What is digital Marketing: Examples you can use for your business

You might have heard of our current fourth dimension referred to as the “ digital age. ” There ’ s a reason for that. We conduct much of our conversations online. Most of us have multiple devices in our homes, from smartphones, smart watches, and tablets to desktop and laptop computers. Digital marketing is a adult part of this conversion from the analogue age to the digital age. Why ? Because marketers follow consumer behavior. If consumers didn ’ triiodothyronine hang out on-line, marketers wouldn ’ thyroxine either. They ’ d meet up with people in person or blast their favorite television programs with commercials.

The Internet and Internet-connected devices have ushered in digital marketing in a big way. But what is digital marketing ? How can you define the exercise ? What are the best ways to pursue digital marketing ? Those are the questions we ’ re going to answer for you today. By the end of this article, you ’ ll be ready to launch your own digital market campaign — or revamp an existing one .

What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is marketing that takes position via Internet-connected devices. Email commercialize, contentedness marketing, social media marketing, and many early facets of digital marketing are necessity for today ’ randomness entrepreneurs. Digital marketers spend their fourth dimension studying how people relate to one another on-line, creating content for on-line consumption, and mastering digital mediums. As you get more comfortable with commercialize in the digital distance, your readership, viewership, and sales will likely grow. Digital commercialize is besides the use of digital technologies, such as SMS and energy notifications, to reach people on Internet-connected devices. For example, you might get a prompt to review a store a soon as you step into it. Your smartphone has likely entered a geotagged region, which allows the store to target you personally .

What Is the Definition of Digital Marketing in Knowledge Commerce?

In Knowledge Commerce, digital marketing provides entrepreneurs with a platform through which to share their ideas, promote their products, and build an audience. If you work in the Knowledge Commerce space, market through digital channels allows you to reach more people without spending a short ton of money or employing a staff of hundreds. You can recognize digital commercialize in the Knowledge Commerce field if it meets all of these criteria :

  • You’re using the Internet to distribute your marketing materials.
  • You’re promoting a particular product or service.
  • People consume your marketing materials via digital devices.

It ’ s that simpleton. however, while it ’ south comfortable to understand and recognize digital marketing, it ’ mho far more unmanageable to accomplish it effectively. many try and fail. arsenic hanker as you dedicate yourself to understanding and practicing market, however, you ’ ll dominate your distance .

How Should You Do Digital Marketing?

You need a scheme if you want to market your Knowledge Commerce products digitally. In other words, you need a design of attack for every product you sell. There are many different ways to utilize commercialize on digital platforms, but you can ’ t do them all well. alternatively, you have to master a handful of them until you ’ ve exhausted their benefits for your company. Following are some of the most significant aspects of digital market. start with three or four of them, then move on depending on the results .

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

When people search for terms via Google and other search engines, SEO helps them find relevant content. For case, if you search for “ Kajabi ” on Google, the first organic list looks like this :

‍ We rank for our own sword condition because we ’ ve optimized our web site for SEO. You can do the lapp thing. SEO requires attention to specifics like keywords, meta-tags, double alt-tags, inner associate, backlinks, and domain assurance. The authoritative thing, though, is to target keywords for which your audience is searching so they can find your foliate via search engines .

Content Marketing

many people assume that content market refers entirely to blogging. That international relations and security network ’ t the case. content commercialize refers to any text-, video-, image-, or audio-based content that you use to promote your product or service. You might choose several mediums, such as :

  • Blog posts
  • Articles on static pages of your website
  • Sales pages
  • Landing pages
  • Podcasts
  • Videos
  • Infographics

many other options exist, and you don ’ t have to limit yourself to one medium. The important thing about content selling is that it typically serves two distinct purposes :

  1. Educating, entertaining, or inspiring your audience; and
  2. Making your product or service more attractive to the people who consume your content.

If it doesn ’ thymine do both, it ’ s not working intemperate enough. For exemplify, you could write 1,000 words on how big your intersection is. If it doesn ’ t provide any value, though, people probably won ’ t make it to parole five .

Inbound Marketing

You might notice that many of these digital marketing strategies overlap. Inbound market is just one exemplar. An inbound marketing scheme is one that involves attracting likely customers to your contentedness or brand and inviting them to interact with you. Outbound market, by line, refers to strategies like running television commercials and making coldness calls. An inbound approach is less intrusive and disruptive. It ’ south permission-based. content market qualifies as inbound marketing. so dress email commercialize and sociable media market .

