leadership ( MSHRL ), Master of Science in Management, and a dual degree – master in business with MSMIT. The first Doctoral program was added in 2010 — the Ph.D. in Management — that now offers concentrations in Strategic Management, Conflict Management, Human Resource Leadership, or Information Technology ( IT ) Management. With a scholar-practitioner model built into the course of study — and staff with that lapp educational and professional background — Master’s-level students gain cognition that is applicable in their current positions and begins to see immediate recognition in their workplaces. In the PhD program, the students actually conduct inquiry throughout their coursework which better prepares them for dissertation research. This is noteworthy, because students have the opportunity to potentially have their solve published before they even graduate with their doctoral Degree. Many of the graduate school programs are experiential in nature and offer students the ability to apply profit practical cognition into their careers. Course modalities available include on-line or on-campus. On-campus classes are blended course models offering students auxiliary on-line instruction a well as the opportunity to interact and learn in the classroom. One of the best alumnus School platform aspects lies in its diverse scholar population. With a ample international student body, there is an add level of ball-shaped business perspective that is unique to Sullivan University .
The Ph.D. program hosts an annual residency retirement that brings students and faculty together for a pack weekend of network and sessions. This event is designed to provide insightful information and a supportive environment for students. It is besides an opportunity for them to meet and develop personal/professional relationships with one another, the staff, and faculty .
Most students in Master ‘s and Doctoral programs have already gained the technical skills necessity to be successful in their respective fields during their undergraduate programs of sketch. With a Master ‘s Degree, the focus is on the skills students need to move into industry management and leadership roles. many graduates of the PhD program are able to apply their inquiry and experiences moving forth as university staff members, industry consultants, and subject matter experts.

Dr. Tim Swenson, the Associate Provost and Executive Dean of the College of Business and Technology, earned his Bachelor ‘s and Master ‘s Degrees from Bellarmine University and completed his doctor’s degree from Argosy University. He is besides a certifiable management accountant and is in his 26th year with Sullivan University. Beginning first as an adjunct staff member in 1994, he has been the associate provost and Dean of the Graduate School since 2012 and is viscerally passionate about helping students pave their path for success.

many of our programs offer students the ability to far specialize their education. Each of our programs emphasizes the want for qualitative and quantitative managerial skills in the problem-solving kingdom .
Dr. Timothy Swenson,
Executive Dean and Associate Provost

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