College Montmorency, Laval Courses, Fees, Ranking, & Admission Criteria

College Montmorency was established in 1969 at Chomedey, Laval, Quebec, Canada. Montmorency is a francophone college i.e a french public college that offers both technical foul ampere well as pre University courses for its students. The college is the entirely and first college in Quebec the third-largest city in Canada with a population of 4,00,000 .
College Montmorency
College Montmorency offers admissions in both bachelor ’ south and overcome ’ s level of sketch. College is best known for its arts platform and improved league Mouvement vitamin d ’ improvisation de Montmorency which is besides known as MIM for unretentive. The university opens admissions for Fall and Winter Intakes .

College Montmorency Rankings

  • Ranked 3713 in UniPage World University Rankings in 2020.
  • Ranked 95 in Canada University Rankings in 2020 by Webometrics.
  • Ranked 10198 in World University Rankings in 2020 by Webometrics.


Type of University Public
Year of Establishment 1969
Campus Setting Urban
Total Enrollment 7,390
Total Programs offered 29
Financial Aid Available in the form of Scholarships
Student-Housing Available
Language of Instruction French
University Website
Intake Season Fall and Winter

Programs offered at College Montmorency

College Montmorency offers 29 programs for its students. The college offers one extra run aforementioned to technical and pre university programs i.e adult learning program .
The courses that are offered under the pre-university program help study multiple subjects simultaneously helping them attaining more comprehensive examination academic feel for their University education.They are :

  • Arts and communications: Programs that come under this are film and literature, language studies, communication and cultural studies.
  • Social Science: This course helps develop areas of specialization in the world, society, Business administration and many more.
  • Science: This program not only helps the students theoretically but helps them nurture their practical skills as well by developing areas of specialization in pure, applied and health sciences.
  • Dance: The program is designed to help students understand the practical as well as the literature aspects of this art.
  • Visual arts: This program specifically focuses on arts, design, communication and education sciences.

These programs mentioned above are two years in length and help students attain a competitive access before moving into a University. There are 6 technical programs offered at the college of Montmorency. These are consummate programs for students who want to begin their careers after graduating from college .
These programs are :

  • Biological Studies: It includes nursing, nutrition, orthotics and physical rehabilitation.
  • Physics: It includes Civil engineering, building technology, electronics and architecture.
  • Human Studies: This includes child education and firefighting.
  • Agribusiness: It helps you specialize in horticulture.
  • Arts: It focuses on Museum techniques.
  • Administration : Under this program comes business,finance,insurance,computer science,tourism,food service management,administration and accounting.

The programs that come under the adult Learning program helps scholar to add raw skills and experience to their resume. These programs are :

  • Commerce
  • Computer Science
  • Administration
  • Public works
  • Construction
  • Legal Studies

Residential Facilities at College Montmorency

International students studying at the university will have to look for their own adjustment. There are respective residences around the university. International students can look for off-campus residency depending on their budget and the amenities available .
For domestic students, the university offers apartment-style accommodation. The assorted character of housing and their prices are mentioned-below :

Housing Type Cost (per person)
Simple Private Studio $665 per month
Semi-private Double Studio $455 per month per person
Studio with two closed bedrooms $515 per month per person

All the studios have a kitchen, stove, refrigerator, stove and microwave. All the bedrooms are fully equipped with beds, big closets and workstations. Various other amenities available to the students at the scholar house are :

  • Parking
  • Heater
  • Electricity
  • Microwave
  • Internet
  • Heater
  • Fridge
  • Student Lounge
  • Hot Water
  • Cooker
  • Sports Hall

For domestic students the rend besides includes all the amenities available in the apartment .

College Montmorency Campus

College Montmorency Campus
College Montmorency is situated in Laval, Quebec, Canada. The campus of the university is situated in an urban set. The university ’ randomness basketball team is the best in Canada. Both the men and the women ’ mho team have won medals in the national championships. The sports team of the university “ Les Nomades Montmorency ” is highly active and participate in versatile national level sports competitions .
College Montmorency has respective on-campus amenities such as the library and student committees to enrich students with practical adenine well as theoretical cognition. Students from divers areas of analyze can join scholar committees and explore and widen their cognition .
The university besides hosts and conducts several events on campus which students from different departments can attend, some of them are mentioned-below :

  • Environment Activity
  • Intercultural Activity
  • Opening on the World
  • Scenic Arts

Admission Process

International students who want to seek admissions at College Montmorency can follow the below-mentioned lotion details :
How to Apply : Students need to apply via the Regional Admissions Service of Metropolitan Montreal.