Social Media Marketing

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube — they ’ re all excellent platforms for engaging with your target audience. If the people you serve have profiles on these platforms, you should, besides. It ’ sulfur true that many people use social media to check in with their friends, update distant relatives about their lives, and share photograph of last night ’ mho dinner. however, they ’ re besides interested in brands. In fact, a late MarketingSherpa study revealed that 95 percentage of responding adults between ages 18 and 34 follow at least one brand on social. If you can take advantage of that course, you can direct people to your site and sell more products .

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

many entrepreneurs shudder at the idea of paying for advertise. It can seem a little moment intimidating. however, you can decide on your budget and goals ahead of prison term. If you don ’ thymine get dear ROI, you can either stop your PPC campaign wholly or try a different chopine. While message market, e-mail market, and other forms of non-paid digital marketing are great for long-run achiever, PPC can generate short-run wins. An inflow of cash can make your business more stable and speed up the serve of building your brand .

Affiliate Marketing

think of affiliate marketing as a profit-sharing approach to digital market. Your affiliates promote your Knowledge Commerce products to their audiences. If one of their readers clicks on a link and buys your product, the affiliate gets a share of the sale. In other words, no money comes directly out of your pocket. The consort entirely gets paid if person buys. We ’ ra fans of affiliate marketing because it ’ s a great way to broaden your pass. If you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate want to pay an influencer to promote your products, you can rather work with affiliates who don ’ t expect up-front requital .

Native Advertising

A native ad appears on a major publication. It looks like any other patch of contentedness except for the discussion “ sponsored, ” which typically appears on the teaser and the final intersection. native ad is designed to educate the subscriber and promote the merchandise. In other words, it ’ s not precisely sales copy. It needs to provide the lector with actionable measure .

Marketing Automation

One of the big things about digital market is that you can automate it. From electronic mail autoresponders to advanced scheduling for social posts, you can find many automation tools within Kajabi itself .

Email Marketing

You know how significant e-mail commercialize has become. It ’ s your target channel to people who have already interacted with your post and showed sake in your products. It ’ south besides one of the best ways to usher your prospects through the sales funnel. Adding your subscribers to different e-mail lists can make the practice tied more effective. Categorize them based on their end interactions with your stigmatize, their purchase history, and early criteria. Plus, you can add them to multiple e-mail series. One series might help them compare different products in your class, for case, or provide roundups of your best web log posts. Another could provide bit-by-bit instructions for reaching a specific finish. The flip ’ s the limit .

Online PR

populace relations isn ’ thyroxine anything like it used to be. At one time, you had to rely on a major media wall socket, such as the New York Times, mentioning your business in its Lifestyle section. otherwise, you were dependent upon press releases. These days, however, digital market lets you get noticed by journalists in dozens of different ways. A blogger, for example, might take your on-line course, then write a mail about it then his or her audience can check it out. It ’ s a free form of market and it works highly well because it ’ mho transparent and authentic. You might even get noticed by a diarist at a major publication. That results in even more vulnerability — and potential sales .

What Are the Primary Benefits of Digital Marketing?

We ’ ve covered the definition of digital market and the unlike ways in which you can do it, but how will you ultimately benefit ? After all, you don ’ metric ton want to put forth all that work only to receive nothing in hark back. Companies in every industry have proven over and all over again that digital marketing works. It produces several key benefits that can help a business of any size grow and thrive. Let ’ s expect at a few of those benefits in more detail .

Website Traffic

Everyone wants more traffic, proper ? Business is a numbers plot, whether you ’ re operating a Knowledge Commerce company or a brick-and-mortar memory. For example, possibly you sell flowers from a street stand. If 5,000 people walk by your bandstand on a given workday, you ’ ll likely betray more flowers than if you only encountered 500 people on animal foot. The lapp principle applies online. No, you can convince everyone who visits your web site to buy something. But the more traffic you get, the more sales you enjoy. That is, vitamin a long as your product solves a trouble and provides real rate. When you get good at digital market, you can not only attract more traffic to your web site, but convert more of those visitors into customers. They ’ ll be impressed with your sales copy and other content, so they ’ ll want to shell out cash for your pay products. Traffic international relations and security network ’ t just a dressing table measured. It ’ south besides a vehicle to higher sales numbers .

