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etymology 1 [edit ]

beginning attested in 1550s. From Middle English accessorie, from Medieval Latin accessōrius, from Latin accessor ( “ benefactor, subordinate ” ), from accessus. Compare access, from same root .

adjective [edit ]

accessory ( comparative more accessory, superlative most accessory )

  1. Having a secondary, supplementary or subordinate function by accompanying as a subordinate; aiding in a secondary way; being additional; contributing or being contributory. Said of things and actions, very rarely of people (and then usually in a humorous version of the legal sense [or due to confusion between the noun and the adjective]).
    accessory garments
    Surprise parties succeed with the help of accessory neighbors or colleagues.
  2. (law ) Assisting a crime without actually participating in committing the crime itself; being connected as an incident or subordinate to a principal
    Her actions were clearly accessory because they helped him commit and probably also conceal the crime.
  3. Present in a minor amount, and not essential.
    accessory mineral
synonym [edit ]
  • ( having a secondary affair ) : accompanyingcontributoryauxiliarysubsidiarysubservientadditionalacceding
Derived terms [edit ]
Translations [edit ]

assisting a crime

  • Albanian: bashkëfajtor(sq) molarity, bashkëfajtore fluorine
  • Arabic: مساعد(ar)
  • Bulgarian: съучастнически ( sǎučastničeski )
  • Dutch: medeplichtig(nl)
  • Finnish: avustava(fi)
  • Greek: συνεργός(el) megabyte or f ( synergós )
  • Icelandic: vitorðsmaður m
  • Norwegian:
    Bokmål: meddelaktigmedskyldig
  • Persian: همدست(fa) ( hamdast ), شریک‌جرم ( šarīk-jorm )
  • Polish: pomocnictwo(pl) newton
  • Portuguese: cúmplice(pt)
  • Russian: соуча́ствующий(ru) ( součástvujuščij )
  • Spanish: cómplice(es)

present in a minor sum

  • Finnish: aksessorinen(fi) ( in mineralogy )

etymology 2 [edit ]

  • ( legal ) : First attested in 1414.
  • ( fashion ) : First attested in 1896.

noun [edit ]

accessory ( plural accessories )

synonym [edit ]
Derived terms [edit ]
Descendants [edit ]
  • → Hebrew: אַקְסֵסוֹרִי ( aksésori )
  • → Japanese: アクセサリー ( akusesarī )
  • → Korean: 액세서리 ( aekseseori )
Translations [edit ]

contributor to an umbrage

  • Bulgarian: съуча́стник(bg) megabyte ( sǎučástnik )
  • Chinese:
    Mandarin: 幫兇(zh)帮凶(zh) ( bāngxiōng )
  • Dutch: medeplichtige(nl) m or degree fahrenheit, handlanger(nl) thousand, handlangster degree fahrenheit
  • Finnish: avunantaja
  • German: Komplize(de) molarity, Handlanger(de) meter
  • Greek: συνεργός(el) thousand or degree fahrenheit ( synergós )
  • Norwegian:
    Bokmål: medhjelper molarity
  • Polish: współsprawca meter pers
  • Portuguese: cúmplice(pt) molarity or farad
  • Romanian: complice(ro) meter
  • Russian: соуча́стник(ru) m ( součástnik ), соуча́стница(ru) fluorine ( součástnica )
  • Serbo-Croatian:
    Cyrillic: саучесник megabyte, суучесник megabyte
    Roman: saučesnik meter, suučesnik(sh) megabyte
  • Spanish: cómplice(es) m or f
  • Swedish: medbrottsling(sv) c, medhjälpare(sv) c

inessential partially in a knead of art

  • Finnish: koriste(fi)
  • French: accessoire(fr) thousand
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Translations to be checked

  • Interlingua: (please verify) accessorio
  • Italian: (please verify) accessorio(it) megabyte
  • Romanian: (please verify) accesoriu(ro) north
  • Swedish: (please verify) tillbehör(sv)

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