Best Xbox One accessories: all the extras you need to own for Xbox One

The Xbox One might not be the newest Xbox round, but if you want to upgrade your gameplay, grab yourself some of the best Xbox One accessories nowadays. There are a few different Xbox choices about at the moment. The Xbox Series X is there for the enthusiast, the Xbox Series S for those who want to spend a small less. But the message from Microsoft is that Xbox One owners have n’t been forgotten. The argue we say that is because most new Xbox games are still cross-generation, meaning you can play them across all devices. What ’ s more, and we love this bite, most Xbox One accessories work well with the new-gen machines. That means, if you decide to upgrade, you won ’ thymine have wasted money and won ’ t have to spend a wholly lode more buy glazed newly add-ons.

Xbox One accessories hush matter, and there are a draw of dear options to buy out there, which is why we created this guide to the best Xbox One accessories to enhance your experience and upgrade your games. We ‘ll cover the essentials, equally well as some of the more out-there additions you may not have encountered before .

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Xbox Wireless Headset ( visualize credit : Microsoft )

Microsoft Wireless Xbox Series S & X Headset

… besides works very well with Xbox One


Powerful bass:

Pad cut-outs are smaller than some

Excellent value:

Background noise mic cancellation:

Reasons to buy

+ empty list

Reasons to avoid

– empty list What ‘s this doing here ? The 2021 Wireless Xbox headset is made for Series X and Series S consoles, yes, but it besides works good fine with an Xbox One console or a personal computer. We love its mighty, deep bass, and that you can tame it with EQ. That ‘s peculiarly handy if you ‘ll besides want to watch movies or listen to music with the Microsoft Wireless Xbox headset, where add sea bass can end up a drag. healthy quality is bang-up at the $ 100 asking price, and while the holes in the pads made to accomodate your ears are smaller than some we find the Wireless Xbox headset perfectly comfortable. persona recognition : TechRadar ( picture credit : future ) The Xbox One control is already a pretty solid objet d’art of hardware. It improved on the Xbox 360 ‘s control, which became the industry standard way-back-when. Somehow, Microsoft managed tied further improvement in the form of the Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller. There are swappable thumbsticks and directing pads that offer a better feel than the standard Xbox One accountant, american samoa well as quick-hit triggers to help out in the most high-impact shooters. While it ‘s reasonably costly for a pad at about three times the cost of a standard control, you decidedly get what you pay for with this agio piece of hardware. The first gear revision of this pro diggings didnt have a built-in rechargeable battery, but Series 2 does. It lasts up to 40 hours, and while it ‘s no longer hot-swappable you can charge as you play. early additions include Bluetooth, and controllable tension for the thumbsticks. It ‘s an mastermind masterpiece. Read the full review: Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller image credit : Microsoft

Xbox One Play and Charge Kit

Stop throwing away money on batteries and picking up dead controllers

Reasons to buy

+ Charges in under 4 hours + compatible with Xbox One X, Xbox One S, Xbox One and Windows 10

Reasons to avoid

– prone to operation issues While there is some benefit to Xbox One restrainer using standard batteries ( like not having to worry about having a controller-free console in a few years when the other platforms control batteries start dying and the platform manufacturers have moved on ), the procedure of switching out AA batteries every few weeks can be maddening. If you yearn for some simplicity, though, the Xbox One Play and Charge Kit puts the Xbox One Controller on the lapp play playing field as the competition. Just put the childlike battery back where you ‘d put the batteries and use a micro-USB cable to keep the accountant fresh when you run out of juice. image credit : Microsoft

Xbox One Media Remote

The best ( cheapest ) way to make your Xbox One feel like a grown-up pennant nowadays ‘s Best DealsCheck Amazon1 Amazon customer review

Reasons to buy

+ slick plan + … it ‘s a outback ?

Reasons to avoid

– Should ‘ve been included with console table ever since the PlayStation 2 put a DVD player in the homes of millions, one constant has remained this millennium ; using a restrainer to watch videos on consoles is the worst. If you ‘re using your Xbox One as a streamer, Blu-ray actor, and television watcher, the Xbox One Media Remote is a great means to watch all of your favorite content without fumbling to remember the proper restrainer command to bring up close captions or clock remaining. This remote control is perfectly sized to fit every important dominate ( including book options that controllers and Xbox One Smartglass bevel handle ), is identical streamlined, and has a backlight that ‘s perfect for home theaters and late-night video-watching. image credit : Turtle Beach

Turtle Beach Elite Pro

Built like a tank with sound to match today ‘s Best DealsView at Microsoft USCheck Amazon903 Amazon customer reviews

Reasons to buy

+ Superb sound + emblematic quilt + incredible build choice

Reasons to avoid

– Pricey package – No wall sound in its base state Turtle Beach is the longest established specialist gaming headset manufacturer, with a fanatic adopt among pro-gamers – and when you unbox its top-of-the-range Elite Pro, you can see why. It plainly oozes no-expense-spared invention, and sports all manner of neat touches born from decades of pro-gaming experience. But more importantly than that, it sounds spectacular, with huge freshwater bass and crystal-clear double adding up to a reasoned which will allow you to get profoundly immersed into whatever game you ‘re playing. Comfort-wise, it ‘s emblematic, with boastful, thick earpads that eliminate all ambient noise, and can be well adjusted to fit all head-sizes. A clean feature of speech lets you add spacing to the earpads to accommodate a copulate of glasses. On an Xbox One, we ‘d recommend teaming it up with slice of kit called the Tactical Audio Adapter, which clips into the Xbox One accountant and operates as an amplifier, adding some of the excess sound-control features which come in a separate graphic equaliser-style corner called the Tactical Audio Controller ( which is costly but adds Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound ). Those features include Turtle Beach ’ s Superhuman Hearing, which enhances the sound of incoming players ‘ footsteps and is capital for hard-core first-person gunman fans, and Dynamic Chat Boost, which keeps chat-levels audible even when background noise rises. Plus, it lets you independently adjust game and new world chat volumes. Add tank-like build-quality to the equality and you have a headset which has become something of a status symbol for those who take their bet on seriously. For more information, check out our wide Turtle Beach Elite Pro revue. image credit rating : Microsoft ( double recognition : Microsoft )