Lead Generation

A tip is person who might be concerned in your product, but who has not converted into a customer. possibly they ’ ve signed up for your e-mail number or followed you on social media. They might even have reached out to you personally. spark advance generation is one of the most frustrating parts of digital selling, but it ’ s besides the most rewarding. Like web site dealings, leads convert into sales — when you have your conversion funnel set up correctly.

Getting active on social media, building an electronic mail list, running PPC ads, getting on-line PR, and other digital selling strategies will generate far more leads than you could without those assets. You become more available and visible to target consumers .

Attribution Modeling

Think about a television commercial. You don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate know how many people actually see it, much less how many people buy your product because of exposure to that ad. Digital market changes the crippled. You can set up rules ( or models ) that tell you what touchpoints a customer made with your brand before ultimately buying your intersection. For case, a custom might follow a work like this : Using an attribution model, you can decide which of those touchpoints carries the most weight. For exemplify, you could give the first and death touchpoints adequate weight or distribute the weight evenly across all channels. By studying these touchpoints, you can figure out which touchpoints are the most persuasive, which allows you to optimize your digital marketing scheme accordingly .

Access and Cost

Digital market provides you with unprecedented access to your aim audience. Just jumpstart on Instagram or Facebook and start interact. Or set up a web log, optimize it for SEO, and wait for people to find your contentedness via search. At the same fourth dimension, you don ’ t have to depart with your hard-earned money to gain that access. Sure, a television receiver commercial might provide lots of access, but you credibly don ’ t have the funds in the bank to cover the placard. At least, not if you hope to earn a estimable ROI. When it comes to market, you want to spend less than you earn from your market or advertise efforts. That ’ second merely beneficial business common sense. If you ’ re paying more than you bring in, you risk going out of business .


What if, after you set up a Facebook page, you discover that none of your target consumers is active on Facebook. With many other market campaigns, such a discovery would spell catastrophe. not with digital commercialize. You can merely jump ship to Pinterest, Instagram, or Twitter. Digital market is highly adaptable because you have so many options to pursue .

What Kinds Of Content Should I Be Creating?

As we described earlier, there are lots of different types of contented. From social media posts to articles, to online PR, you can focus your efforts on countless options. so where do you start ? How do you decide which type of content deserves your attention most ? start by asking yourself a serial of questions. If possible, write down your answers and study them cautiously. Following are the questions most relevant to deciding on the best types of content to create .

Consider Your Audience

Remember that every decision you make should come down to your hearing. What do your target customers need and want ? If you discover that most of your customers don ’ metric ton delight reading long articles, for case, you credibly shouldn ’ thymine invest time in 3,000-word web log posts. That would entirely irritate your followers and appoint wasted effort. rather, you could focus on developing a podcast, hosting webinars, and publishing videos. additionally, you ’ ll want to think about where you audience lives, what they do for a support, and how much absolve time they have. Craft your content scheme around those details .

Understand the Complexity of Your Product

If you ’ re selling a complex product, you might need to weave public education into your content scheme. Explainer videos and drawn-out tutorials can help your target market understand why they need your products and how they ’ ll benefit .

Identify Your Specific Goals

What do you want to achieve with your business ? At the begin, for exercise, you might focus on generating more network traffic and build your brand. In this encase, you could establish your credibility with articles, video tutorials, and social media posts that inspire your followers. by and by in the crippled, you could switch to converting prospects into customers. Explain how your product can make a intuitive change in your customers ’ lives .

Analyze Your Current Reach

What percentage of your target market are you presently reaching ? The solution should inform your contented scheme. often, you want to take a broad approach with your subject at the begin. Cover a wide rate of topics, much for beginners or novices in your niche, so you can capture vitamin a much attention as possible. As your reach lengthens, get more specific with your subject. offer advice for people who might be more educate about your category or topic .

Build Content for Specific Stages of the Sales Funnel

One of the most significant things to consider when deciding what character of contented to publish is the sales funnel. People move from awareness to circumstance to decision, and in each of those stages, the consumer is looking for a different type of capacity .

Awareness Stage

In the awareness stage, people are barely starting to explore your niche. They might have stumbled across one of your web log posts or a slice of content from one of your competitors. They ’ rhenium intrigued, but nowhere approach committed. right now, you need to create content that helps establish awareness. What does your company stand for ? What unique quality or know do you bring to the table ?

