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I posted an honest recapitulation of this company but forgot to add photos. therefore I posted a second base review to add the photograph. Later I receive an electronic mail from the caller saying they couldn ’ t post my photos because they were not of items I purchased from them alone Apple. They were absolutely photos of their bands vitamin a well as bands purchased from Apple. I posted photos of Apple ’ mho bands and theirs to show the discrepancies. The revue title was Great Bands, so it was posted to their web site. The first base review was not posted so I ’ thousand post here in hopes that it will help others regarding purchasing bands from or not. I thought this was a great company and even said indeed in my review ; however, after how they ’ ve behaved over an honest inspection I no longer support them ! ! !

here is my original review they wouldn ’ thymine mail :

I ordered three Nike sport expressive style vigil bands in colors that are no longer available from Apple or Nike to match some of my Nike shoes. I ordered based on the many reviews stating that they are the lapp as the authentic Apple watch bands … they are NOT the same.

Apparently the people saying these bands ARE “ the like as the Apple bands ”, and that they “ are equal to or better than the Apple bands ” must own other replica and not actual Apple watch bands.

Case and point, the holes on these bands sit higher and are not american samoa smooth as the genuine Apple bands. Some of the holes on the bands are flush different sizes. The holes on the s/m are larger than the m/l on the two dark bands. The authentic Apple bands are a tad long and wider than these bands, have a nice tactile property, and are decidedly made from a different material. other than that, I ’ d say they ’ re a pretty adequate dupe/replica of the Nike Sport Bands.

That being said ; overall, if you ’ re good looking for an cheap set for your Apple Watch, then these are for you. however, if you ’ re ampere finical as I am, then these aren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate for you. As for me … I ’ ll silent might wear these during my workouts to match my shoes, but not so much to other public places.

Please note, this company never made claims that they were identical to authentic Apple lookout bands. The company even clearly states that their bands are thin. nothing at all against this party … I ’ m just excessively finical like I stated earlier. I must admit though that I ’ m tempted to try the Nike Sport Loop Band replica to see how they compare with the real McCoy … possibly, lol.

besides, the colors of the bands were great, and were packaged nicely, shipping time to Texas was actually effective, ( specially for USPS ), and customer serve is top notch ! Furthermore, I paid less for these three bands than what I normally pay for one authentic Apple Watch Nike Sport Band, making these bands an excellent rate ! ! !

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