13 Fastest WordPress Hosting Companies (High-Performance)

Do you know that by choosing the fastest WordPress hosting you can reduce the web site bounce rate by 123 % ?
Hosting is imperative. It is the most crucial part of your WordPress site. It is something that hardwires your WordPress web site with accelerate, performance, and responsiveness. During the earlier day of the internet, we didn ’ t have ampere much WordPress host as we have now .
More importantly, several hosting sites claim to be the fastest sol, how can one distinguish and decide which hosting service is the best for his/her WordPress site ?
furthermore, speed or operation matters, but early things need to be evaluated to select the most cost-efficient so far powerful hosting.

Since comparing all the WordPress hosting out there and determining the best one for your WordPress web site would ’ ve been boring, we ’ ve managed to incorporate all the substantive information in equitable one article .
We selected the 12 fastest hosting for WordPress. We researched their performance and reviews. We came up with this article to tell you all about them .
This article has all the features, specification, costs, operation reviews, and much more for you so that you can narrow your decision and select the best host equally soon as possible .
so, without any farther bustle – let ’ s start .

The Top 12 Fastest WordPress Hosting in 2022

Managed Cloud Hosting Platform

for respective e-commerce businesses and digital agencies. The hosting attributes of CloudWays are simple to implicate with guarantee functionality .
meaning features include five cloud-based host providers, unlimited applications, complete PHP support, and a up-to-date control panel. furthermore, the built-in tools for tasks like security management, automated day by day backups, and 24/7 accurate observation of site-based activities guarantee a sedate feel for entrepreneurs with primary commercial enterprise responsibilities and even for beginners to focus on other meaning digital areas .
far technical queries are handled by a highly responsive team of CloudWays experts that remain active 24/7 and get back to you with the solution in less than a few minutes. CloudWays besides warranty the scalable performance of your digital occupation with extensive means of the optimize smokestack, built-in CDN, auto-healing, and PHP 7.3 ready servers .
overall, CloudWays is the fastest WordPress hosting supplier, which grants e-commerce businesses the massive potential to acquire utmost benefits for their site ’ s functionality and a satisfactory conversation and sales rates .
The elastic pricing scheme at CloudWays categorizes plans into four significant parts starting from $ 12 per calendar month, $ 26 per month, $ 50 per month and ultimately $ 96 per month .
Each plan offers necessity features, including 24/7 customer back, release migration and SSL certificates, no lock-in, unlimited applications, and paid custom-made plugins. however, the higher paid plans have included several premium attributes that the basic CloudWays plan lacks .

Kinsta Hosting
Kinsta is the fastest WordPress hosting provider based on our research. It offers a diverseness of plans for its users. It offers its users cloud-based WordPress host that is powered by Google Cloud. This combination of Kinsta ’ second features and Google ’ s Cloud have enables Kinsta to offer its users speed and operation .
Some of the most visible features of Kinsta include server-level caching, free CDN, daily backups (automatic), free SSL certificate, free migrations, and SSH access .
You can well find all of the features listed above in the pricing plans of Kinsta. besides, Kinsta doesn ’ metric ton have tiered accompaniment levels. however, the platform placid provided bounty 24/7 support to its customers .
The cost of Kinsta starts from $ 30/month. The begin plan will give you a 10 GB disk distance, 20k monthly visits, dislodge CDN with a 50 GB limit, and a single WordPress install .
other plans are available like the pro that costs $60/month, the business that has a begin price of $100/month and the enterprise-level plan that starts from $600/month .
As you upgrade your design, you upgrade your site ’ randomness performance and speed. Plus, Kinsta gives your several features besides .
The Flywheel is yet another mighty WordPress hosting supplier that has several cliched plans available for you. From freelancers to enterprise-level organizations, all can easily avail Flywheel ’ s revolutionary services to build their business websites .
Flywheel is on this number, which means that it is one of the fastest web hosting for WordPress, but did you know that most of the features and spectacles of Flywheel are exchangeable to Kinsta .
The Flywheel is besides supported by Google Cloud ; it besides includes a rid CDN. The platform offers an innovative dashboard that lets you manage your WordPress locate .
Flywheel besides mechanically creates a backing of your data. There ’ s a custom caching locomotive installed. Flywheel has numerous data centers around the worldly concern in which your data is being stored safely .
The Flywheel is, by all means, cost-efficient as compared to Kinsta, and we believe that with identical features and spectacles to Kinsta, Flywheel becomes the better choice here due to its price plans .
You can easily get Flywheel ’ s hosting for a broken as $15/month ; however, there equitable one apprehension. This plan for only $ 15 restricts the number of visits you ’ ll catch per calendar month to 5,000 .
But don ’ thyroxine worry, Flywheel besides offers other plans that you can avail of to attain more visits. The upgrade plan is available for $ 30, and this plan allows you to have up to 25,000 visitors and 10 GB of harrow outer space that you can use to safely store your data .
furthermore, Flywheel gives you an put up to avail of its host for free for 2 months if you sign up for the annual design. besides, mercenary and agency plans cost $ 115/month to freelancers and $ 290/month to agencies .