Application Deadline : International Students applying to the university should apply a month anterior to the deadline so their application requirements, a well as application, reach on clock. The application deadline for international students is mentioned below :

Intake Season Application Deadline
Fall Session March 1, 2020
Winter Session November 1, 2020

basic admission Requirements :

  • Original Transcripts
  • Scores of Standardized Exams to study in Canada
  • Proof of French Proficiency
  • Completed Application
  • Application Fee

Proof of French Proficiency

Since the speech of education at the college is french, international students applying to College Montmorency whose mother clapper is not french need to appear for TFI to be eligible to seek admissions at the college. due to Covid-19, the TFI test scheduled for March 21, 2020 is canceled. International students can appear for the examination when the new date for the examination is released .
Students can view the condition of their application for admissions on the web site Regional Admissions Service of Metropolitan Montreal ( spram ). The university communicates the entree decisiveness via electronic mail .
International Students once offered admissions in the university need to apply for a report license in Canada, obtain a Quebec Acceptance Certificate ( CAQ ), and a health indemnity and private hospital narrow valid in Canada .

Cost of Attendance

The tuition tip for international students for one year will lie between $ 15,000 to $ 20,000 per year. The tuition fee may vary depending on the choice of broadcast. These fees include health policy costs but not educate supplies. The session fee for fall 2020 is tabulated-below :

Expense Cost (in $)
Registration Fees $20
Related Rights $25
Rights of all kinds $117
Student Contribution $20
Montmorency Foundation $11
Total Fee Payable $193

There are early fees charged by the university, which is conditional and may vary depending from scholar to scholar. The other fees charged by the university is tabulated below :

Expense Cost (in $)
Late Course Selection Fee $50
Readmission Fees $50
Scheduled Fee Changes in Col.Net $25
Registration Fee outside the Program $7
Sponsorship Issue $50

International students should pay their session fee on Col.Net before the seance fee deadline for Fall and Spring Sessions :

  • Fall Session Fee Deadline – July 9, 2020
  • Winter Session Fee Deadline – March 13, 2020.

Scholarships & Financial Aid for International Students

The university offers fiscal aid for external students in the form of tuition exemption. To be eligible for tuition fee exemption, students must be enrolled in a full-time plan at the college leading to a technical DEC .
College Montmorency besides offers scholarships for international students to afford study in Canada. A scholarship with three years of technical educate is offered to international students with exceeding academic criminal record deemed by the Ministry of Higher Education. The report is requested by the Ministry of Higher Education once the scholar is enrolled in a full-time platform at the university .
french nationality candidates are exempted from any sort of tutelage fees under the France quebec agreement.They only need to pay $ 188 session tip .

Work-Study Program

The university offers students to work while they study. Students are encouraged to participate in work-study programs to gain practical exposure to their fields. The tuition fee can be paid by the students enrolled in these programs. To be eligible for a work-study program students should be enrolled in one of the technical programs in ATE. Students can make habit of the tools provided by the university to search for employers offering internships.

Alumni Network

College Montmorency has a wide range of alumni networks working at think of positions in diverse fields. The alumnus network is spread across assorted countries. The university has respective celebrated alumni who have achieved a zenith position in their respective fields .
The university offers several alumni benefits for its ex-students. besides, the university frequently hosts and conducts events for its alumni to reconnect with their ex-classmates. The present students of the university are besides encouraged to connect with their alumni and socialize then as to seek job opportunities. The alumni of the university will have access to the university library and diverse other resources available at the university .

Students Placements

There ’ s an employment aid servicing available for students which is responsible for organizing placement relate conferences, job fairs or specialized career days to help students and graduates in contact with employers. not only employment aid serve posts caper offers for both Technical and amateurish positions but besides provides consultation to the students who are looking for off campus placements .

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