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Company History

What do you get when you combine a mechanical engineer and Harvard MBA with an on-line market guru ? An on-line marketing engine adequate to of growing businesses—fast. Blue Corona was founded in 2007 by Ben Landers with the help of Bob Perini. Bob founded DrinkMore Water, a two-time Inc. 500 company and the largest privately owned bottle water delivery company in the middle atlantic region serving homes and offices. While working as Bob ’ randomness Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Ben helped Bob create a system to accurately track and quantify every single ad campaign and marketing political campaign employed by DrinkMore ( including the web site ). Being a numbers guy, Bob knew that data combined with gut intuition would allow him to outperform business owners operating on intestine intuition alone. It worked. today, DrinkMore Water continues to be one of the most successful locally owned bottle water delivery companies in the state .
If Bob ’ s contribution to Blue Corona was a framework for analyzing businesses and using data to optimize them, Ben ’ s contribution was to use the web to supercharge their increase. With Bob ’ s patronize and buy-in, Ben transformed DrinkMore Water into an Internet selling powerhouse. Using data derived from what is now Blue Corona ’ s marketing analytics platform, Bob eliminated about $ 150,000 in ( ineffective ) yellow page print ads per year. A fraction of this money was used by Ben to convert DrinkMore ’ s web site from a “ brochure-type ” web site into a in full optimized lead generation machine with an e-commerce part. Online marketing strategies like SEO, PPC and Email constitute DrinkMore ’ s top market strategies – generating more leads than every early market scheme combined .
today, Ben and Blue Corona continue to manage, optimize and maintain multiple websites for DrinkMore Water – including several e-commerce on-line stores .

Our Mission

At Blue Corona, we have a single goal: Help business owners and marketing executives use technology and the Internet to measurably improve their marketing performance and ROI. This starts by accurately tracking every individual advertise strategy – flush if your only strategy is your party web site. Tracking will provide you with never-before-seen insights about your business and will change the manner you look at advertise and marketing forever. The data derived from tracking and the insights provided by Blue Corona will allow you to eliminate ineffective ad strategies and to cursorily identify newly selling strategies that have the electric potential to help you cost-effectively grow your commercial enterprise. You ’ ll besides see opportunities to get more output from strategies you already have – like your web site. Blue Corona has helped dozens of companies double over, triple and even quadruple their web site ’ mho visit-to-lead conversion rates.

But accurate measurement and track ( marketing analytics ) is the initiation and the foremost step towards improving your market – and technology is driving continue advances in how much detail can be uncovered about your business .

Industries We Serve

Although about any type of business can leverage the Internet as a sales and selling tool and benefit from accurate ad track and marketing measurement, business-to-consumer service-type businesses seem to benefit the most. presently, Blue Corona ’ s clients come from about every B2C service industry – from clean energy and solar panels to roofing companies and HVAC. We have numerous bottled water delivery companies and several large plumbing companies. If you invest in advertise OR have a web site, Blue Corona can about surely help you measurably increase your performance .
Blue Corona offers home service digital market services to contractors in the surveil industries :

  • Contractors
  • Electricians
  • Home Service Franchises
  • HVAC
  • Garage Door
  • Landscaping
  • Plumbing
  • Roofing
  • Pest Control
  • Windows & Doors

What We Hope You’ll Take Away from Our Website

If you take only one thing off from our web site, make it this – you can ( dramatically ) improve your advertise and marketing operation by more accurately tracking every single strategy you employ – even if your lone strategy is your web site.

When speaking to business owners and prospective customers, it ’ mho quite common to hear them tell us that they already track everything by asking their prospective clients the ill-famed “ How did you hear about us ? ” question. Hmmm. The problem with this approach is that the responses are inaccurate at best, and more frequently than not, downright misleading. Believe it – because we ’ ve tracked it and found that arsenic many as 50 % of the responses to that interview are simply not dependable or accurate .
If you take only two things away from visiting our web site, make the second takeout the bare fact that you should be doing whatever you can to increase your company ’ s visibility on search engines such as Google. It ’ s a real estate game. It ’ s like the board game Monopoly. Visit Google and enter a keyword or keyword phrase that you think person would use to find a business in your diligence. If you don ’ t see your business at least 2 times on the first page, you are losing potential customers to your competitors. Period. The Internet is possibly the most brawny and cost-efficient sales and market tool at your disposal .
so far, few modest and medium sized business owners are utilizing it to the fullest extent possible. time and again we see companies treating their web site and their Internet market strategy as an reconsideration – and it ’ s easy to see why because this brave new earth is quickly evolving in terms of advertising options and overall complexity .
And if you take three things away from visiting our web site, think about this. How a lot would it cost you to bring onboard a full meter employee – with raise on-line marketing and analytics expertise – to implement and manage your all of your commercialize measurement efforts, online advertise programs and website ? First of all, could you tied find that person ? How long would that search take ? How long would it take to get that person up to speed ? How long would it take before you could even tell if he or she was “ the one ” ? With benefits, you ’ five hundred be looking at a minimal of $ 8,000 – $ 10,000 per month and this does not include any of the technology or tools or pay-per-click budget or SEO budget that would be needed to actually achieve top performance.

The Blue Corona Sales Pitch

Our sales slope is simple : We market your business as if it were our business. We provide a “ do-it-for-me ” service that will, without interview, measurably improve your overall market ROI. We start by tracking every single selling scheme you employ – even if your only selling strategies are your web site and referrals. Accurate chase is the foundation garment of everything we do. Through tracking, we promptly begin to understand your business like you do – from an owner ’ s position .
Our tracking process uncovers never-before-seen insights about your commercial enterprise and your commercialize. We use these insights, combined with our on-line market and web site optimization expertness, to eliminate ineffective selling strategies, drive more qualify visitors to your web site and convert more visitors into leads and sales. We do all of this – basically becoming your foster VP of marketing – for less than the price of a unmarried entry tied employee !

Learn More – Attend A Seminar

If you are located in the middle atlantic and want to learn more about how blue Corona can help you improve your selling performance, attend one of our on-line commercialize seminars. We try to host at least one seminar a calendar month and topics range from effective pay per snap management to SEO 101 and how to use social media websites like Facebook and LinkedIn to grow your business. Learn more or register today !

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