Fastest WordPress in Europe

WP Engine or WordPress engine is, as the name suggests, particularly built for WordPress. This knock-down engine gives you a across-the-board variety show of features. It helps you lay the initiation of your web site on a reliable, scalable, and rapid infrastructure. I can simple campaigner in the top 3 fastest wp hosting
Some lease features that the WP Engine provides to its users are built-in hoard, absolve SSL certificates, built in CDN, quick and easy site initiation, easy spy, performance track, and 24/7 accompaniment .
The platform besides gives you a diagnostics option that you can use to diagnose problems within your WordPress site .
Since WordPress is known for its cost-effectiveness, the WP Engine is no different. This performance-oriented WordPress hosting supplier offers the startup plan for alone $25. This plan gives you a whopping 25,000 visits capability and 10 GB of storage to safely backup your web site .
Comparing the cost of the above-mentioned two WordPress hosting providers, WP Engine has a competitive border with its advanced offerings. furthermore, new deals and offers pop up on the WP Engine locate through which you can avail the host at an evening lower price .
furthermore, premium plans such as Growth cost $ 115/month, Scale design for $ 290/month, and the enterprise-level plan for $ 400/month .
Considering the fact that WP Engine was already providing several features in the $ 25 inauguration plan, one can alone imagine what it would offer in the more advanced plans .
Oh, and did we forget to tell you that you can get your money back in 60 days if you ’ re not satisfied with the host ? Well, you can because WP Engine does give this volunteer to its customers .
SiteGround is literally one of the few WordPress hosting providers that WordPress.org itself recommends like early the one Bluehost ( Siteground volt Bluehost )
This increasingly becoming popular WordPress host is ideal for those on a budget .
From cost-efficient plans to respective advance features, SiteGround has everything all set thus that you can just buy their host avail for WordPress and start running a successful commercial enterprise .
Considering the fact that most startups opt for MVPs or have a humble budget, in the beginning, SiteGround covers this view by providing its customers with possibly the most cost-efficient hosting out there .
besides, you get WordPress locate transfer, WordPress Installation, and automatic updates and backups with SiteGround .
The innovative feature of speech of SiteGround is the Super-cacher. This marvelous feature gives your WordPress site more speed in load time and more performance, which means a more positive customer experience .
The specific features work by caching your WordPress web site on multiple levels that allow it to improve your site ’ randomness loading time .
As mentioned earlier, the monetary value of SiteGround is highly low-cost for businesses. The Startup Plan of SiteGround gives you hosting for good $3.95 .
It gives your 10,000 visitors with this ; you get 10 GB of storage to backup your data safely, and you get several early features that help you with your WordPress locate .
besides, the fib doesn ’ thyroxine goal here. SiteGround besides has other offers available for your commercial enterprise and those at cost-efficient prices .
You can signup for the GrowBig plan for just $5.95/month, which is not a big remainder if you compare it with the inauguration plan .
You can besides get the enterprise-level packages or GoGeek package for fair $11.95/month .
here ’ s a pro-tip for you ; keep in mind that the prices mentioned above are promotional, which means SiteGround ’ s hosting might cost you more after the inaugural charge .
To avoid this, we recommend that you buy the host for at least three years indeed that the host rates remain the lapp for a longer menstruation .
DreamHost is so far another herculean but cost-efficient and authentic WordPress hosting supplier available in the market nowadays .
At its core, DreamHost was founded to provide freelancers and entrepreneurs with the facility of getting an on-line bearing ready but at cheap rates .
furthermore, there are several DreamHost host providers ’ features because it is on this list. From VPS to innovative WordPress hosting plans, DreamHost literally offers everything.

