Group Buy Updates

Please Note: All Shipping dates are estimates only. Delays are not uncommon due to manufacturing set backs, fluctuating production and transit times as well as changes concerning the current Covid situation. 
1. New updates will be shown in Red.
2. Be sure to notify us of any address changes.
3. If your order includes any other products not yet in stock, shipment will have to wait till all products are received.

Keysets & Deskmats

1. GMK Pharaoh Keyset – Estimated shipping Q4, 2022
March 24 – Pharaoh Thok Keycaps shipping is complete.

2. GMK Pharaoh Deskmat – Estimated shipping Q4, 2022

Keyboards & Keyboard Kits

1. Saka 68 Keyboard
– Oct. 20. CMM Studios – Manufacturer
“ due to COVID lockdowns and electricity regulations that have been issued in China, We are hoping to ship Saka68 to vendors by deep October ( subject to change ).

– Dec. 04. CMM Studio confirmed for Sa ka 68:
Deskhero CA : Partially shipped, next part will be shipped some time following week
Deskhero US : process for shipping to vendor.
Which means : After freight and transportation system times coming to us via sea –
Saka 68 hopefully shipping to customers by end of Q1 ( capable to change )
– Jan. 28 – CMM Studio confirmed for Saka68:
Deskhero CA : In passage to vendor [ Boat ]
Deskhero US : In transit to vendor [ Boat ]
Saka 68 hopefully shipping to customers by late Q1 (subject to change).  
March 22 – These have arrived and in processing. Begins shipping next week.

March 28 – These have begun transport. Orders with just the keyboard should be shipped out by April 25th. Orders with Extra components will follow.
2.  Fuji 65 Keyboard ( you can besides get send updates from the manufacturer if join the CMM Studio Discord channel hypertext transfer protocol : // ) Possible further delays due to current lock down in China.
Dec. 24 – CMM Studio confirmed for Fuji 65 : presently in production. Fuji 65 hopefully shipping to customers by late Q1, 2022 ( subject to change ) .
– Feb. 02 – Fuji65 is largely done CNC and fatah revolutionary council. Packing and Quality Control will continue right after Lunar New Year holidays and the boards will be shipped to vendors ASAP. Hopefully shipping to customers by Q2 .
– April 10 – SE pink and a small batch of FE blue and black still need to be packed) Hopefully shipping to customers by Q2 (subject to change due to current lock down in Shanghai)
3. Sun 68 Keyboard – New estimated embark to us by January 2022. so after freight and transit times shipping to customers by former Q1 2022
March 22 – These are in theodolite. Hoping to begin shipping in April.

April 14 – These have arrived and in processing. Shipping to begin this week.

4. GMK Pharaoh Keyboard Kit – D60Lite – New estimated shipping Q2, 2022 .

5. Bubble 75 Mechanical Keyboard – Estimated embark to vendors Q3 2022. so after freight and transit times shipping to customers by Q4 2022 .

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