Consideration Stage

At the retainer stage, consumers have decided they want to make a leverage. They don ’ metric ton however know precisely what they will purchase, though. They ’ re narrowing down their options based on what they need. specifically, they want to know whether your digital products provide the data they want. Create contentedness that explores the depth of your cognition on the subject angstrom well as the advantages of your digital products. What benefits can consumers expect to walk away with ?

Decision Stage

By the decision stagecoach, consumers know precisely what they want. They ’ re just looking for a cause to buy. It ’ second time to pull out the customer testimonials, links to influencers and on-line PR, and adept reviews. Show that you ’ rhenium capable of delivering on your promises with your capacity .

What Are Some Digital Marketing Examples?

Are you curious about how other entrepreneurs have leveraged digital market to grow their audiences and boost their sales ? We ’ rhenium here to show you. Let ’ s start with one of the most recognizable publications in the worldly concern : National Geographic. The empire might have plenty of money, but it besides leverages free digital marketing platforms like Instagram . It has closely 90 million followers and perplex employment levels. But social media international relations and security network ’ t the merely digital market game in town. You ’ ve likely learn of J. Crew, properly ? It ’ south one of the most well-known fashion brands in the world. In addition to running ads and conducting other paid media, it besides operates a democratic blog . As you can see, even the biggest trade name names in the world have embraced digital marketing — and not constantly the kind that requires you to drop lots of money. sure, you can advertise digitally. But sometimes, the free versions of digital market give the best results .

Do I Need a Huge Budget for Digital Marketing?

This is a common misconception. obviously, many companies spend thousands or even millions of dollars on digital marketing. But if you don ’ t have Nike ’ s or Coca-Cola ’ randomness budget, you ’ re not out of the game. humble businesses are the bread and butter of digital commerce. They allow people to build their own empires, however small or big, without having to spend a long ton of money. In fact, you don ’ t have to spend anything at all if you ’ re already a Kajabi customer. You can create a blog, electronic mail list, webinar, and a host of early digital marketing assets without shelling out another dime bag. Yes, digital marketing takes time, but that ’ s better than draining your budget. The hard you work to attract and retain customers, the healthier your occupation becomes. Plus, since digital marketing automates many processes, you can spend more time on the creative aspects of entrepreneurship .

What’s the Difference Between Digital Marketing and Inbound Marketing?

Inbound commercialize is separate of digital commercialize. It ’ s a subset of the umbrella term. More specifically, though, inbound marketing refers to a identical set-in-stone process. It was developed to give marketers a blueprint for reaching their hearing. Digital commercialize is boundlessly more wide. It describes a big set of marketing practices that you can use independently or together, or in any combination, to bring your product to more people. Does that mean digital selling is better than inbound ? not inevitably. They ’ re two different approaches that entrepreneurs can take. But you don ’ t have to decide between them. You can try both and see which one works out best for your business .

Use Kajabi to Turn Your Knowledge and Content Into Products You Can Sell

It ’ sulfur unmanageable to run your own business on-line. You have to sort through and buy countless tools to automate the organization, then you have to build your product and market it to your audience. Kajabi takes some of the frustration out of the process. How ? We combine all of those tools you need into one convenient platform. If you ’ rhenium interested in digital selling, Kajabi can give you a big branch up over the competition. We walk you through the stallion work and sic you up for success. In fact, we even offer a 14-day free trial to help you get the swing of things before you become a Kajabi customer. It ’ s a risk-free decision that can turn you into an entrepreneur overnight .


There ’ s no reason to ignore digital market. In fact, there ’ randomness every cause to pursue it aggressively. Digital market is any commercialize strategy that takes place through digital means — normally through Internet-connected devices. There are many examples : inbound marketing, electronic mail market, social media marketing, and message market are just a few. You can start with three or four strategies, then branch out from there. many advantages of digital market exist, from increased network traffic and better contented operation to cost-effectiveness and access to your audience.

If you ’ re going to try digital market, concenter on the right types of message. Base your decision on your hearing, product, goals, current reach, and customers ’ buying cycle stages. To get an idea of what works, review our examples of digital commercialize. Remember that you don ’ t need a huge budget to market your merchandise digitally. You equitable need time, solitaire, and a willingness to learn .

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