DreamHost ’ s rush is besides noteworthy given the fact that it is offering such amazing services at such low pricing .
WordPress comes pre-installed with DreamHost. It has a free subscription to Jetpack premium. There are respective other security-related benefits ascribable to the WordPress ’ s Web Application Firewall ( WAF ) .
DreamHost is so far another cost-efficient platform and stands among the best WordPress hosting providers .
The Basic plan that DreamHost offers to its hearing starts at $16.95/month. This box includes one locate, 10,000 monthly visitors, 5 GB of phonograph record distance, etc .
There ’ south besides a plus plan available for just $24.95/month and the Pro Plan for $ 71.95/month. DreamHost besides gives you respective low-cost shared plans that you can leverage to boost your WordPress site ’ s performance on-line .
Read More: In-depth Dreamhost Review .
offer uptime up to 99.96 % and lode time up to 584 MS, Bluehost stands as the most useful and credible WordPress hosting provider. Bluehost is well known among WordPress users, and all because of a few simple reasons, it ’ sulfur cheap, herculean. Most of the time, it doesn ’ t have any operation issues .
Bluehost is besides one of the few host providers that are formally recommended by WordPress.org. Their plans besides come with barren SSL certification, staging environment, and easy to install WordPress features .
besides, Bluehost has a massive community, so any issue you face with the hosting already has a solution. even if this doesn ’ triiodothyronine entice you, there ’ mho besides 24/7 customer accompaniment that is super-helpful all the clock .
Bluehost is besides an extremely cost-efficient and herculean hosting supplier. It gives you all the essential features that you need to run your web site from the start. The starting price of Bluehost is $ 2.75/month if you select the 36-month plan .
furthermore, the refilling charges for this plan are $ 7.99/month. besides, the hosting providers offer a money-back guarantee .
Read More : entire Bluehost review .
HostGator is besides a knock-down and celebrated hosting provider that offers uptime up to 99.97 % and load fourth dimension up to 273 MS to more than 10 million domains .
With free transfers, backups, WordPress-optimized services, and inexhaustible bandwidth, HostGator provides one of the best WordPress host services .
precisely like Bluehost, HostGator besides has custom-made WordPress host solutions for users. For high-traffic sites, these custom-made packages are the best. The host is besides mobile-friendly as it enables your web site to load faster on mobile devices .
furthermore, the 24/7 live support feature by HostGator adds more value to the already firm and dependable services by HostGator .
The initial originate price of HostGator is $ 5.95/month, and if you sign up for the 36-month plan. The refilling tip of HostGator is $ 9.95/month .
The pricing is quite low-cost in our position. Considering the features that HostGator gives you, such as rapid loading time, high dependability, one-click WordPress install, and free site transfer, it is a rate for money deal. besides, there ’ s a 45-days money-back guarantee .
ChemiCloud is a hosting provider that offers many hosting services including shared, VPS, reseller, and WordPress host. It is relatively a new company in the market and consequently, is least popular among others .
The shared host plan helps the company positions itself as a company that guarantees 99.99 % uptime. Like any other host supplier, ChemiCloud besides offers respective authoritative free features. Among the respective host services offered by ChemiCloud, shared host is the most use one .
They offer reasonably standard features for any host company with a few things that differentiate them. The most important feature is its promising speed that masks its high prices and early damaging sides .
The web host starter costs $ 3.95 per month and provides 15 GB SSD and 1 web site. Web Hosting Pro costs $ 6.95 and provides a 25 GB SSD. Web hosting Turbo is $ 10.95 which provides 35 GB SSD .
All these plans provide unlimited bandwidth and a detached SSL certificate .
BionicWp is a new kind of wield WordPress host chopine for freelancers, agencies and businesses. In this kind of hosting you will find integrate updates, backups, security system and high travel rapidly .
performance and high rush is the core feature of speech of this managed host platform. besides, they are great at security system with Daily Malware Scanning and a dedicate WordPress Firewall .