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Live Gold is n’t merely about multiplayer anymore, get on-board today ‘s Best DealsView at CDKeysView at AmazonView at Best Buy15 Amazon customer reviews

Reasons to buy

+ 100+ Xbox and personal computer games on wiretap + Extra spare games every month + Allows for on-line multiplayer

Reasons to avoid

– It can be heartbreaking when a bet on leaves There are two cardinal Xbox One services you need to know about. Xbox Live Gold lets you play games on-line, and offers a handful of games to download each calendar month. You can play them equally long as your subscription is active, not precisely during that month. Xbox Game Pass is more late, and more interest. It unlocks 100+ titles for Xbox and personal computer that you can download and play as if you owned them. You might never need to buy a bet on again. A Game Pass Ultimate subscription rolls these two services into one monthly ( or annual ) payment, saving you a few dollars in the process. pro tip : keep an eye on the games that are set to come and go on Game Pass on the reg as a handful transfer each month. picture credit : Microsoft

Xbox One Chatpad

Send messages in a snap today ‘s Best DealsCheck Amazon

Reasons to buy

+ Makes messaging much elementary + Back-lit mini-keyboard

Reasons to avoid

– Makes your restrainer a bit chunky sometimes, a voice message wo n’t do and you ‘ve got to send some words to your Xbox cohorts. so what do you do ? Painfully trudge through the UI keyboard to slowly … type … out … each … bible ? Pull up your phone and dive through a series of Smartglass menu to text your colleague players ? Would n’t it be capital if you had a keyboard handy at all times ? That ‘s why the Xbox One Chatpad is so mend handy. Sending messages is a snatch, even in the dark thanks to the back-lit mini-keyboard. Sending longer messages to friends or redeeming one of the Xbox One ‘s harebrained 25-character redemption codes is a heck of a fortune easier with this sweet addition that fits blush with your accountant. visualize credit : TechRadar

Xbox Adaptive Controller

When everybody plays, we all win today ‘s Best DealsView at Best BuyView at Microsoft USCheck Amazon

Reasons to buy

+ Makes gaming more accessible + Create custom restrainer experience

Reasons to avoid

– Is n’t cheap – need to purchase own plugins Microsoft ‘s Xbox Adaptive Controller is truly an advanced nibble of technical school, making gaming more accessible for gamers with express mobility. While this Xbox One accessory is n’t necessarily for everyone, its large programmable buttons and ability to connect to external switches, buttons, mounts and stick means the accountant can be customized for users of varying needs. however, the issue with this restrainer is price. While it works with a range of devices, they all need to be purchased individually ( as the leverage price is only for the main restrainer ). so if you have more accurate needs, then you will need to buy more plug ins. It ‘s not ideal but Microsoft ‘s effort to make gaming more accessible is decidedly a step fore. unfortunately, the Adaptive Controller appears has been discontinuted. however, we hush think it deserves a place in this list as it ‘s an authoritative patch of technical school, and is available from a few spots online if you look round. effigy credit : Microsoft

Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter

An clever means to let you use your own headset or headphones today ‘s Best DealsPrimeView at Amazon4 Amazon customer reviews

Reasons to buy

+ Works with all headsets + convenient controls

Reasons to avoid

– Comes built into new controllers Whether you ‘ve got an erstwhile authentic headset that saw you through some Xbox 360 battles or want your personal computer gambling headset to pull double duty, you ‘ll need something to get a non-official headset working with the Xbox One ‘s proprietorship restrainer connection. thankfully, there ‘s the Xbox One Headset Adaptor that allows one to plug a standard wired gambling headset on the Xbox One console. It besides helps things out by centralizing the headset commands correct underneath the restrainer. No longer will you have to feel around on your headset ‘s wires to find the volume and muffle controls ; it ‘s wholly mighty there on the accountant no matter what headset you ‘ve got connected. trope credit : Seagate

Seagate Xbox One Game Drive

The guaranteed a solution to your storage ills nowadays ‘s Best DealsView at NeweggView at AmazonView at BHPhoto43 Amazon customer reviews

Reasons to buy

+ A whack 4 tuberculosis of game storage + plug and play + portable

Reasons to avoid

slenderly more expensive than others even with the streamline simplicity that consoles extend, sometimes storage can be slippery, particularly given the bluff kind of external hard drives on the market. Will a intemperate drive make adequate baron from the console table to run by rights ? Is the speed up to snuff enough to play full games at a proper clip ? Sometimes dependability and peace of mind is worth spending a little more for, which is why Seagate ‘s official external drive is worth seeking out. Beyond the snazzy expression and logo, you ‘re guaranteed a solution to your repositing ills and a hard drive that will work right out of the corner. If you ‘ve ever had to futz around formatting your drive and crossing your fingers that your comfort will recognize it, the Game Drive is a hint of clean air .

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