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The submit of being easy, straightforward or uncomplicated
“ The simplicity of the test makes it potential to obtain as many readings as necessary at little extra monetary value. ”
The timbre or condition of being comfortable to understand
“ The simplicity of the plot gave the drama much of its popular appeal. ”

The quality or condition of being apparent or uncomplicated in phase or design
“ The bare simplicity of the design is enhanced by a grandiloquent cross on the roof and by the oaks and maples that surround the church. ”
unostentatious, lacking affectation or edification
“ The retiring simplicity of the presence entrance of the brick-faced construction harmonizes with the rural landscape. ”
The express or quality of being without trickery, cunning, or deceit
“ They saw in him such an obvious unsophisticatedness of function, such childlike simplicity, and, withal, such a generosity of nature. ”
A lack of coarse sense or beneficial opinion
“ Anyone with even a modicum of cognition in science or history will be flabbergasted by the absurd simplicity of Giorgio ‘s theory about ancient aliens. ”
Relaxed or open friendliness or affair between people
The submit of being ignorant or forgetful

Lacking in polish or sophistication
Regularity, restraint
The principles and practices of an ascetic
express of nature
The state of being easily understand or grasped
The quality or condition of being cleverly clever or effective
Minimal and quietly life
The submit of lacking in mind or good sagacity
The quality or condition of being complete or pure

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