Stairs In The Woods Phenomenon Explained With Details & List

In 2019 a Reddit exploiter shared a floor that, at the time, could seem a pure fictional story born from the desire to arouse the attention of readers. From that post, however, numerous testimonies were born, and today it is clear that those stories are not invented, or at least, most of them are not. These stories speak of the mysterious stairs in the woods, apparently without any coherent explanation.

Stairs in the woods explained

The simple explanation of the Stairs in the woods phenomenon is: These are stairs that rise from the ground and go up to the sky. The mysterious stairs are most often seen at night and look as if they were built in the woods out of nowhere. There is no other structure or building around them. Stone stairs in the woods The stairway is an architectural element that serves to climb from one floor to another of a build up. Stairs can be made in many different ways. There are corkscrew staircases and ladders, there are big marble staircases or stairs made of woodwind. From a practical point of view, they have an immediately conceivable utility. From a emblematic point of opinion, in literature the concept of “ ladder ” besides implies the concept of ascension from one condition to another superior. What is certain is that we cannot imagine staircases in the woods that are detached from its context. It is an element of passage or concurrence : a stairway that leads nowhere would make sense. On the contrary, let ’ s face it, it would disturb us even a little bit. here, basically, the mean of the narrative told on Reddit by searchandrescuewoods, a user who says he really works for the search and rescue team of people who get lost in the woods.

His testimony concerns an american english forest, and as we will see many others come from the lapp geographic area. He explains how, during rescue missions within the dense vegetation, it is not at all unusual to encounter stairs. Stairs that emerge from the trees, which lead nowhere, standing alone and with an unusually full-bodied appearance. The man says that the first time was forbidden. His superiors, however, told him that he should not be surprised, that it was quite normal. The man, however, says that he intuited, in a completely instinctive way, that he should not climb on it. by and by, he did as his older colleagues had told him : he ignored them, even though he had met many others in the years to come.

Names and locations of the most famous staircases in the woods

Stairs Phenomenon Name Stairs Phenomenon Country
Mount Phnom Kulen Cambodia
Etruscan Pyramid of Bomarzo Italy
The Vanishing Staircase – 1940s USA
Ghostly Staircase Sweden
Madam Sherri’s Stairs USA
The Staircase of Missing Time Philippines
The Ranger’s Creepy Stairs in the Forest USA
Staircase without a destination Germany
Stairs to Nowhere USA

The common characteristics

The stairs in the woods You could think of an urban caption, as many of them go around the network. But the testimony of this user of Reddit has been followed by many others of people scattered in the USA, but besides in the rest of the populace. The reports are so detail that it is impossible to believe that they are invented from scratch. There are stairs in the woods and if in some cases they can also be explained as what remains of an previous build now destroyed, in some cases they are more mysterious. What always strikes the observers is the fact that the staircases in the woods, even if barren of context, do not seem abandoned. They are always well cleaned, free of vegetation or excrement or other animal remains. They are of any material and form : sometimes in stone, they seem very old. other times they have a modern look and are possibly made of iron, like those that lead to the lead of a beacon. In some cases, not far away, there is a cemetery or burying place. Almost always in the area where the stairs are located someone has disappeared. The stairs are never at the offshoots of the vegetation zone but always in the center, several miles away from towns. Everyone talk of an abnormal smell of anguish and oppression when approaching them, to the indicate that entirely a few daredevils had the audacity to climb them.

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Testimonials for stairs in the woods

Mystical wooden stairs One homo tells something that happened to him personally when he worked as an infectious disease adept for the U.S. government health worry means. It was the 1940s, curtly after the celebrated Roswell accident, and there had been cases of mutilate animals. During the six months of research in the area, many stairs were sighted that seemed to move at night. Where they had previously been, an area appeared to be burned. There are besides testimonies from outside the States : for example, from the Philippines. One man says he was fired from his job as a fore for being absent for several years while he was on reconnaissance. He says he climbed a ladder that he found in the dense of the woods to escape a stray frank with a threatening tune. In his opinion, only a few minutes had passed when he went down again: in truth, five years had passed. In Sweden, two young men found a lone run and decided to climb it. One of them felt his shoulder touched and turned, thinking it was his companion, but the latter was besides far away to have touched him. The tint, he says, was icy. Another fib tells of a womanhood who was on the run, who fell suddenly, dead. The report spoke of a mind aneurysm.

Staircases in the woods that exist

While everything we have written may seem to be the leave of pure fantasy, we must not forget that stairs that lead to nowhere exist, and how. Apart from some photos posted as testimonials ( very few, in accuracy, because those who approach these artifacts normally merely want to get as far away as possible ) we can besides mention “ celebrated stairs ”. There is for example the one of the pyramid of Bomarzo, or the one on the Phnom Kulen massif in Cambodia.

What explanation to these architectural anomalies ? The most matter-of-fact one address of the remains of buildings that have deteriorated over time, leaving only the stairs in the woods as muffle vestiges of their universe. There are those who speak of aliens, or portals to another dimension, or even to hell. There are those who say that the stairs are used as unholy pulpits for satanic rituals. All agree that they are located in places that emanate an overt energy. In some cases, they may be the ancient remains of those who moved their steps on this earth before us. possibly they are an echo of what once was, and has passed away leaving little trace of itself. They are the memory of a distant time when our ancestors endured difficulties that we can barely imagine, leaving behind fiddling attest of their universe : only a few staircases in the woods and a few fade tombstones. For more concern places and destinations visit our blog or home page.

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