BionicWp has an Nginx + FGCI + PHP 7.4 with Hyper Optimized Stack configuration so their pull off host is adequate to of baron a high volume of visits with an amazing performance. besides, the sites are served through a high-performance CDN .
The price for 1 website hosted with 20.000 visitors and 5 GB Disk Quota plus 50Gb bandwidth is $ 27.5/monthly. In case you want to add Bionic Speed features that give you 90+ grade on GTmetrix it will cost an extra of $ 9/month .
BionicWp is a short expensive but if you consider what they offer I think it is worth the monetary value. If you want to manage server where you do n’t waste your time on options and configurations this is a great solution .
besides with an extra $25/month you can receive the corroborate of an adept that can help with 30min of unlimited edits of your WordPress web site .
Hostinger is a european caller but has its data centers in the USA and Asia. This WordPress hosting supplier offers 99.81 %, 321 MS cargo clock, 24/7 live chat, among many other features .
Despite being the most cost-efficient WordPress host supplier, Hostinger is extremely knock-down and offers several advantages to the buyer .
Some of the advantages that Hostinger offers are a built-in WordPress web site builder for beginners, WordPress guides and tutorials, and an extremely competitive uptime .
however, in September 2020, they had a 14-hour outage that dropped the overall uptime to 99.81 % from 99.96 %. Since then, we ’ ve never observed downtime .
The cheapest WordPress plan that Hostinger offers starts at $ 2.15/month, that is, if you sign up for a 48-month design. furthermore, the renewal of the same offer will cost you $ 3.49/month. besides, this plan includes some ace features such as 20GB storage space and outright bandwidth .
additionally, you ’ ll get a free SSL certificate, locate migration, and one dedicated electronic mail explanation. Plus, there ’ s a 30-day money-back guarantee if you ’ re not satisfied with the services .
A2 Hostinger
A2 Hosting offers a stun and highly competitive uptime commemorate of 99.98 % and a load fourth dimension of 299 MS. besides, the A2 Hosting for WordPress hosting ‘s cost-effectiveness makes the plan flush more intuitive and desirable .
Hostinger claims to be 20x faster than your current host, which is a boldface statement. however, the authenticity of this title can only be determined once you start using their services .
furthermore, all of their plans have SSL documentation, Cloudflare CDN ( free ), unlimited bandwidth, and 100 GB SSD Storage absolutely free. besides, you get the feature to change your hosting whenever you want. They ’ re available 24/7 for you on live chat and on the telephone besides .
The cheapest, most low-cost WordPress host design that they offer is priced at $ 2.99/month if you ’ re bequeath to reserve their host for 36 months. The renewal of the host would cost you $ 8.99/month .
here ’ second where A2 Hosting in truth stands out, they ’ ra offer you inexhaustible electronic mail accounts and web site transfers for a minimal price. Plus, their optimize several and free web site migrations just add more value to the packages they ’ rhenium offer .
last but not the least, Site5. This perplex and feature-packed WordPress host has an astonishing uptime of 99.99 % and a load time of 550 MS. Although Site5 is not the cheapest WordPress hosting supplier on this tilt, the several features of this hosting site make it the most desirable in terms of a web site .
Site5 is best for expert developers and designers because of the highly sophisticate control panel, stable host, and good customer military service and know .
Site5 besides has several features alike to other WordPress hosting providers on this list, such as Cloudflare CDN, 247 customer support and service, and site transfer .
Site5 is a bit expensive because even the cheapest design they have will cost you $ 8.34/month for 24 months plus, you get a money-back guarantee of 45 days .

Over To You

That ’ s all, folks. now that you know all about the top 12 fastest WordPress host, we bet that it will become easier for you to decide the best platform according to your requirements.

furthermore, since there are pricing plans available for you to avail of at any fourth dimension, we would recommend that you start with the inauguration plan and slowly upgrade your way up to the ace plan .
besides, since every WordPress host can enhance your site ’ south accelerate, operation, user feel, and much more, we think it doesn ’ t matter which one you choose from the list mentioned above .
Any platform you choose will offer everything from security to backup to operation and speed. Do n’t forget to get a fast WordPress subject excessively .

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