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last workweek I posted Part 1 of No-Regret Homeschooling. last week and this week are things I ’ ve spoken about in interviews I ’ ve done but haven ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate receive on the site before. nowadays ’ randomness is about after we make the decision to homeschool and stepping into it .

Moving Forward with No Regrets

After we make the decision to homeschool, insecurities start to creep in. Yes, we love our children, but is that adequate ? I ’ meter not a teacher. I don ’ thyroxine get mathematics. I am already busy. Won ’ t it cost a fortune to do it well ? What if I can ’ t do it ? What if what I have to give my child international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate enough ?
here comes our following step towards no-regret homeschooling. We need to make a decisiveness on how to approach homeschooling. We can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate let panic force us into a wrong choice here. We need to choose with the confidence we built with our choice to homeschool in the foremost set .
The fear decision would be to imitate what the schools do, the fear being that your child will get behind and not learn what the kids in school are learning. This leads to desks in rows, slurred overpriced textbooks, very expensive on-line schools, intensive all-day on-line programs, and other such stress-inducing options.

The concern is that what you offer your child might be somehow less than what they would get in school. But, remember, you ’ ve already decided that what they have to offer in school international relations and security network ’ t what you want for your child. If school is what you wanted for your child, you ’ vitamin d send them there. If you ’ ve already decided not to send your child to educate, why would you want to replicate it ?
then there is the diffidence, looking at others and comparing them to yourself. These early homeschoolers have their stuff together. Their kids are so accomplished. The fear-based decision would be to just imitate them, hoping to replicate their children ’ south success. While there ’ second nothing wrong with gleaning wisdom from those who have gone earlier, there ’ s a adult trouble with just doing what others are doing simply because you don ’ triiodothyronine want to take province for the decision yourself .
We have to deal with the underlying fear of the duty of educating your children. Educating your children is not separate from parenting them. We love them. We do our best to guide them. They ALL will make mistakes because we ’ re all raising humans. One mistake, one bad decision has ruined some lives, but a loving family doesn ’ thymine lose it at that point. A love parent doesn ’ thyroxine have their identity wrapped up in their children. Their children ’ south success is a rejoice to them, and their failures aren ’ t an embarrassment, but a place to reach out in love to help them back up and on their room. Regardless of whether your child goes to Harvard or community college or skips college wholly, what they do or don ’ thyroxine do is not a observation of your dignity .
Love keeps no phonograph record of ill-timed doing. Love doesn ’ metric ton hold anything your child does against them. Love forgives. Love keeps its arms open. Love doesn ’ t say, “ After all I did for you… ” Love says, “ I would do it all again. ”
so, let ’ s look at the flip side of deciding how we will approach homeschooling : the love-based decision. You love your child. You know your child best. You know your family. Your decision as to how you will approach homeschooling will be arsenic alone as your child and your family .
I like to say that homeschooling is just an elongation of parenting. You have been teaching your child their wholly life. You taught them their beginning words. You taught them what a tree was. You taught them how to use utensil. You ’ ve been teaching them all along. Why should it stop now ? You were made for this .
Each class has its own unique culture. Each family is made up of different people, so each family interacts in unlike ways. There are some general categories such as those families who run their lives by agenda and enjoy each day being the same, and those who like gamble and fly by the seat of their pants. Some families have movie nights, and some read loudly to each other. Some families are large and have lots of extended family nearby for lots of gatherings, and some are little and spend most of their time by themselves.

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We like to categorize everything like that, but the accuracy is biography international relations and security network ’ thyroxine that neat and orderly. We ’ re all a mix of lots of different things. And that shuffle in each of us as humans mixes with the shuffle in the other humans we live with, creating our family secret sauce that no one else has .
Your rear is singular. No one else ’ s home is fair like yours. It can ’ thyroxine be. It ’ s made up of different people. You may have things in common with them, but you have different families. You have unlike traditions, customs, not barely big things like holidays, but the daily traditions and customs. Do you rise early without an alarm and open the kids ’ bedroom doors with a sung on your lips to wake and ready them for the day ? Do you drag out of seam on the fourth snooze after your kids are already up and cerealed and watching television receiver ?
We all do things differently. My family sits down together for a homemade breakfast each dawn, but lunchtime is a free-for-all-survival-style-every-man-for-himself know. To each his own .
Our families are unlike. Our rear is different. Each relationship is alone, so the parents ’ relationship with each child is different, even within the same family. People are unique. You are unique. Your kids are singular. Your family is alone. Your rear is unique to you, and your homeschooling will be unique to you .
That ’ s the point of all that. Be your own homeschoolers. just like we don ’ thymine want to look to the school and copy that, we don ’ thymine want to look to others to copy them. They aren ’ metric ton you. They will never be you. Their kids are not yours. You don ’ t want your kids to be their kids. You want your kids to be themselves. Let your kids be themselves and don ’ t try to push them into person else ’ mho cast .
I hope you can agree that you want your kids to be raised to be all they can be, not all that person else has decided they should be, including you. Love your kids enough to want them to grow into who they were created to be, not your theme of who they should be .
We need to be clear on our love motivation. We can ’ metric ton let selfishness creep in and start looking at ourselves. We need to make sure we ’ re dislodge of those self-doubts and insecurities that say my pull the leg of ’ sulfur success in the eyes of the worldly concern determines my worth.

We need to homeschool out of love. Love is altruistic .
We can homeschool without regret because our motivation is beloved and love never fails .

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