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Trust Knutson + Casey with your case after suffering any type of personal injury in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We are chancellor hometown attorneys with a long history of successful case results since our start in 1992. Every extremity of our team is passionate about helping accident victims and giving them a voice in the civil judge system .
Our Minneapolis personal injury attorneys will work hard to make surely you achieve the best possible results for your lawsuit, using tailored legal strategies and a personal approach to injury police. Call ( 763 ) 259-3642 now to schedule your free consultation .

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Why Choose Our Minneapolis Personal Injury Lawyers?

Knutson + Casey has defended cases over all the complex aspects, from accident probe and evidence conservation to claims filing and settlement negotiations with indemnity companies. We can handle your claim from beginning to end, answering all of your questions and keeping you updated on the condition of your case along the way .
One of our know attorneys will be more than happy to investigate your holocene accident and personal injuries for signs of person else ’ sulfur negligence. Auto accidents, case and falls, workplace injuries, recreational accidents, pawl attacks, defective products, and aesculapian malpractice are common types of accidents that involve another person ’ s indebtedness. If we find testify of negligence, we can help you bring your claim within Minnesota ’ s biennial codified of limitations, or deadline for filing.

representation from Knutson + Casey can flush the play battlefield between you and a major indemnity ship’s company. You can enter into colony negotiations as an inform player, rather of equitable a victim. We ’ ll teach you the true rate of your call – a number that might be a lot higher than your initial colonization offer .
We ’ ll aggressively negociate with the defendant for an come that ’ mho appropriate for your injuries. If pre-trial negotiations don ’ thymine exercise, we aren ’ metric ton afraid to take your case to motor hotel for fair compensation .

What are Minnesota’s Personal Injury Laws?

The kingdom of personal injury law international relations and security network ’ t a cold, aloof legal process that won ’ triiodothyronine affect you – it ’ s actually one of the most personal experiences an injured person can go through. Personal wound law is suggest and individual to the individual. After suffering any type of wound, either from an accident or illness in an incidental in Minnesota, you have the office to request fiscal compensation from the at-fault party .
Civil laws in the state enable you to hold person else responsible for your injuries and receive payment for all of your relate losses .

Personal injury damages can include the following:

  • Lifelong medical costs associated with your injuries
  • Lost wages, income, and capacity to earn
  • Emotional distress, mental anguish, physical pain and suffering
  • Property damage repairs or replacements
  • Loss of consortium and wrongful death damages

personal injury police might affect you if person else ’ second negligence, recklessness, wanton neglect for your safety, or captive to harm injured you in Minneapolis. These are the situations that give upgrade to personal injury claims .
If person breached his or her duty of wish to you or a sleep together one, resulting in injuries or wrongful death, surviving victims have the right to pursue full and fairly wrong recover from the party that caused the damages. personal wound claims serve to provide reparation to the moved party, ampere well as punish the perpetrator .

What should I do after an injury in Minnesota?

If you suffer a physical injury, contract an illness, or sustain economic losses due to the negligent actions of another party, you can recover your losses through a personal injury title. however, it ’ sulfur vital to remember what to do immediately following an accident to improve your chances of succeeding with a personal injury lawsuit .

1.Seek Medical Attention

Your first precedence should constantly be medical care. If you suffered any type of injury, even if it seems balmy at first, go see a repair. Some injuries may not show any noticeable symptoms for a few days and allowing an injury to go untreated for excessively long can cause unplayful medical problems .
additionally, delaying seeking checkup caution can injure your credibility in a lawsuit or in an insurance claim. A claims adjuster or jury will assume that if you did not feel the want to seek checkup care immediately after your incident, your injuries credibly aren ’ t equally bad as you claim. Seek immediate concern and secure a copy of your aesculapian report from your doctor of the church. This report will include a list of your injuries a well as your doctor of the church ’ south prognosis and suggested treatment plan .

2. Get Contact information

Get the contact data of any establishment director, pet owner, early individuals involved in an accident, and of possible witnesses to your accident .

3. File a Police Report

once you have your checkup composition, you should obtain a imitate of the police report related to your wound, if one exists. If you sustained wound in a car accident, there should be a patrol report. Minnesota jurisprudence requires drivers to notify the patrol of any accident that results in injury, death, or property damage exceeding $ 1,000. A good principle of thumb is to notify the police about any car accident except for low-speed fender-benders that result in very little damage and no injuries.

