10 FREE Digital Marketing Certifications that will help you add skills to your career!

Are you one of those who has long been fascinated by Digital Marketing but are clueless as to where to begin ? Have you been working in traditional forms of market and now want to understand how going Digital can exponentially help your business ? Or are you the one who is already working in Digital Marketing and want to widen your horizon to understand the holistic Digital Marketing landscape ? If the solution to any of the questions is yes, then you have come to the right place !

There are a overplus of Digital Marketing courses these days and without any defined guidance, learning about versatile aspects of Digital Marketing can get very confusing. This web log stake tries to address this trouble by encompassing a comprehensive number of some of the very well-crafted courses so that you can not only kick-start your learning wind but besides embellish your sketch and make it stand out. This number has been created keeping in mind 2 important aspects .

  1. It is not a dump of any and every possible Digital Marketing course. Rather, the certifications/courses highlighted in this post are directly from apex organizations like Google, Hubspot, Bing, You Tube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Moz.
  2. ALL the courses highlighted are ABSOLUTELY FREE and the 10 free certifications mentioned, even provide a certificate or a badge that you can share online.

additionally, the table can act as a one-stop lead of the topic-wise certifications and courses, that you can use to check your build up. Pick up the justly course for yourself and plan your learning way !No alt text provided for this image 1) Introduction to Digital Marketing with Google’s Digital Garage Certificate of online Proficiency This is the introductory naturally to Digital Marketing and is relevant for merely for beginners who may want to understand the basics of the Digital Marketing eco-system before cryptic dive into each subject. Offered in bite-sized modules, the person needs to unlock 23 badges to win a certificate. Each badge pertains to 1 subject ( among SEO, SEM, display, search, electronic mail, etc. ) and covers the entire gamut of on-line market. If you already know about these terminologies or are taking the detail courses mentioned below, you can choose to skip this course. duration : 6.5 hour link to the course 2) Go Inbound! with Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certification This is one of the best courses in the list, a must have for any seller. Focussed on a potent concept of wrench market to attract electric potential customers to your web site, this course beautifully interlinks all aspects of content, digital and sales focussed commercialize. The 4.5 hour ride of this course leaves you intellectually stimulated and with a great sense of accomplishment and aim. duration : 4.5 hour connect to the course 3) Email marketing with Hubspot Email Marketing Certification With the customers nowadays having the right to opt-out of mails, a cautiously crafted e-mail strategy is imperative mood if marketers need to leverage the most personal medium to target their hearing. This authentication highlights the how lifecycle market, cleavage, electronic mail plan, deliverability, analytics, and optimization all coexist to create an electronic mail market scheme that grows your business. Though this is relatively a raw run by Hubspot, it inculcates the comprehensiveness and immediate applicability that Hubspot courses are celebrated for. Go for it ! duration : 3.5 hour link to the class 4) Web/eCommerce/Mobile Analytics with Google’s Analytics Academy Working on a lot of subject but not sure whether it is reaching your desire audience ? Have a ecommerce website/mobile app and you want to optimize your operations for a greater ROI ? This certificate from Google will give you that Eureka here and now ! This video-format class is structured across 4 unlike modules : Digital Analytics Fundamentals, Google Analytics Platform Principles, Ecommerce Analytics and Mobile App Analytics Fundamentals. My only trace – Practice as you learn. duration : 4.5 hour liaison to the path 5 & 6) Search Engine Marketing with Google, Bing and Moz A ) Search Engine Advertising with Google’s Adwords Certification and Bing Ads Accreditation Exam Have a web site but not receiving adequate relevant traffic ? Want to understand the best direction to post your ad on Display, Video and Mobile platforms ? You are an eCommerce tauten and want to leverage search engines for driving traffic to your product ? The following 2 courses will help you understand all about Search Engine advertise : – google Adwords Fundamentals – link Take up this globally recognized certification from Google – google Adwords Fundamentals. Covered across 7 different modules, you need to clear the Adwords Fundamentals examination and one of early 6 ( Search, Display, Video, Measurement, Shopping ads and Apps Advertising ) to get certified. There are besides classify exams and certifications for latter 6 in case you want to clear all. Google has recently added exempt interactional courses which makes it easier to prepare and clear in certifications in the matter of hours. And this not just covers Adwords fundamentals and progress, but besides courses on DoubleClick, Google Web Designer and Brand Solutions. here is the link for the Academy of Ads. – Bing Ads Accreditation Exam – radio link It is without doubt that Google is the most democratic search engines in the universe. however, with Bing now being bundled with Microsoft products like Office and Xbox, and besides being the search engine for Apple ’ s Siri and Amazon adjunct devices, Bing ’ sulfur partake is expected to grow. Those of you who are considering optimizing your future campaigns according to Bing ’ s rate factors, can take up this Bing Ads examination. Study guide for this besides not a video format but a 109 beeper sketch steer. B ) Search Engine Optimization with Study Guides from Google and Moz

