Facebook Messenger Icons and Symbols: What Do They Mean?

In which we explain what all the Facebook Messenger icons and symbols mean and how to use them by rights. The many icons and symbols used across Facebook Messenger can be reasonably confusing. then, what do they all mean ? In this article, we ‘ll explain what all the Facebook Messenger icons and symbols mean .

What Do the Symbols Mean on Facebook Messenger?

We ‘ve researched the most common icons and symbols on Facebook Messenger to find out what purpose they serve. here ‘s everything you need to know.

Infographic on Facebook Messenger Icons and Symbols: What Do They Mean?

1. Facebook Messenger Icon: Open Blue Circle

facebook checkmark sending
The afford bluing encircle, Facebook Messenger icon, means that your message is presently sending .
It ‘s best if you do n’t navigate away from the message while the outdoors amobarbital sodium circle is present because you may risk losing your message if you exit before it ‘s sent .

2. Facebook Messenger Icon: Open Blue Circle + Checkmark

facebook checkmark sending
The open blue circle with a checkmark means that your message has been delivered .
At this period, you should be able to navigate away from the message without any worries, but the person you are sending the message to may not be able to see it however .

3. Facebook Messenger Icon: Filled Blue Circle + Check

facebook checkmark blue sent
A fill up blasphemous circle with a checkmark means that your message has been delivered .
While the person may not have seen your message yet, you can be confident that it ‘ll be available to them whenever they next check their call, pad, or calculator .

4. Facebook Messenger Icon: Red Triangle + Exclamation

facebook checkmark red failed
A red triangle with an ecphonesis point should only appear if your message is n’t sent due to an internet connection outage. It is arguably the least coarse Messenger symbol .
MAKEUSEOF VIDEO OF THE DAY A message should appear alongside the loss triangulum that says, “ This message did n’t send. Check your internet connection and click to try again. ” Avoid navigating away from the foliate until your internet connection is working, or save a copy of your message offline to ensure your data is not lost .

How to Know If Someone Saw Your Facebook Message

messenger message seen
If person has seen your Facebook message on the Messenger app, a miniature, circular interpretation of their profile photograph should appear underneath the last message they read .
You ‘ll besides see the word “ Seen ” displayed under a message that has been read, along with a timestamp to let you know when the recipient opened it .

How to Hide That You’ve Read a Facebook Message

Facebook has a feature of speech that allows you to mark messages as unread, which has led many people to think that they can read a message without the transmitter knowing it has been read. unfortunately, Facebook ‘s Mark as Unread option is fair an inbox sorting creature and wo n’t retract the learn reception .
aside from using third-party add-ons in browsers, the only way to avoid person knowing you ‘ve seen their message is not to open it .

Can Strangers Send You Messages on Facebook?

Facebook has besides made changes to the way that strangers can send you a message. immediately, if person you do n’t know wants to contact you, three things will happen :

  1. First, you will receive a notification that you have a message request.
  2. Second, you will have the option to either Ignore or Accept the message after reading it.
  3. Finally, a notification will remain on Messenger to let you know that you are not friends with the other person in the message.

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What Is a Message Request?

A message request is a notification that you receive if person you are not friends with sends you a message on Facebook .
This update improves upon older versions of Facebook Messenger, where messages from non-friends would be sorted into the Other folder in your Messenger inbox .

How to Delete Facebook Messages

messenger delete message
There are four different ways to hide or delete messages on Facebook :

  1. Archiving a conversation will move it out of your Inbox and into the Archived folder. The action is reversible.
  2. Deleting a conversation will delete every message sent from your inbox but not from the other person’s inbox. This action is non-reversible.
  3. Deleting Messages will allow you to select specific messages to permanently delete from your inbox (and, if you wish, the other person’s inbox).
  4. Blocking Messages will prevent another person in the conversation from sending you any further messages. This action is reversible.

It ‘s besides significant to know that you can appear offline on Facebook or block person from sending you messages without blocking them completely. This workaround is excellent for awkward social media situations .

How to Use Messenger Without Facebook

While Facebook created Messenger specifically for the platform, it can immediately operate independently of Facebook if you provide the app with your fluid earphone act. You can besides take advantage of other integrations that Messenger offers. still, if you are wary of over-reliance on Facebook services, using Messenger is a great way to chat without wholly diving into the ecosystem .
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What Can You Add to Your Facebook Messages?

Facebook has added a long ton of features that allow you to make your Messenger conversations dynamic and interactional. additionally, there are many Messenger accessory apps that enable you to do anything from singing your friends a song to adding stickers to your selfies .
If you ‘d prefer not to download external apps, Facebook Messenger has GIFs, stickers, and voice recording features that can help you dazzle your friends .
If you ‘re looking for more tips, we ‘ve written about some hidden Facebook Messenger tricks you should try veracious now, along with how to use Facebook Messenger Rooms .

Facebook Messenger Alternatives

Although many users have taken issue with Messenger ‘s permission requirements, it remains one of the most-used message apps about. At the last count, it had over 1.3 billion active users, with 20 billion messages sent every month. That means that you ‘ll about constantly be able to contact the person you want to connect with .
other popular alternatives to Messenger include WhatsApp ( though it is more prevailing in Europe than the US ), Viber, and Telegram. If you live in Asia, check out WeChat and Line. And remember, Messenger besides works with Facebook ‘s other major service, Instagram .

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