4. Speak with an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney

After obtaining copies of your aesculapian report and the police report, your future step should be to hire a reliable and experienced personal injury lawyer to handle your claim. Although you might feel confident in your ability to represent your own interests in a court conflict, the reality is that most people will overlook crucial details, miss avenues for extra recompense, or fail to meet the woo ’ second charge deadlines. An lawyer will handle a claimant ’ randomness legal concerns including court filings, testify gather, and building the case .

5. Contact your insurance company

If you ’ rhenium injuries are from a car accident, you ’ ll want to give your policy company a bid to file a claim. When doing therefore, stick to the facts of the accident. We advise you speak with an lawyer first, even if only for an initial consultation, to understand your legal options .

How to Submit a Personal Injury Claim in Minnesota

The first step in submitting a personal injury title in Minnesota is for the plaintiff to file a charge with the court and serve a transcript to the defendant. The defendant may then need to file an suffice to the ailment with the court .
once the defendant receives the complaint, he or she will hire a personal wound lawyer and then settlement negotiations typically begin once both sides are ready. The huge majority of personal injury lawsuits never reach the test phase because it is in both parties ’ interests to settle the matter a cursorily as possible .
Both sides of the lawsuit will gather evidence to use during settlement negotiations. Depending on the military capability of the plaintiff ’ mho claim, the defendant may agree to settle or decide to challenge the plaintiff in a trial. Throughout the negotiations and the pre-trial phase, both sides will share apposite evidence in the discovery process. Each side can besides make requests for depositions or specific answers to questions to gather extra evidence .
If settlement negotiations result in an deadlock and the case proceeds to trial, then a jury will assess the facts of the case to determine an appropriate rule. Either side may appeal a jury ’ s decision with a higher court, but it ’ s up to those individual parties to decide whether or not the expense of pursuing an appeal is ultimately worth the trouble .

Minnesota Statute of Limitations on Personal Injury claims

The codified of limitations or time terminus ad quem for filing a personal injury call in Minnesota is two years. however, if the claimant ’ s damages occurred due to negligence, this window extends to six years. In a wrongful death call, claimants have three years from the date of the death in motion .
medical malpractice claims have a four-year codified of limitations, starting on the date the injury occurred. It ’ sulfur besides crucial to remember that the codified of limitations may begin on the “ date of discovery, ” or the date a victim noticed his or her injuries, as some injuries may take clock time to manifest symptoms .

Schedule Your Free Consultation Today With An Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer in Minneapolis, MN

Knutson + Casey has the experienced, skilled, and dedicated personal injury attorneys in Minneapolis you ’ ve been seeking. No matter what your accident or injuries look like, we can help .
Contact our firm using our node intake shape and we ’ ll get back to you within 24 hours, or call ( 763 ) 259-3642 to schedule your detached legal reference. You deserve to know your rights and protect your future. We can help. Speak to a lawyer today.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a person have to file a personal injury lawsuit in Minneapolis?

Each state has its own timeframe in which an person can file a personal injury lawsuit in civil woo. This is known as the “ codified of limitations. ” For victims in Minneapolis, there may be a time limit of two years to pursue a personal injury claim, for certain claims. This biennial period begins on the day that the injury occurred. In other cases involving heterosexual negligence, the clock time limit may be vitamin a long as 6 years. It is significant to consult with an lawyer to determine which time specify applies to your case or situation. many legal professionals advise that you begin working on your shell a early as possible because preparing your sheath for motor hotel may take considerable meter .

What are the benefits of hiring a Minneapolis personal injury lawyer?

Retaining the services of an know personal injury lawyer provides peace of mind, and ensures that professionals are handling your case, and all the issues that go along with it. An lawyer can help you, by providing resources and tell you would not have otherwise have access to. Attorneys besides bring cognition about relevant laws, and how to work with indemnity companies to obtain the proper compensation for your claim. Your personal injury lawyer can bring your encase to court if needed, or settle the case early on. One of the most crucial reasons to hire a personal injury lawyer in Minneapolis is to protect your rights when facing indemnity companies seeking to protect their bottomland line .

Do I need to hire a personal injury attorney?

You are not legally required to work with an lawyer when pursuing recompense for a personal injury accident. however, hiring an lawyer may be advantageous and give you a better probability at securing the funds you need to cover accident-related expenses. Having a trial-tested personal injury lawyer on your side can besides give you peace of mind by providing you with expert legal advice to minimize any potential mistakes that might prevent you from obtaining the utmost sum of compensation for your colonization .
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