Who wouldn ’ metric ton want to reach out to their hearing when the audience are indeed looking out for them and that excessively for ‘ free ’ ? This is where optimizing the web site to search engines is important. Unlike the Google Analytics and Adwords certificate, Google does not offer any authentication for SEO ( may be because of the volatility of SEO algorithm ). however, below are some of the guides and courses, that can help you get started : – The Beginner ’ s Guide to SEO by Moz – liaison – SEO Starter Guide by Google – link – SEO Training Course by Moz – link ( Video Format. Duration 1 hour ) 7) Social Media Marketing with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn To understand the overall importance and approach towards building Social Media strategy, you can begin with Hubspot Social Media Certification Course. note : This is the newly accession to Hubspot stage set of courses and, therefore, not mentioned in the table. furthermore, each social media channel serves a different determination and it is important to know the nuances of each to be able to better plan your campaigns to increase brand awareness and drive date. A ) Facebook Blueprint Certification – Link Offered in 86 modules, this course covers best practices for crusade planning and optimization using Facebook ’ s family of apps and services including Instagram. note that while all the courses can be accessed for free, you need to pay and schedule an examination if you want to get an formally recognized certificate from Facebook. update : This course now besides includes modules for marketing on Instagram. B ) Twitter Flight School Certification – Link Offered in 10 15 minute sting sized modules, chirrup flight school offers tailored content across different agency roles and functions, including senior leadership ( for personal post ), account planning ( to incorporate Twitter in media design to influence samara decision makers ) and campaign management ( to launch and optimize paid campaigns to drive commercial enterprise results ) C ) LinkedIn Marketing Solutions – Link LinkedIn has recently launched on-demand video series to help master the fundamentals of Marketing on LinkedIn. The 6 video recording courses cover the versatile aspects including LinkedIn Ads, Content Marketing, measuring and optimizing campaigns, targeting, etc. additionally, the LMS web site covers 5 modules in the form of guides, casing studies and data sheets which offers rich insights into LinkedIn Sponsored content, Sponsored Inmail, dynamic ads, display ads and textbook ads. 8) Content Marketing with Hubspot Content Marketing Certification It is said that ‘ Content is the King ’. If the right content is not in stead, the entire Digital commercialize scheme will go for a flip. Just like the other Hubspot courses, this Content Marketing documentation comprehensively covers versatile facets of content commercialize scheme including the ability of storytelling, sourcing of ideas, message creation model, content repurposing, contented promotion and shift, and last analysing and optimizing. duration : 3.5 hour liaison to the course 9) Video Marketing with You Tube Certification Video is becoming a choose content metier and so it is important to have a chiseled video recording contentedness strategy. This certification from You Tube, across 29 modules, incorporates channel growth best practices, chopine strategies, and impart exploitation techniques to help find success on YouTube and beyond. Do check out the eligibility and the relevant authentication track to make the most out of this course. link to the course 10) Digital Marketing for Sales Professionals with Hubspot Inbound Sales Certification and Hootsuite Social Selling Course A ) Hubspot Inbound Sales Certification – Link ( Duration 3.5 hour ) Another crucial prototype shift that is being observed is the careen from outbound sales methodologies like Cold Calling, to Inbound Methodologies. Imagine, leads coming to you ! This Hubspot ’ s course will helps you identify likely buyers, develop outreach strategies and build personalize presentations so that you can better advise nowadays ’ mho empowered buyer. B ) LinkedIn Social Selling Index – connect Though this is not a course or a documentation, however, LinkedIn provides a convenient tool to measure your sociable sell efforts. The sexual conquest can be used to gauge improvements over time. C ) Hootsuite Social Selling Course – Link The world of Digital is not equitable restricted to marketing communications. It has started to change the direction relationships are formed and hence sales professionals need to adapt promptly to leverage social media to drive better qualified leads and increase softwood sizes. Hootsuite ’ south course on Social Selling focusses precisely on that and consists of 3 main components – establishing a master social media presence, researching and planning your social sell activities, and prospect and engaging on social media.

update : This course is now a paid course. ******** note : The article has been originally published at Digital Defynd .

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