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The Xbox Accessories app is an app released for Xbox One consoles and Windows 10 personal computer ‘s that allows the exploiter to customize their Xbox One restrainer in a assortment of ways. The app is used most with the Xbox One Elite restrainer and Xbox Adaptive Controller because it allows these controllers to be customized to their fully potential .




The app allows the user to create and edit a number of restrainer profiles by remapping buttons, swapping sticks and triggers, and configuring accountant vibration. The app besides has the option to update the firmware on your control, this allows for features such as Copilot mode to be used, so you can use two unlike controllers as if they were one .




When the app is launched, a shield displaying all of the connect controllers is shows. This screen shows who the control is assigned to and what model the control is. Three tiles are shown on the blind allowing for more options, these are configure, test mode and more.




configure is the most use and most important part of the Xbox Accessories app. This screen allows the exploiter to create their own profiles for their controllers, this includes button map. Options that are available for when creating a profile are to assign each button to another, barter sticks, invert the leftover and right stick Y axis, trade triggers, turn the oscillation on and off and restore all settings back to default. This screen is besides where the Xbox One Elite accountant and all of its extra accessories are configured .




The more or additional options screen is the part of the app that deals with the controllers settings. A picture of the control being looked at is shown on the right side of the screen along with the barrage level. This is besides the part of the app that can be used to update a accountant or assign it to a user. The headset volume can besides be changed here if one is plugged in.

A buzz button is besides available, so users can test if the vibration feature of their accountant is working. Pressing this button provides a short buzz to the triggers on the control. This screen door besides allows users to turn copilot on and off if another restrainer is connected .

Test Mode



Test Mode is the part of the app that is used to see if buttons, triggers and thumbsticks are working on the accountant. If any separate of the restrainer is interacted with, the action will show up on the screen. If the user presses a clitoris and nothing is shown on the filmdom this could mean their control is defective and needs repairs or needs to be replaced. All buttons respond on this screen apart from the Xbox clitoris.

The alone way to exit the app is to simultaneously press the menu push button and the view button .




Xbox Elite Wireless Controller – Customization with the Xbox Accessories App Xbox Elite Wireless Controller – Customization with the Xbox Accessories App

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